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Kaguya clan Patriarch
Anime Naruto Episode #126
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Head of the Kaguya clan

He was the head of the Kaguya clan.


Because of Kimimaro's frightening abilities, even among the Kaguya clan, he kept him locked away until one day, he released Kimimaro to help destroy Kirigakure. After reaching Kiri's outskirts, he ordered the entire clan to enter the village in order to destroy it, simply to show off their clan's fearsomeness. Although they were briefly able to gain the upper hand, they were eventually surrounded and outmatched. Knowing they would lose, the clan head told the remaining members to have fun and take as many of the enemy as possible with them, which eventually led to the death of every member, except Kimimaro.


As the leader of the Kaguya clan, he was just as barbaric and battle-loving as most of them. He seemed to be quite prideful yet foolish, as he declared war against the much more military organised Kirigakure in order to prove their clan's superiority, while ordering Kimimaro not to over-think it and just follow his own instincts. He also seemed to be quite fearless, but lacking in tactics, as when surrounded by the enemy, he said to just fight to the death and have fun while doing it.

The patriarch was rather cold towards his clansmen who showed potential threat, as he locked up Kimimaro merely out of fear of his unique abilities, and released him only to be used for their clan's purposes.


The patriarch was characterised by his pale skin, masculine features with a viscous look in his eyes, two red dots on his forehead that all members of the clan possess, black hair tied and arranged in that two tight strands, similar to sideburns and a zigzag pattern on the cranial part.

His attire consisted of a long sleeve shirt with a sleeveless kimono over it.


While not shown in combat, it stands to reason that he was a powerful shinobi, considering that he managed to be amongst the last ones to be killed besides Kimimaro by Kiri forces.


  • (To the Kaguya clan) "We'll make a night attack against Kirigakure. Since they are preparing to flee from another incident, now is our perfect chance to show them how fearful we are! Let them know what it means to fear the Kaguya clan!"
  • (To Kimimaro) "You don't have to think about it so deeply. Just go down to Kirigakure and kill every single person you encounter! Act according to your instincts."
  • (To the last survivors of the clan) "We have no choice. We'll just have to take as many along with us as possible! Let's have fun!"
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