"Invasion!!" (襲来!!, Shūrai!!, Viz: Raid!!) is chapter 419 of the original Naruto manga.


The Deva Path explains how the attack of Konoha will play out: some of the Six Paths of Pain will search for information on Naruto's whereabouts while the others draw attention to themselves by attacking the village's ninja and infrastructure. The new Animal Path infiltrates the village and summons the other Pains to its side. They then break up to fulfil their assigned roles. In Kumogakure, Team Samui sets out for Konoha, hoping that they can complete their assignment in time to save Killer B. Meanwhile, the available members of Akatsuki are busy extracting the Eight-Tails from B's body, only to find that it is a fake. The real B leaves the site of his battle with Taka, intending to take advantage of his supposed capture to seek out and train under Sabu.

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