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舟戸イカダ Funato Ikada
Anime Boruto Episode #239
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Sex Gender Male.svg Male
  • Shipbuilding apprentice
  • Pirate (Former)
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Ikada Funato (舟戸イカダ, Funato Ikada) is a boy from the Land of Water that was born into the Funato clan, and an apprentice to the shipwright Kajiki.


A young Ikada with his father during the Funato clan's ritual.

Ikada was born in the northern seas of the Land of Water, the youngest son of Funato clan head, Araumi. During a battle against Kirigakure, his mother Minamo was struck down and frozen in ice while protecting him. He was a newborn at the time, and as such has no memories of her. From a young age, he was often mocked by his older brothers for not having any aptitude for battle or wielding the Funato power. Eventually, he was brought before the shores for a special ceremony like all Funato blood to determine his inherited power. Against his wishes, he was hurled into the ocean as raging storm took place. His Funato abilities manifested, causing a massive wave that saved him from drowning.

Eventually, he didn't feel at home as a pirate and developed a passion for boats. When his father was captured, Ikada decided to leave the clan behind to pursue his dream, which his family did not take well aside from his older sister, Seiren, who had helped him. The two siblings would keep in contact. After failing to keep a steady job, Ikada was taken in as Kajiki's apprentice in shipbuilding.


While born into the Funato clan, Ikada never had the desire for combat or pillaging. He cares about his family, but openly believes he has no place amongst them and their pirating lifestyle. Lacking gills like the rest of his family, he believed himself to be a failure. By nature, Ikada is a very passionate boy, looking up to his teacher Kajiki and eager to become a great shipbuilder himself. His dream is to make his own huge ship to sail around the world. He believes like his master that ships are a way to help lands connect together. Ikada is very insecure about the unique condition of his hands, preferring to keep it a secret from others in fear of being ostracised for them.

Ultimately, despite their differences, Ikada is still loyal to his clan at heart. Between his family's constant scolding of his indecisiveness and the passing of his beloved sister, Ikada abandoned his life dream as a shipbuilder, desiring revenge. From there, Ikada became driven to crush all who opposed him, willing to take charge of the Funato alongside his father. He expressed his newfound hatred for the Land of Water for taking Seiren from him, and his regret of avoiding battles. He also became more ruthless and arrogant, openly announcing destruction, willing to endanger and abandon clan members for the sake of military advantage, and declaring that anyone unable to keep up with them is unworthy of the name Funato. Despite this willingness to risk his clan members' safety, he still cared deeply for them, as he noted how not just Seiren's, but also Tenma's and Funamushi's deaths are what drove him into his path to vengeance. So driven by his newfound loyalty to the clan and hatred of Kirigakure, he destroyed one of Kaijiki's ships, both as a rejection of his former dream and as a show a strength. He claimed that his "dream" was no more than an excuse for his perceived weakness, as an escape route from his inferiority to the rest of his family, and that Seiren's death was what awoke his true powers that permitted him to return to his clan as a proud member.

This new attitude however ultimately was driven more by hatred than genuine belief, as pointed out by Boruto. Seeing Boruto and his team willing to make such a self-sacrifice for the sake of peace resonated with Ikada, finally letting go of his hatred, and desiring to end the war. Admitting to his own mistakes, Ikada was willing to accept whatever punishment was decided upon him. In the end, he still proved to desire to be a shipbuilder, overjoyed when he was given another chance at it.


Ikada is an average-height boy of tan-complexion with orange, spiky hair, and silver eyes. He wore a black tanktop, brown wristbands, white shorts, brown sandals, and maroon gi with black lines across the seams secured by a pale blue obi. He has his right arm go through the sleeves.

After embracing his Funato identity and awakening his true power, Ikada manifested gills on his neck. His eyes became sharper and more menacing with his hair slicked back. Ikada wears a beige collared crop jacket with a Funato crest on the back, a dark tank top underneath, and baggy pants with two orange belts. He also has bandages wrapped around his forearms.


Born of the Funato Clan, Ikada has inherited what they call the "Power of the Sea Dragon", a trait he is noted to have greater than all before him, granting him an instinctual control of water by willing it, even able to manipulate the seas around him. His greatest feat was to create and ride a seawater dragon, even dispelling storm clouds above him. When making an effort to swim, Ikada's fingers become webbed. This trait also makes him a strong swimmer, able to brave a storm to save people.

Ikada is a capable engineer, having made his own motorised mini-boat. Likewise, he is noted to be a very capable boat pilot, able to read the flow of the winds and waves quite well, though by his own admission, there is a lot left for him to learn. His skills as a helmsman was proven when he successfully guided the entire Funato fleet through the turbulent Sea of Death, combined with his ability of controlling the seawaters to create a safe pathway through a tsunami.

New Era

Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc

Main article: Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure Arc While travelling with his master, Ikada chanced upon a dead ship, while approaching it, he noticed Boruto Uzumaki fall off the ship and secretly jumped in to saved him before anyone noticed. Once returning to his master's ship, they arrived on the ship, which was piloted by a group effort from Kiri and Konoha-nin. They were attacked by the Funato Clan after they saved the citizens of Dotō Island, who were also on the ship. Kajiki inspected the ship's engine. Boruto immediately said Ikada saved him recently from drowning, but Ikada insisted that he had no clue what Boruto was talking about. Unable repair the engine, Kajiki instead towed the ship back to his port for proper repairs. Midway through, they learned that Ikada failed to stock up on a crucial piece for the engine. Boruto agreed to go with Ikada to retrieve the part, travelling in his personal boat.

Ikada and Boruto bonding.

Along the way, they entered a storm and chanced upon a drowning fisherman. Reluctantly, Ikada turned back and dived in to save him, revealing to Boruto his webbed hands and admitting that he did save Boruto before. Boruto however was not affected by Ikada's condition, promising him not to tell anyone about it. After retrieving the part, Ikada and Boruto returned to base, where Ikada was put in charge of finishing the repairs to the engine.

Ikada being confronted by Seiren.

Later, Ikada was approached by Seiren, who wanted Ikada to return to the clan. While Ikada believed he had no use on the battlefield, Seiren remained convinced that his potential surpassed all in their clan. Ikada declined to return, much to Seiren's anger, insisting that she only let him leave originally to see the harsh nature of the world. Refusing to accept Ikada's decision, she told him to be prepared for that she would come back later that night.

The following morning, still wondering why Seiren never showed up and trying to think of how to turn her down, a Funato Clan soldier appeared to tell him Seiren was injured. He rushed to see his sister, forgetting his notebook. He found his sister unconscious and was furious to hear Kagura and Boruto were responsible. While she remained incapacitated, Ikada kept her company.

Ikada awakens his true power.

As the days passed and the war against Kirigakure claimed more Funato clansmen's lives, his family continued to criticise him for his indecisiveness and inaction, while he chose to take care of Seiren. At his mother's request, Kobuna got him outside and asked him if he'd fight. He spent some time helping the women repair the ship, where they asked about Seiren, and if he'd join the fight which Ikada did not answer. When Funamushi's group returned, he listened as Gokai explained what happened, realising Boruto was involved in Funamushi's death. He tried to comfort Kobuna, but he rejected it, wishing to avenge his father himself. After an argument with Araumi, Isari approached him, and revealed that Seiren was meant to join the ambush from the start, but wished to get Ikada because she believed his power was essential. He accused Ikada of using his hope that Seiren will get better as an excuse not to fight. A guard informed him that Seiren was waking up, so he rushed to see her. She was confused, and tried to get out of bed, but fell down, reopening her wounds and bleeding. Ikada lied to her, claiming that the operation was a success and that the Funato wiped out Kirigakure, taking control of the seas. This allowed her to die in peace. At dawn, Ikada tore his ship design and dove into the sea, manifesting his Funato power, the waters raising him up.

Later, the Funato broadcast their declaration of war on the entire Land of Water and Kirigakure. Ikada, now leading the main forces, decided to take the quickest route to their destination through the Sea of Death. Despite the concerns of some soldiers, Ikada proclaimed that anyone who couldn't handle this path doesn't deserve to be a Funato, inspiring new resolve in his men. He was able to navigate their entire fleet through the Sea of Death, using his Power of the Sea Dragon to control the waves as needed, the Funato soldiers clamouring his name by the time they got the Shinonome 1 station in sight.

Surprised by Team 7's arrival, he allowed them to approach, but destroyed their ship. Boruto pleaded with Ikada to stop the war, but Ikada derided him, having discarded his former dreams, and unwilling to believe the Mizukage would pull back his forces if the Funato did the same. He called Kobuna in to confront Boruto, and asked for the Mizukage's head to end the conflict. Boruto offered up his own life instead.

Ikada saves Boruto.

Ikada scoffed at the offer, not finding it enough to end the war. Boruto remained steadfast on it, so Ikada agreed to consider it if his team-mates stay back and watch him die without seeking revenge. Boruto agreed to it and made Sarada and Mitsuki promise to honour his request. Ikada allowed the Funato to assault him, and was puzzled by Boruto's and his friends inaction. He prepared a ramp for Boruto to be pushed into the raging waters, and allowed Kobuna to give the final push. When Kobuna hesitated after Boruto's apology, Boruto jumped himself. Sarada and Mitsuki refused to renege their promise to Boruto, even when Ikada kept urging them to take vengeance on him despite the hatred they felt. Ikada chose to jump in and saved Boruto himself, and declared the war over, many of his men sharing his view. Araumi refused to stop fighting, considering Ikada a disappointment, but was killed by Kawaki. Boruto and Ikada later talked again as friends, Ikada preferring it over hating and being hated.

As the Funato accepted surrender and much of its forces were disbanded by Kirigakure, Ikada was detained while deciding his fate as a commander to the clan, doing so without resistance. Eventually, he was approached by the Sixth Mizukage. He explained that the Funato's actions made the Land of Water accept that modernising too quickly created a strain that was responsible for much of the Funato support. Hence, development of the Shinonome project was suspended, to address all future projects to the country in advance. As he was a Funato leader, he had to punished, but due to his role in ending the conflict and avoiding most casualties, Ikada was sentenced to constant surveillance under Kajiki, which allowed him to resume being a shipbuilder.


  • Written as いかだ, his name means "raft".