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{{translation|'''Ichirōta Oniyuzu'''|鬼柚子一朗太 Oniyuzu Ichirōta}} is a shinobi from [[Kirigakure]].
{{translation|'''Ichirōta Oniyuzu'''|鬼柚子一朗太|Oniyuzu Ichirōta}} is a shinobi from [[Kirigakure]].
== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==

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Ichirōta Oniyuzu
鬼柚子一朗太 Oniyuzu Ichirōta
Anime Boruto Episode #28
Novel School Trip Bloodwind Records
Appears in Anime, Novel
Voice Actors
Sex Gender Male Male

Ichirōta Oniyuzu (鬼柚子一朗太, Oniyuzu Ichirōta) is a shinobi from Kirigakure.


Ichirōta is a young man of average height and build with medium-length grey hair parted to the left, blue-coloured eyes, and sharp teeth. He wears a red, long-sleeved, pinstriped turtle neck shirt with a wide dark red obi around his waist, and baggy black pants. He also wears a forehead protector and a sword strapped to his back. After Shizuma's declaration of war he dons a sleeveless black jinbaori war coat with tan lining and gray hemming, worn in the style of a closed jacket.

New Era

Field Trip Arc

Ichirōta joins Shizuma Hoshigaki when he recruits Kagura Karatachi to his Bloody Mist swordsmen. After the group defeats Boruto Uzumaki, Ichirōta points out how killing him would be a sure way to kill any potential peace treaty and start a war between nations of the Middle Sea. After they leave, Kagura takes him and the rest of Shizuma's group the the shinobi swords' storage vault.


  • Ichirōta's last name, "Oniyuzu", refers to a type of citrus fruit known as yuzu. Its flavor is similar to that of a grapefruit, but is confused with tangerine oranges.

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