This is the article on chapter 379 of the manga. For volume 41, head to Jiraiya's Choice!!.

"Jiraiya's Choice!!" (自来也の選択!!, Jiraiya no Sentaku!!, Viz: Jiraiya's Decision!!) is chapter 379 of the original Naruto manga.


Jiraiya is able to hold his own in a fight with Pain long enough for Ma and Pa to use their genjutsu. The three Pains are caught in an illusion and immobilised, allowing Jiraiya to easily kill all three. Confident he has won, Jiraiya thanks Shima and Fukasaku for their help with eliminating Pain. Another person with a Rinnegan appears and corrects him. He attacks Jiraiya and severs his left arm. The Six Paths of Pain confront Jiraiya, amongst them the three bodies he just killed, and all possessing Rinnegan.

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自来也の選択!! +
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