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岩造 Iwazō
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #239
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Iwazō (岩造, Iwazō) is a shinobi from Iwagakure and along with his siblings, made up the Three Brothers group.


From all indications, Iwazō seems to be very aggressive, brutish and unwilling to let his target or targets escape him.


He bears great resemblance to his eldest brother, in that they are both very muscular, albeit Iwazō is a lot more stocky, and they both have shaved head and wear spiked, black, wristbands. He has dark marking around his eyes and wears the standard Iwagakure flack jacket, without a shirt underneath, but still wears the traditional pants and lapel, with sandals. He also wears bandages around his arms.


He possesses skill with Earth Release techniques, being capable of using the Earth Release: Ground Bedrock technique to trap his opponents. Iwazō was also a fast individual, and it often appeared that he was skating on the ground rather than simply running on it.

Part II

Paradise Life on a Boat

Earth hold

Iwazō traps Kosuke with his Earth Release technique.

Pursuing Kosuke Maruboshi who had stolen intel that was seemingly vital to a scheme that Iwagakure was plotting, they finally corner him. However, as he escapes, Iwazō uses the Earth Release: Ground Bedrock technique to trap him. As the three brothers surround Kosuke plotting to interrogate him for intelligence on Konohagakure, they are thwarted by Team Asuma and their Formation Ino–Shika–Chō.

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