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Kouza kubisaki
首崎剛佐 Kubisaki Kōza
Anime Naruto Episode #194
Appears in Anime
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Kōza Kubisaki (首崎剛佐, Kubisaki Kōza) was the leader of the Land of Neck.


50 years prior to the start, Kōza and his army were surrounded by an enemy army, where a majority of his soldiers were killed mercilessly. As only a few remained Kōza grudgingly admit he would die by nightfall, but summoned Shiromari as a last resort, with the intent of wiping out his enemies in the process. However, Kōza died before he could undo the summon, thus leaving Shiromari to take the form of the destroyed castle and devouring any passerby who approaches.


Kōza wore basic samurai armour including a tall helmet and a sword sheathed at the waist. He had grey-brown hair and a moustache. He also had light grey-coloured eyes.


Kōza was able to use the summoning technique. His summon was Shiromari, a giant chameleon, which could take almost any form to lure enemies inside it. Since he had a sword, he was presumably skilled in kenjutsu.

Part I

Lady Daimyō Search Mission

As Kōza died before he could undo the summon, Shiromari continued to devour anyone who enters what appears to be a castle, which attracted the attention of Konohagakure. When Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyūga and Kiba Inuzuka visited the castle in a mission to investigate recent disappearances, Kōza returned in a soul form to guide them to the summoning contract, so they could release Shiromari from its castle form.

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