"Kabuto's Trump Card…!!" (カブトの切り札…!!, Kabuto no Kirifuda…!!) is chapter 558 of the original Naruto manga.


Kabuto ponders that it was fortunate that 's half was sealed before it could alert the Allied shinobi, and notes the reincarnated shinobi will need time to regenerate. Mū is disappointed that Ōnoki failed to noticed his splitting, despite being his pupil, and praises the fūinjutsu restraining his other half. Kabuto figures that since Mū's power was also split, it'll take him longer to perform a certain summon. Naruto arrives at Gaara's location, informing him of the Third Raikage's sealing, while Gaara replies he's almost finished with the Second Mizukage, who despite viewing Naruto as being awkward and less composed than Gaara, sees that they form a good team. As he's sealed, the Mizukage is pleased with how much fun he had. Gaara orders that the HQ be updated on their situation. Temari tell those injured to go for the medical team, including the Tsuchikage. Gaara confirms that the Naruto with them is a clone, and asks where the original is. Killer B catches up with the original Naruto, telling him he was contacted by one of his clones. Naruto says that his clones should be reaching the battlefields. At the coast, the Allied shinobi devised a strategy so they don't fight each other trying to find impostors, but are left vulnerable to new attacks. A Naruto shadow clone arrives, much to their relief. A restrained Dan, intrigued by Naruto's resemblance to Nawaki, asks who he is. He's told of Naruto's status as the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki, his dreams of becoming Hokage and Tsunade's faith in him by Chōza and Shikamaru. At the Logistical Support and Medical Division compound, two disguised White Zetsu almost strike Sakura, but are defeated by a Naruto clone. At another battlefield, another Naruto shadow clone identifies disguised White Zetsu, and saves Hinata from three of them. Neji and Kiba notice how different Naruto is. Mū begins performing a summon.

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Kabuto's Trump Card…!! +
October 24, 2011 +
カブトの切り札…!! +
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Kabuto's Trump Card…!! +, カブトの切り札…!! +  and Kabuto no Kirifuda…!! +
Kabuto no Kirifuda…!! +