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イノリ Inori
Anime Boruto Episode #199
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Inori (イノリ, Inori) is a follower of Boro's cult.


Inori had developed an unknown illness to which she could not find or even afford treatment for. At some point, Boro manipulated her into joining his cult, with the promise of the Ōtsutsuki Clan saving her from her misfortune by casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi.


Inori has blue long hair and violet eyes. She wears a white robe of Boro's cult.

New Era

Kawaki Arc

When a small village was plagued by Boro, Inori and his other followers approached the villagers with the intention to heal and recruit them to their cult. Afterwards, Inori informed Boro that the new followers were performing the purification ritual, with the latter leaving the rest to her.

After one of his sermons, Boro introduced a group of children who had recently joined to Inori, also sharing a similar background as her. Suddenly, her older brother arrived to save her from Boro's deceit. Despite having found a doctor to treat her, Inori only asked her brother to leave. Inori's brother attacked Boro, but to no avail thanks to his "indestructible body granted by the gods". While her brother was in shock that his fatal attack was unsuccessful, Boro asked Inori to procure clothes for the children while he escorted her brother out, killing him instead after she left.


  • "Inori" (祈り) means "prayer".
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