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Intelligence Division (情報部隊, Jōhō Butai)

  • Intel Unit
Manga Volume #55, Naruto Chapter #515
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #256
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
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The Intelligence Division (情報部隊, Jōhō Butai, Viz: Intel Unit) of the Allied Shinobi Forces was a group of shinobi grouped together because of their skill at information gathering to aid in the war against Akatsuki.


Almost immediately after this respective division's formation, during a short introduction to one another, Inoichi Yamanaka discusses the difficulties faced by Aoba Yamashiro just prior to his inclusion within this detachment, while an animated Tenga attempts to gain his captain's attention.[1] Receiving the necessary confirmation concerning their predetermined routes, a significant contingent of the Intelligence Division mobilises alongside the majority of the Allied Shinobi Forces, as Inoichi remains behind in order to complete the construction of a substantial detection barrier assisted by Ao of the Sensor Division.[2]

The Sensor and Intelligence (far right) Divisions at the Alliances' headquarters.

Establishing multiple secure lines of communication to those on the field, through the utilisation of various Chakra Transmission Communication Devices, Inoichi notifies the Second Division of the approaching threat of the White Zetsu Army, thanks to details retrieved from Muta Aburame's final report.[3] Informed of Shikaku Nara's revised strategy that better reflects the confrontations current developments, after the emergence of two distinct groups of fierce opposition, Inoichi relays the revised battle strategy to the other divisions.[4] This imperative tactical communication is received by the field ninja.[5]

By the time of the revival of the Ten-Tails, the Alliance's HQ was attacked by a Tailed Beast Ball in an attempt to destroy the "head" of the Alliance. With the attack, the central communication device is presumably destroyed as well.[6]


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