A technique where the user creates ferocious canine chakra avatars from the land itself. They will pursue their targets relentlessly in order to clamp down on them with their jaws, restraining and crushing them, and their tracking speed is so great that they were even able to catch Sasuke Uchiha.[2]

The user can also transmit jutsu through the body of one of the canines after it grasps a target, causing it to travel the length of its body until it erupts from the mouth.[3]


  • The name of this technique comes from the Japanese legend of Kibitsu Hiko no Mikoto, a prince who, with the help of his three retainers, defeated a demon. One of his retainers was named "Takeru Inukai" (犬飼健, Inukai Takeru). The tale of Momotarō, which is the source of Momoshiki's name, is based on this legend. Here, Momotarō befriends a dog, a monkey and a pheasant instead, and it is said that the dog is based on Takeru Inukai.


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