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"Kāma" (, Kāma, Viz: Karma) is chapter 23 of the Boruto manga.


Koji Kashin releases his Boiler Toad summon, and commends Team Konohamaru and Katasuke for defeating Ao. Konohamaru asks him about Kara and its objectives, and Koji instead immobilises them with fūinjutsu and prepares to incinerate them. Konohamaru breaks free from the hold of Koji's fūinjutsu by releasing one of his own. Konohamaru fights Koji Kashin, and is surprised along everyone else when he counters his Rasengan with one of his own, without the aid of scientific ninja tools. They're puzzled by his identity. Koji Kashin considers Konohamaru to be formidable, but comments he has a long way to go, and detonates a toad he planted on Konohamaru, engulfing him in flames. In despair, Boruto reaches out to Konohamaru, activating the seal on his hand, which spreads through his body, much to Koji Kashin's disbelief. Boruto absorbs Koji's fūinjutsu, allowing himself and the others to move, and absorbs the flames on Konohamaru, who collapses. Koji Kashin is surprised seeing Boruto with Kāma, having thought Naruto was the one who killed Momoshiki. Boruto antagonises Koji Kashin, but collapses before being able to do anything else. Sarada shields Boruto as Koji approaches, but he doesn't attack, and surmises it's the first time Boruto tapped into that power. He turns to leave, thanking them for such an interesting display and for killing Ao. Sarada tries questioning him for information, but Mitsuki stops her from pursuing him, pointing out they have to focus on Boruto and Konohamaru. Koji Kashin approves of his judgement, knowing him as Orochimaru's child. Later, as Boruto and Konohamaru recover, they consider all the things they need to report. Mitsuki finds a destroyed autonomous puppet, different from the ones they fought, far away from the crash site. The puppet's state suggests a very strong opponent, and Konohamaru considers the possibility of someone with the blimp's cargo having made all the way there. Chamaru calls their attention to a passed out boy by some destroyed puppets, and despite Konohamaru's concerns of a possible trap, Boruto approaches him to help, noticing the boy has the same seal on his hand.

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