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(, Kāma)
Boruto Volume 6
Volume Info
Previous Ao
Volume 6
Next Kawaki
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese October 4, 2018 (ISBN 978-4-08-881656-2)
English June 4, 2019 (ISBN 978-1-9747-0698-3)

Kāma (, Kāma) is volume 6 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 20

"Scientific Ninja Tools " (科学忍具, Kagaku Ningu)

Konohamaru tries convincing Ao not to fight them. Ao ignores him, and Konohamaru tells everyone to seek protection behind the cave's rocks as Ao opens fire. Sarada recognises the attack as the same Fire Release bullets the autonomous puppets used. Katasuke engages Ao despite his warning of having no mercy, even for him. Katasuke absorbs Ao's attacks with his suit, allowing Konohamaru to destroy Ao's weapon with a Rasengan, and asks Ao about the blimp's cargo. When Ao doesn't answer, Konohamaru asks about Kara instead. Ao lands a hit on Konohamaru's face with shots from the hidden prosthetics on his body, and notes the situation to be more complex than anticipated. He charges at Katasuke, and claims one of his suit's gloves, using them to absorb Boruto's Rasengan, and kicking him aside. Ao marvels at the glove. Sarada considers using the Smoke-Flash Bomb, but chooses not to, as her allies don't know any signal to let them know of her plan. Mugino grabs Ao, trying to stall him so the others can get away. Ao pierces Mugino's chest with a scientific ninja tool installed in his left forearm, Mugino activates an Earth Release jutsu, causing part of the cave to collapse on top of them to take Ao out and let everyone else escape. Konohamaru comments on Mugino's sacrifice, and as Ao begins to emerge from the rubble, tells them not waste Mugino's sacrifice. Boruto is about to confront Ao, but Konohamaru orders a retreat, and they flee. Elsewhere, Sarada applies the healing foam to Konohamaru's face. Katasuke confesses to having leaked information on scientific ninja tools while under genjutsu around the time of the Chūnin Exams. Konohamaru tells them to consider such knowledge as highly classified, and decides to act as a distraction for Ao while the others deliver the information recovered from the blimp. Katasuke volunteers to be a decoy instead, feeling responsible for creating the technology Ao is employing. Boruto tells him not to feel guilty over it, as he himself used to disapprove of scientific ninja tools, but seeing what they could do at the research institute changed his mind. He now understands that the way they're used is what matters, and is furious that Ao, understanding that himself and owing his life to the research, is choosing to use them to kill. Boruto is determined not to let Ao make everyone see scientific ninja tools like he once did. He then dons Katasuke's second glove and triggers the chakra katana, intending to show Ao the right way to use them.

Chapter 21

"How You Use It" (使い方, Tsukaikata)

The group discusses how to deal with Ao. Konohamaru wants to pressure Ao into using his jutsu absorbing arm with ninjutsu, in order to create a blindspot from which to attack him. Katasuke points out the short moment required for the absorption sphere to form on the arm, which Konohamaru wants Boruto to use to absorb Ao's own jutsu bullets while going in for the final blow. Boruto wants to use the chakra katana provided by Katasuke, but collapses from its chakra consumption. Boruto will have to activate the katana in the last possible moment. Katasuke makes adjustments to Boruto's jutsu absorbing arm. Their strategy is decided. While on the move, Ao is approached by Koji Kashin, who questions Ao's commitment due to the others' escape. Ao assures him that much like the scientific ninja tools keeping him alive, he is Kara's tool. Koji Kashin is pleased to hear it, and warns Ao of the Konoha shinobi's intent to defeat him, including having developed a strategy. He is more concerned with the possibility of them acquiring the vessel, and stresses that to be his mission. Approaching the ruins where the Konoha-nin regrouped, Ao attacks a hidden Mitsuki with his scientific ninja tools. Mitsuki attacks Ao with Lightning Release, Konohamaru and Sarada with Fire Release. Ao notes them to be unconcerned with chakra consumption as he absorbs their attacks, and concludes they're the distraction for an attack by Boruto. Boruto strikes with the chakra katana from above, but Ao blocks it with his own chakra blade, knocking Boruto back, claiming Boruto's chakra katana, and using it to stab him. Ao tells Boruto he saw through his attack, but Boruto denies it, gripping Ao's hand so he can't let go of the chakra katana. Mitsuki extends his arm and further wraps around Ao's hand. The Boruto Ao stabbed vanishes, being a shadow clone, and Ao feels his strength drained by the chakra katana. Ao uses the tools in his other arm to force Mitsuki into releasing his grip. The real Boruto moves in to strike, using his own jutsu absorbing arm to counter Ao's, leaving him free to land a Rasengan. Boruto uses Ao's own words about how tools are used against him.

Chapter 22

"The Conclusion to a Fierce Battle!" (激闘決着!, Gekitō Kecchaku!)

Boruto notes his wasn't a finishing blow. Ao notes his jutsu absorption arm has been destroyed and removes it. Konohamaru detects an incoming attack on Boruto, pushes him out of the way, and is hit by attacks from Ao's drones up in the sky, being knocked unconscious. Sarada and Mitsuki tend to Konohamaru. Katasuke surmises the drones are controlled remotely by Ao's chakra. Boruto comments how un-shinobi like Ao's fighting style is. Ao declares he's no longer a shinobi, having transcended into a new kind of human being, and sends the drones up in the air to attack. Mitsuki and Sarada retreat with Katasuke and Konohamaru, while Boruto absorbs the attacks with his jutsu absorption arm. Ao praises him for having pushed him so far into using the drones. The others watch worriedly from afar. Ao stops his drone attacks, and Boruto attacks with shadow clones. Ao destroys the clones and grabs hold of Boruto, who has the absorption arm, commenting how the Shadow Clone Technique, despite its power, can't copy such complex machinery. As he readies his chakra blade, Ao comments on how Boruto would have died when they first met had they already been enemies. Sarada tries interfering, but Mitsuki stops her, saving her from drone attacks. Ao tells he'll go for her once he's done with Boruto. Boruto says Ao already lost as a shinobi, dispersing the shadow clone with the absorption arm, emerging from rubble behind Ao with his chakra blade, and commenting how shinobi must read underneath what's underneath. Boruto slices off Ao's prosthetic left arm and leg, and lands another Rasengan, sending Ao crashing into the nearby ruins. Ao admits defeat, and is surprised when Boruto just places the screwdriver from before next to him instead of finishing him off. Ao warns him that being as soft with his enemies as Naruto was will be fatal one day. Konohamaru regains consciousness and is impressed that they defeated Ao. Boruto admonishes Ao for killing Mugino. Konohamaru wants Ao extradited to Konohagakure, and instructs Boruto to ask for reinforcements. Katasuke looks forward to what the future holds for the genin. Ao notices Koji Kashin in the ruins above him, yelling out his name, drawing everyone's attention. Koji Kashin summons a giant toad, that causes the structure to collapse. Ao uses a Water Release to push Boruto away, and is crushed to death by the toad. Koji Kashin wonders what motivated Ao to use ninjutsu at the very last moment, and introduces himself to Team Konohamaru and Katasuke.

Chapter 23

"Kāma " (, Kāma)

Koji Kashin releases his Boiler Toad summon, and commends Team Konohamaru and Katasuke for defeating Ao. Konohamaru asks him about Kara and its objectives, and Koji instead immobilises them with fūinjutsu and prepares to incinerate them. Konohamaru breaks free from the hold of Koji's fūinjutsu by releasing one of his own. Konohamaru fights Koji Kashin, and is surprised along everyone else when he counters his Rasengan with one of his own, without the aid of scientific ninja tools. They're puzzled by his identity. Koji Kashin considers Konohamaru to be formidable, but comments he has a long way to go, and detonates a toad he planted on Konohamaru, engulfing him in flames. In despair, Boruto reaches out to Konohamaru, activating the seal on his hand, which spreads through his body, much to Koji Kashin's disbelief. Boruto absorbs Koji's fūinjutsu, allowing himself and the others to move, and absorbs the flames on Konohamaru, who collapses. Koji Kashin is surprised seeing Boruto with Kāma, having thought Naruto was the one who killed Momoshiki. Boruto antagonises Koji Kashin, but collapses before being able to do anything else. Sarada shields Boruto as Koji approaches, but he doesn't attack, and surmises it's the first time Boruto tapped into that power. He turns to leave, thanking them for such an interesting display and for killing Ao. Sarada tries questioning him for information, but Mitsuki stops her from pursuing him, pointing out they have to focus on Boruto and Konohamaru. Koji Kashin approves of his judgement, knowing him as Orochimaru's child. Later, as Boruto and Konohamaru recover, they consider all the things they need to report. Mitsuki finds a destroyed autonomous puppet, different from the ones they fought, far away from the crash site. The puppet's state suggests a very strong opponent, and Konohamaru considers the possibility of someone with the blimp's cargo having made all the way there. Chamaru calls their attention to a passed out boy by some destroyed puppets, and despite Konohamaru's concerns of a possible trap, Boruto approaches him to help, noticing the boy has the same seal on his hand.

Author's Note

At the grade school I attended in Uji, Kyoto, there was a faucet that produced tea when turned on.

It had a distinctive aroma, and was delicious. I recently found out that it was a type of tea called "Kyobancha." You have to be careful because the tea comes out super-hot. It's hot enough to sterilise aluminum cups, so you need to mix in some cold water to drink it. Hmm? No, I'm not lying. It's true!

Mikio Ikemoto, 2018

Recently, I have had the good fortune to visit the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a grassland nation in Central Asia.

The wondrous sensation of "The sky is so expansive! And so blue! It goes on forever before getting sucked into the horizon at all points of the compass!" was quite lovely. Well, I hope that in similar fashion, Boruto and his friends' adventures will continue to be loved all over the world. Period.

Ukyō Kodachi, 2018

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