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壱 Ichi
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire
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Status Deceased

Ichi (, Ichi, Literally meaning: "One") was an antagonist that appeared in Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire. He was a shinobi and one of Hiruko's three followers, along with Ni and San.


Ichi was very overconfident in his abilities. He would talk down to and mock his opponents during battle.


Ichi had light-coloured eyes and brown hair. He was a tall, gaunt man that greatly resembled San, with the exception that he only had a single violet-coloured rectangular mark on his forehead, his bangs on his left side, and that while Ichi wore his cloak on the right side of his shoulder and straps from the left shoulder going down, San wore them the opposite direction. He had a mark on his back that was the same as the one in Hiruko's left palm. It is unclear if he and San were twins.



Ichi using Spinning Snake Thorn.

He possessed a great amount of taijutsu skill, as he managed to keep up with Team Guy, dodging Lee's attempts to strike him while using his augmented snake arm to hold off Tenten and Neji's advances. He fought using snake-like creatures merged to his arm using the Chimera Technique. He could also summon double-headed snakes. He could use the snakes to form nets to capture and attack multiple enemies. The snakes could also shoot projectiles. According to Neji, he had more than average levels of chakra. His body is very durable considering he survived Neji and Rock Lee's combined Revolving Heaven and Front Lotus techniques head on.

Plot Overview

Ichi was sent by Hiruko to stop anyone from interfering with Kakashi Hatake's arrival. He then fought Team Guy and was defeated by Rock Lee's and Neji's combo attack. While down, he was summoned by San, who was absorbed along with Ni to become a giant chimera beast. The Konoha 11, except for Naruto and Sakura, battled the beast and managed to restrain it, until it was summoned by Hiruko. They all met again and the Konoha 11 defeated it by combining many of their attacks, thus killing him.


  • Ichi () means "one"; likewise, his partners' names mean "two" and "three".
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