The Kōkinjō (幌金縄, literally meaning: Golden Canopy Rope) is a thick length of rope. By saying the verbal command "Bind and Draw Out" (しばり出せ, Shibaridase, English TV: squeeze em') it is able to draw out the word soul (言霊, kotodama, English TV: spirit word) of anyone the rope has come into contact with, allowing it to then be severed by the Shichiseiken. The command is not mandatory. The Kōkinjō will not draw out the word soul of its wielder. The item generates an aura that can take the form of additional ropes, giving it a greater range.

The Kōkinjō is revered as one of the treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. All five of the tools consume enormous amounts of chakra when used, so much so that normal humans would die after using the tools for only a short period of time. When the tools later came into the possession of Kumogakure, only the Gold and Silver Brothers, due to their large chakra reserves, were able to wield the treasures without fatal repercussions. When not in use, Ginkaku used the Kōkinjō to tie the Benihisago around his neck for easier transportation. In combat, Kinkaku wrapped the rope around his arm to make it easier to hit targets.

The Kōkinjō was sealed in Kohaku no Jōhei along with Kinkaku, which is then fed to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to revive the Ten-Tails. The Kōkinjō ended up in Konohagakure after the war, in a weapons store owned by Tenten, with the Benihisago and the Bashōsen.[1]


  • The Kōkinjō is based on a tool from the Chinese classic "Journey to the West". In this story; there are two demon king brothers, known as the Great King Kinkaku (金角大王, Kinkaku-daiō) and the Great King Ginkaku (銀角大王, Ginkaku-daiō). The siblings possess five treasured tools, one of which is called the Golden Canopy Rope (幌金縄).


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