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ジゲン Jigen
Manga Volume #4, Boruto Chapter #15
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  • Leader of Kara
  • Inner
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Jigen (ジゲン, Jigen) is the leader of Kara.


During Kawaki's childhood, Jigen bought the boy from his father with a large sum of money. After taking custody of him, Jigen introduced himself as Kawaki's new father, while telling him he could make himself at ease now. He would later attempt to transfer Kāma to Kawaki and fourteen other boys, with Kawaki being the only known success and thirteen dying outright. Jigen put Kawaki through gruelling training so he'd master the Kāma, and would constantly berate him as only having value as a vessel for the Kāma, striking the boy whenever he questioned him.


Jigen appears to be formal and courteous, addressing the fellow members of his organisation politely before beginning their meeting. He also seems to command respect within the group. He is very composed and systematic in his approach to matters at hand. Even when dealing with momentary failure, he remains determined as ever, convinced that all will fall into place as he designed it. He is also shown to have a very amoral and remorseless side, caring not in the slightest at how many innocent lives he must sacrifice to obtain his goals. At the same time, he has shown an irritable side, as when tasks fail to reach his expectations, he can lash out, as he kicked a broken tank after another setback to his plans.


Jigen has dark long hair tied in a ponyhawk style, a broad nose and large black pupils. He bears a diamond-shaped marking of Kāma on his chin and piercings. Below his left eye, he has a Roman numeral "Ⅳ" tattooed. He wears a black hooded cloak, along with light-coloured capri pants and sandals.


Being an Inner of Kara, specifically as the organisation's leader, Jigen is regarded by Kawaki as being a complete monster in terms of power and ability.[1] Further testament to his power was how Kawaki was shocked that the strongest ninja in history, Naruto Uzumaki, could possibly be more powerful than him,[2] while fellow Inner Koji Kashin quickly showed wariness of the possibility of Boruto Uzumaki wielding the same power as Jigen.[3] In addition, Koji also deemed the level of strength Naruto used in Six Paths Sage Mode to defeat another Inner Delta as being insufficient to defeat Jigen.[4] Likewise, Sasuke Uchiha, credited with being Naruto's peer in power, was intimidated into retreating after seeing a display of his power.

Jigen apparently excels in genjutsu, as he was able to use it as a means to communicate with many over a large distance at once. Jigen is also apparently capable of manifesting items as he sees fit, as he was able to produce intact copies of destroyed objects and chemical reactions, such as a table, food and drink, and even lit candles.[5] Apart from that, he can travel through dimensions with space–time ninjutsu and levitate in the air.[6] He is also apparently an extremely skilled melee-combatant, both with weapons and hand-to-hand combat, having personally brutally trained Kawaki into becoming a specialist in close-quarters combat.


Jigen's Kāma

Jigen activating his Kāma.

Jigen possesses a Kāma mark on his chin, which he can activate at will, causing it to spread across his entire body. The nature of its power is unknown, however, he has been shown to have the ability to pass Kāma on to other individuals through the aid of science, albeit with a low success rate, more often resulting in death.[7] Jigen is also skilled enough in its usage to have taught Kawaki how to properly use its power, with Kawaki noting he knows everything about Kāma.[8] Jigen is skilful enough with its absorption powers to absorb chakra from tailed beast-like entities.[9]

New Era

Ao Arc

Main article: Ao Arc Upon his organisation's vessel being lost, Jigen held a meeting with the other members of Kara to discuss the urgent situation, during which Koji was given the task of recovering Kawaki. As he dispelled the genjutsu, Jigen voiced that their group must recover the vessel at all costs.

Kawaki Arc

Main article: Kawaki Arc While eating a meal with Delta, she voiced her frustrations about the time it was taking to recover Kawaki, during which Jigen gave her permission to partake in the recovery of the vessel. Later, after Delta's decisive defeat by the Seventh Hokage, she reported that Koji was holding off on retrieving Kawaki to study Boruto Uzumaki after learning that the boy obtained his own Kāma. Smirking at this development, Jigen deduced that Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki was behind this.

Later, Jigen went to an undisclosed location accessible only through space–time ninjutsu to see an immobilised beast. He spoke nonchalantly to it, hovering above and addressing it as Ten-Tails. The "Ten-Tails" tried to eat Jigen, but failed to do so as Jigen was out of reach. Jigen stated that it was too soon as he needed to complete the vessel. Jigen then used his Kāma to absorb more of its chakra and his physical form changed into an Ōtsutsuki who supposedly partnered with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki briefly. After absorbing the beast's chakra, Jigen intended to visit Boruto and Kawaki.


  • Among other things, "Jigen" is the word for the "compassionate eye of Buddha" (慈眼).


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