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Jigen's Ten Tails
十尾 Jūbi
Manga Volume #, Boruto Chapter #35
Appears in Manga
Species Tailed Beast
Kekkei Genkai

It is a tailed beast-like entity that is kept prisoner in an Ōtsutsuki-related site.


It largely resembles the "original" Ten-Tails in its first form. While considerably smaller, it is still massive, comparable in size to the nine tailed beasts. It has a large, egg-shaped head with small spikes protruding from it, similar to the ones on the back of Kaguya's Ten-Tails transformation. It possesses a single eye with black, vein-like markings around it, a Rinnegan with six tomoe. This Ten-Tails also has a large mouth and a spike on its chin, although unlike Kaguya's Ten-Tails, it has only two rows of human-like teeth in its jaws. It appears to have two small arms, and multiple tails, although the exact number is yet unknown. Considering Jigen calling this entity a "Ten-Tails", it can be assumed that it also has ten tails.


Much like the Ten-Tails Kaguya turned into, this one possesses an immense amount of chakra. Upon absorbing just a fraction of it, Jigen briefly assumed an Ōtsutsuki form, which greatly troubled Sasuke. It also possesses a Rinnegan, similar to the one Kaguya Ōtsutsuki had in her Ten-Tails form.

New Era

Kawaki Arc

While investigating Kara and the Ōtsutsuki Clan, Sasuke Uchiha discovered a strange temple. There he found holographic images of various Ōtsutsuki clansmen, specifically Kinshiki, Momoshiki, Kaguya, and a then unknown member of the clan. Underneath the temple, however, he was shocked to discover another Ten-Tails, nearly identical to the one that he and Naruto Uzumaki defeated and sealed ages ago and even noted its Rinnegan. It was pinned to the temple by black stakes which immobilised it.

Moments later, a space-time ninjutsu opened and the leader of Kara, Jigen stepped out and the Ten-Tails tried to eat him to no avail, which he chastised it. Jigen used his Kāma to absorb some of the beast's chakra and briefly assumed the form of the unknown Ōtsutsuki member who was Kaguya's partner from the holographic image to Sasuke's shock.

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