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はたけカカシ Hatake Kakashi

  • Copy Ninja Kakashi (コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi)[7]
  • Kakashi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi, literally meaning: Kakashi of the Copy Wheel Eye)[8]
  • Konoha's First Technician (木ノ葉一の技師 / 木葉第一技師, Konoha Ichi no Gishi / Konoha Daiichi Gishi)[9][10]
  • Hero of the Sharingan (写輪眼の英雄, Sharingan no Eiyū, literally meaning: Hero of the Copy Wheel Eye)[11]
  • Sixth Hokage (六代目火影, Rokudaime Hokage, literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow)[12]
  • Sukea (スケア)[13]
Manga Naruto Chapter #3
Anime Naruto Episode #3
Novel Naruto: Innocent Heart, Demonic Blood
Movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
Game Naruto: Konoha Ninpōchō
OVA Find the Four-Leaf Red Clover!
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Birthdate Astrological Sign Virgo September 15
Sex Gender Male Male
  • Part I: 26–27
  • Part II: 29–31
  • Part I: 181 cm1.81 m <br />5.938 ft <br />71.26 in <br />
  • Part I: 67.5 kg148.812 lb <br />
Blood type O
Kekkei Genkai
  • Anbu Captain (Former)
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration 009720
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chūnin Prom. Age 6
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Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Hatake clan. Famed as Kakashi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi) and the Copy Ninja (コピー忍者, Kopī Ninja), he is one of Konoha's most talented ninja, regularly looked to for advice and leadership despite his personal dislike of responsibility. To his students on Team 7, Kakashi emphasises the importance of teamwork; he himself received this lesson, along with the Sharingan, from his childhood friend, Obito Uchiha. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi becomes Konoha's Sixth Hokage (六代目火影, Rokudaime Hokage, literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow).


Early life[]

Sakumo commits suicide

Kakashi finds his father dead.

Because his mother died when he was very young,[14] Kakashi was raised during his early years by his father, Sakumo. Sakumo was famed throughout the shinobi world, having saved Konoha on at least one occasion; Kakashi in particular revered his father. During one of Sakumo's missions - after Kakashi was enrolled in Konoha's Ninja Academy - Sakumo made the decision to save the lives of his teammates rather than complete the assignment. The mission's failure had disastrous consequences for the Land of Fire, causing many in Konoha, including the teammates he saved, to vilify him for abandoning his duties. Disgraced, Sakumo committed suicide. Seeing what his father went through and determined not to make the same mistakes, Kakashi decided that following the Shinobi Rules must always take priority.[15]

Kakashi Becomes Genin

Kakashi becomes a genin.

In the Academy, Kakashi earned top grades, earning him recognition as a prodigy and the best of his generation.[16][4] Ultimately, he became very popular amongst his peers. With his talents soon being recognised, at age 5, Kakashi graduated from the Academy at the top of his class in a single year. Upon becoming genin, he and his classmates, Rin Nohara and Obito, were teamed together under the leadership of Minato Namikaze. In the anime, Minato gave the team a bell test at its formation, assigning the three to take the two bells he kept on his person. Minato often held back less against the prodigious Kakashi than with Rin and Obito so they couldn't obtain the bells without teamwork. Unfortunately, Kakashi realised this, only using Obito and Rin as a means to an end to obtain the bells. Nonetheless, Minato passed them because they accomplished the goal of the test by working as a team. Minato did encourage them to improve their teamwork afterwards, a message that Obito and Rin took to heart, but fell upon deaf ears with Kakashi.[17] Team Minato would go on many missions during its career, but Kakashi's devotion to the rules often made him difficult to work with;[18] Obito, already jealous of Kakashi's natural talent and popularity, was frequently at odds with him about this behaviour. At age 6, Konoha officials allowed Kakashi to compete in the Chūnin Exams with his team, which he passed by defeating Might Guy and became a chūnin.[19]

Third Shinobi World War[]

Konoha eventually became embroiled in the Third Shinobi World War. As part of the war effort, Team Minato was assigned to destroy the Kannabi Bridge in Kusagakure in order to cut off Iwagakure's supply line. Minato was needed on the front lines at the time, leaving Kakashi, recently promoted to jōnin at age 12,[20] in charge. Before embarking on the mission, Minato and Rin gave him presents to celebrate his promotion; Obito forgot to get him anything. Shortly after entering Kusa, they encountered an Iwa-scout, Mahiru. Kakashi tried to eliminate him with his new jutsu, Chidori, but the attack speed left him vulnerable to counter-attack, forcing Minato to step in, save Kakashi, and kill Mahiru himself. Before leaving them, Minato advised Kakashi to not use the Chidori again.

Kakashi White Light Chakra Sabre

Kakashi saving Obito.

Kakashi, Rin, and Obito continued further in to Kusa. They were eventually found by Mahiru's teammates, Kakkō and Taiseki, who kidnapped Rin in order to find out what their mission was. Obito immediately suggested that they rescue her, but Kakashi elected to abandon Rin, believing it was more important to finish the mission before concerning themselves with her safety. Obito refused to go along with this and went off to save Rin by himself. Before he left, he told Kakashi that Sakumo had been a hero and that, although it was bad to abandon one's mission, it was worse to abandon one's teammates. Kakashi began carrying out the mission alone, but ultimately decided that Obito was right and went to join him. He arrived in time to save Obito from Taiseki with his White Light Chakra Sabre, which he inherited from his father.

Taiseki turned invisible and tried launching a sneak attack on Obito. Kakashi protected him, but his left eye was badly damaged in the process. In that moment, Obito awakened his Sharingan and used it to kill Taiseki. They then entered the cave where Rin was being held, drove off Kakkō, and released Rin from the genjutsu he placed her under. Kakkō retaliated by forcing a cave-in and Kakashi, due to his damaged eye, was struck in his blind spot and had difficulty avoiding the falling rocks. Before he could be crushed by a large boulder, Obito pushed him out of the way, becoming trapped instead. Unable to get free and knowing his injuries were too serious to survive, Obito decided to make his last act giving Kakashi the present he forgot to give him earlier: his Sharingan to replace the eye Kakashi lost.

After Rin transplanted Obito's Sharingan into him, Kakashi confronted Kakkō. His White Light Chakra Sabre was destroyed during the ensuing fight, but he succeeded in killing Kakkō with Chidori; due to the Sharingan's heightened vision, Kakashi was finally able to handle its speed. He went back to where Obito and Rin were, but Iwa reinforcements soon arrived and started constricting the rubble. Obito asked Kakashi to take Rin away and keep her safe, which Kakashi did, leaving Obito behind. As the Iwa-nin started surrounding them, Kakashi attacked them for as long as he could, holding them off until Minato eventually tracked them down and finished off the rest. Minato assisted them with destroying the Kannabi Bridge and then returned with them to Konoha to mourn Obito's death. Despite many from the Uchiha clan being against Kakashi wielding a Sharingan as he had no blood-ties to them, Fugaku Uchiha, the Uchiha head, chose to honour Obito's dying actions and let Kakashi keep his gift.[21]

Kakashi stabs Rin

Kakashi unintentionally kills Rin.

During a later mission, Rin was kidnapped by Kirigakure. Kakashi was eventually able to rescue her and started taking her back to Konoha. Along the way, Rin revealed that Kiri had sealed the Three-Tails into her body with the intention to, once she inevitably lost control of it, have it unleashed on Konoha and destroy the village from within. In order to prevent this from happening, Rin begged Kakashi to kill her, but he refused, unwilling to break his promise to Obito to protect her and hoping to find some other solution. When Kiri-nin caught up with them and made false efforts to retrieve her, Kakashi fought them off with his renamed Chidori, the Lightning Cutter. During one of these attacks, Rin jumped in front of Kakashi's attack, dying by his hand so that Konoha would be safe.[22] The trauma of this caused his Sharingan to evolve into a Mangekyō Sharingan shortly before Kakashi passed out.[23] He was later found by Konoha reinforcements, but none could explain the slaughter of all the Kiri forces, not knowing of Tobi's actions.[24]

Anbu Career[]

Kakashi Anbu

Kakashi joins the Anbu.

Because he'd lost two teammates in such a short timespan, his role in Rin's death, and his failure to honour Obito's last request by protecting her, Kakashi dropped into a depression. In the anime, many believed he purposely killed Rin to prevent her from leaking information, earning him the nickname "Friend-Killer Kakashi". Many, especially those in Anbu believed he would kill a comrade without hesitation if it was for the sake of completing the mission. He would also spend his days avoiding friends and former classmates and at night he would be haunted by dreams of himself killing Rin again. Minato, now the new Hokage, tried to help Kakashi emerge from the darkness he'd fallen into after Obito and Rin's deaths by assigning him to the Anbu in order to have him close in an attempt to alleviate his pain.[25] Kakashi did well in the Anbu, eventually becoming a captain and the leader of Team Ro. However, his successes were owed to his cold behaviour and his ruthlessness in combat, signs that he was still upset by Rin's death. Minato therefore tried a different tactic: assigning Kakashi to protect Minato's wife, Kushina Uzumaki, during her pregnancy. Kakashi carried out his duties faithfully, monitoring Kushina from the shadows whenever she left her home.[26] During his time off, he would visit Rin's grave and Obito's engraving to tell them his regrets and how life was going without them.[27]

Kurenai and the young protesters

Kakashi and his peers are blocked from helping Konoha.

During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, Kakashi and many of Konoha's other young ninja were prevented from helping defend the village, instead being confined within a barrier to keep them safe.[28] Minato eventually saved the village from the Nine-Tails, but at the cost of his and Kushina's lives. After which, Danzō Shimura approached a grieving young Kakashi, noting that it was Hiruzen Sarutobi's orders for the children, even high-ranking ninja like Kakashi, to not help battle the Nine-Tails, ultimately preventing Kakashi from possibly saving Minato and Kushina. Convincing an emotional Kakashi that the Third was not best for the future of the village, Kakashi agreed to join Danzō's Root division and spy on the Hokage for him. During a mission, Kakashi encountered another Root member codenamed "Kinoe" who was able to use Wood Release.[26] Knowing that Wood Release was unique to the First Hokage, Kakashi broke in to the Hokage Residence to see what he could learn about this anomaly. The Third caught him, but freely gave him the information he wanted: Konoha had tried to recreate the Wood Release powers in the past, but abandoned the project for killing too many test subjects. The Third then mused that the Nine-Tails might have been defeated and Minato saved had the research been successful.

Kakashi spares Kinoe

Kakashi spares Kinoe's life.

From this meeting with the Third, it became clear to Kakashi that the Third was not the ineffectual, passionless leader Danzō had made him out to be. Moreover, Danzō had not used Kinoe to try and stop the Nine-Tails' attack. Realising he had picked the wrong side, Kakashi told the Third about Danzō's plans to assassinate him and, the following day, personally lured out the assassins, of whom Kinoe was one. Kakashi easily defeated him, but chose to spare his life in the belief that he would become a valuable ally in the future. Kakashi attempted to resign from the Anbu afterwards for working against the Hokage, but the Third insisted his service was invaluable and made Kakashi his right-hand man.[29]

Kakashi being afraid of Orochimaru

Kakashi unable to stop Orochimaru.

From investigating a series of disappearances, Kakashi provided a lead and it was discovered that Orochimaru was behind the Wood Release research that produced Kinoe. In the anime, Kakashi attacked Orochimaru when the Third Hokage failed to apprehend him, but he was paralysed by Orochimaru's killing intent and Orochimaru escaped.[30] Kakashi followed him once he regained his composure, but was captured by the Iburi clan, who were loyal to Orochimaru. Kinoe, their ally, convinced them to let him interrogate Kakashi. Once alone, Kinoe confided that Danzō was making his own plans against Orochimaru and, with help from Yukimi, helped Kakashi get free.[31] Kakashi later planned to use Yukimi to capture Orochimaru, since she was of great importance to him. Later, Kakashi explained that Yukimi's blood could temporarily bestow Orochimaru with the Iburi clan's smoke transformation, allowing him to slip across the border. Overhearing that, Yukimi slipped away and returned to the cave. Orochimaru ultimately killed most of the Iburi clan before escaping yet again, but Kakashi, recognising that Kinoe's relationship with Yukimi is much like his relationship with Rin was, helped keep her safe. Kakashi decided to leave and not report anything about the Iburi or Root's involvement.[32]

Kakashi and Kinoe vs Root

Kakashi and Kinoe surrounded by Root.

Kakashi continued to investigate Orochimaru over the following years, eventually locating one of his secret labs three years after the latter's defection. While there, he was attacked by Kinoe, who Danzō had sent to take his Sharingan. Kakashi tried to reason with him by stating that friendship should take higher priority than the mission. When Kinoe accused Kakashi of violating that creed by killing Rin, enraged by that comment, Kakashi overpowered him and decided to bring him before the Third Hokage.[33] Before they could leave, one of Orochimaru's snake experiments escaped its test tube and attacked the duo. As Kinoe was taken captive, Kakashi managed to slay the creature. While saving Kinoe, the creature's corpse began emitting a poisonous vapour which quickly infected Kakashi. Kinoe got Kakashi out safely and, having accepted Kakashi's words, gave Kakashi an antidote and chose to abandon his mission whilst leaving Kakashi a message about it. When Kakashi woke up, he knew Danzō would punish Kinoe for insubordination and asked the Third for help. With the Third's permission, Kakashi forced his way into Root headquarters and stopped Danzō from applying a cursed seal to Kinoe. As Root forces started to surround them, the Third showed up to personally authorise Kakashi's actions, and further negotiated Kinoe's release from Root. Kakashi added Kinoe, now with the new codename "Tenzō", to Team Ro.[34]

Kakashi and Itachi Anbu

Kakashi and Itachi mercilessly assassinate the Prajñā Group.

Two years later, Itachi Uchiha was added to Team Ro. Kakashi and Itachi were at one point assigned to observe a meeting between Konoha and the Land of Woods. When the Land of Woods' Prajñā Group tried to betray the Konoha forces, Kakashi and Itachi moved in and defeated them. Although Kakashi was impressed by Itachi's abilities, he warned him against his merciless approach and encouraged him on the importance of friends.[35] Sometime later, Itachi asked Kakashi if dead friends' requests should be honoured, which Kakashi said they should.[36] Itachi was eventually promoted out of Team Ro and replaced by Yūgao Uzuki. Shortly afterwards, Team Ro was sent to the Uchiha clan's compound with orders to pacify a brewing rebellion, only to find the entire clan dead. When news emerged that Itachi was responsible and that he had killed his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, in pursuit of power, Kakashi lamented his failure to have had a better influence on Itachi.

Kakashi leaves the Anbu

Kakashi leaves the Anbu.

Because of what happened with Itachi, the Third Hokage felt that individuals with kind hearts did not belong in the Anbu. He therefore thanked Kakashi for his years of service and relieved him of his duty, returning him to the standard forces.[37] Over the years, he was placed in charge of several teams of Academy graduates, but none ever demonstrated the teamwork he considered to be so important. In the anime, he started worrying that his own methods were too harsh, but from seeing how his former underlings that he previously failed prospered due to his teachings, his faith was reaffirmed.[17]


Kakashi's cold heart

Kakashi's cold-heartedness.

Kakashi has been very independent, perceptive, and self-confident since early childhood, and tends to broach difficult conversations with blunt pragmatism. He carries himself with a relaxed, almost bored disposition and is known for being solitary and aloof, with an occasional tendency to ignore his peers. These qualities lead some to perceive him as arrogant or condescending; however, Kakashi is truthfully quite modest about himself, even in the face of his growing reputation as a ninja and leader. He is also habitually tardy, showing up at his leisure with excuses that convince nobody, and later leaving for equally poor reasons. Though Kakashi wants others to believe this is how he always acts, he only does so for matters that aren't of particular importance. In his role as Hokage, Kakashi dutifully worked for the village's progress. He also believes that even in times of peace, no one should become a ninja without appreciating the importance of it.

Kakashi PTSD

Kakashi suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kakashi's life was shaped by the death of his childhood squadmates. He spends hours of his free time visiting Rin's grave and the Memorial Stone where Obito's name is engraved, telling them about his life, recent events in Konoha, and others they knew. Most of all, he shares his regrets that they cannot be with him and that their deaths were his fault. In the anime, after Rin died, Kakashi struggled to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, having nightmares about her death and growing depressed whenever others mentioned her. Over time, Kakashi comes to accept that her choice to sacrifice herself and his guilt became more about his broken promise to Obito to keep her safe. This causes Obito's apparent death to weigh more heavily on him, compounded by regrets about his behaviour when they last spoke. Kakashi feels that, had he cared about teamwork and friendship in the same way that Obito did, Obito's "death" might have been avoided. Thinking it would ease his pain, Minato convinced Kakashi to join the Anbu. During his time in the Anbu however, Kakashi gained a reputation for his cold-bloodedness. Kurenai Yūhi noted that Kakashi suffered with suicidal thoughts during his Anbu career, with his reckless fighting style and lack of self-care being deemed as Kakashi being in a hurry to die.[38]

After his father's death, Kakashi initially became stern and cold toward others, chastising any who disobeyed orders and being willing to abandon his comrades to finish missions. However, Obito's apparent death profoundly changed him; he became committed to teamwork and always places teammates' well-being above the mission's. He believes goals can be accomplished more effectively together, asking for help when he needs it, providing help when it is requested of him, and praising allies when they deserve it. An abuse of one's teammates is the only thing that can make Kakashi cast aside his normally stoic demeanour, causing him to attack without mercy or his usual sense of sportsmanship. He expects his prospective students to demonstrate this same devotion to teamwork, which none until Team 7 were able to do; despite the high failure rate, the Third Hokage agrees with Kakashi's choice to require it. Kakashi becomes fond of all Team 7's members, even Sasuke Uchiha, to the point of blaming himself for Sasuke's criminal acts and his team's growing rift over it throughout Part II. He holds out hope that Sasuke will correct his behaviour, and for his patience he is able to see Team 7 reunified when by the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Kakashi and Guy racing

Kakashi and Guy competing in their usual "contests".

Might Guy has considered Kakashi his rival ever since they first met in the Academy. Despite his father's warning that Guy might someday prove stronger than him, Kakashi didn't think much of Guy at the time. Guy took this as a challenge and began striving to earn Kakashi's approval so as to show that his perseverance could be just as good as Kakashi's natural genius. When Guy would suggest contests to test how their abilities compared, Kakashi would respond with indifference, only fuelling Guy's desire to defeat his "cool, hip, and trendy" personality. At the start of Part I, Kakashi's score is 50 wins and 49 losses,[39] though even when Guy takes the lead the score difference remains the same; considering that their competitions range from eating contests to Rock, Paper, Scissors, the score isn't truly representative of anything. Kakashi eventually comes to consider Guy one of his closest and most reliable friends, and by the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, he acknowledges that Guy has surpassed him.

Kakashi Icha Icha

Kakashi's obsession with the Icha Icha series.

When he first meets his students on Team 7, Kakashi claims to have many hobbies, none of which he chooses to share at the time. He is an avid fan of the Icha Icha series of novels; he always has one of the books with him and regularly reads it, even while talking to others. Naruto Uzumaki identifies Icha Icha as one of Kakashi's few weaknesses, which he is able to take advantage of during a bell test by threatening to spoil the ending of the newest book in the series, forcing Kakashi to shut his eyes and ears and thereby leave himself vulnerable. Although most people he knows are aware of how much he likes Icha Icha, Kakashi is seemingly uncomfortable sharing the books with others, embarrassed by the presumably adult content.

Following his retirement from active duty, Kakashi has become much more laid-back and unbothered by events and people surrounding him. His speech mannerisms and tone also resemble those of an old man. Although steadfast during any and all important events, Kakashi actively avoids taking on responsibilities during his free time, such as when he attempted to evade Boruto's pleas for training. Furthermore, Kakashi also enjoys having others perform the most basic of chores on his behalf, such as roping Boruto into helping him with shopping duties, and initially refusing to help with Sabure and Yubeshi's issues with their respective grandparents until being promised a rare first edition of an Icha Icha volume, with an extended ending.


Kakashi Unmasked

Kakashi without his mask.

Kakashi has a strong resemblance to his father, so much so that they are sometimes mistaken for each other. [40] He has spiky silver hair often oriented to his left-side, dark grey eyes (black in several instances), and typically a relaxed and lazy expression. During the Third Shinobi World War, his left eye was damaged, leaving a vertical scar from the injury. The eye was shortly afterwards replaced with a Sharingan, which he covers with his forehead protector when he isn't using it. After his original eye was restored by Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi returned to wearing his forehead protector balanced above his forehead. Since early childhood and near-constantly, he wears a mask that prevents most of his face from being visible. Even his ninken have seen his face so sparingly that most of them don't remember what he looks like unmasked.[41] On the few occasions he exposes his full face, he has a narrow jaw-line and a beauty mark under the left corner of his mouth.[42] Overall, he is considered very handsome as seen from Teuchi and Ayame's reaction to seeing his face.[43]

Kakashi wears Konoha's standard infantry clothing for most of Part I and Part II: a flak jacket, dark blue pants, and a long-sleeve shirt. He also wears fingerless gloves with metal plates on the backhand and is seen with a chain necklace underneath.[44] His appearance remains largely the same following the Fourth Shinobi World War, except for a red armband on his left bicep, boots instead of sandals, and Konoha's redesigned flak jacket. The kanji "六火" (Literally meaning Six Fire) is written on the back, denoting his Hokage position. For formal occasions, he wears the typical Hokage garb: the traditional headpiece and haori, along with a red, full-length kimono, tied using a white sash. Written vertically on the back of the robe, Kakashi has the kanji for Sixth Hokage (六代目火影, Rokudaime Hokage, literally meaning: Sixth Fire Shadow). He switched from using a knotted forehead protector to a modern elasticised one.

Kakashi wore several different outfits prior to Part I. In the academy, he wore a long sleeved anchor-grey shirt with a zipper, a green scarf and slate-coloured shorts. He also wore blue sandals, which he also wore during the Third Shinobi World War. During the Third Shinobi World War, he wore a black T-shirt with white stripes in the middle of the sleeves, additional sleeves over his arms, metal arm protectors, leather straps around his back and chest, and dark pants. Prior to its destruction, his family's White Light Chakra Sabre was kept in a small holder in the middle of his back. During his Anbu career, he wore a simple blue suit with a grey flak jacket, strapped up sandals and arm guards that went up to his elbows. While not on duty as an Anbu, he wore a similar outfit with segmented gauntlets and bandages over his calves. His fox mask[45] had red and black markings around the eyes, sides, and mouth. One trait left over from his career as an Anbu is their signature tattoo resembling a red flame on his left deltoid.

Kakashi Sukea disguise

Kakashi disguised as "Sukea".

When masquerading as "Sukea", he removes his forehead protector and mask. Instead, he wears a wig of shaggy greyish-brown hair, grey-coloured contact lenses, along with purple makeup over his eyes and purple patches under them to conceal his scar. He also normally wears a long green trench coat and purple scarf with grey pants. While playing along into pretending to steal his own ninja registration photo, Kakashi briefly wore a black long-sleeved shirt and a light grey flak jacket.


Kakashi's Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Kakashi intimidating opponents with his jutsu.

Kakashi is one of the strongest ninja Konoha ever produced. A prodigy with talent inherited from Konoha's White Fang,[46] he showcased highly advanced skill from a young age,[47] evidenced by his rapid rise through the ninja ranks.[48] His prowess is said to rival an entire country[49] and earned recognition on sight by various high-level ninja.[50] The S-Rank members of Akatsuki acknowledge his might;[51] he outmanoeuvred Itachi Uchiha (albeit he couldn't use his Mangekyō Sharingan at the time); fought Kisame Hoshigaki and Kakuzu to a standstill; and was deemed a major threat by Pain.[52] After Kaguya's defeat, Kakashi's combat prowess continued to increase, despite the loss of his Sharingan.[53] Against Koji Kashin, one of Kara's strongest Inners, Kakashi was able to pressure the foe into retreating.[54]

In general, Kakashi is very versatile with advanced proficiency in countless areas including mastery of all three main ninja skills; Naruto Uzumaki says Kakashi is smarter than Shikamaru Nara, has a better sense of smell than Kiba Inuzuka, is more adept with the Sharingan than Sasuke Uchiha, and has better taijutsu skill than Rock Lee, each of whom are well-known for their high capacities in their respective areas.[55] Kakashi's genjutsu prowess is able to use basic techniques to major effect for intimidation and distraction.[53] Kakashi's combat and tactical prowess are so revered, that many foresaw his rise to Hokage status years before it happened.[56] However, the Sage of Six Paths believed Kakashi's greatest strength is as a teacher, leader, and friend, all of which proved vital in Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's defeat.[57]

Chakra and Physical Prowess[]

Kakashi vs Kakuzu

Kakashi engages Kakuzu in hand-to-hand combat.

Originally, by his own admission, Kakashi's chakra reserves were average. He could only use the Lightning Cutter four or Kamui three times per day. At the same time, he makes up for it with superb control, requiring no more than the minimum required amount to perform his technique, even able to do so with a single hand. However by Part II, Kakashi's reserves increased to a considerable size, shown when he used both techniques repeatedly during the final battle of the Fourth Great Shinobi war with only minor strain and exhaustion. In later years, his reserves allowed him to create and maintaining four collective massive walls for a few days and casually utilise his Purple Electricity numerous times.

Kakashi's taijutsu can take various approaches in close combat. His time in the Anbu enables him to suddenly approach enemies from behind, unnoticed by even other Anbu.[58] Also, his ongoing competitions with Might Guy make him just as comfortable attacking from the front, striking with blazing speed and debilitating precision to quickly defeat multiple enemies. Kakashi is able to open at least one of the Eight Gates.[59] He has reflexes sharp enough to block attacks he is unable to see,[60] and has immense speed that allows him to perform hand seals at unreadable rates.[55]


Kakashi Using Rasengan

Kakashi using Rasengan.

Kakashi primarily relies on his great skill and knowledge of ninjutsu. As an Academy Student, he excelled past his peers in ninjutsu, being able to use the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.[61] Over the years, due in large part to his Sharingan, he gained a vast arsenal; reputed to have copied over a thousand techniques and which led to his moniker as "Copy Ninja Kakashi" (コピー忍者のカカシ, Kopī Ninja no Kakashi).[62] With this arsenal, combined with years of experience, Kakashi can handle almost any situation in various ways. He is also well-versed in fūinjutsu, impressing Orochimaru.[63] Many years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi became skilled enough in Medical Ninjutsu to ease physical pain with a mere touch.[53]

Ninken summoned to search Orochi

Kakashi's ninken.

Kakashi has his own personal pack of ninken, which he raised since they were puppies; in the anime, he is shown using them during the Third Shinobi World War.[64] In the field, he can summon one or more of his ninken to fetch things for him, restrain targets,[65] or deliver messages. More commonly, he uses them for tracking, picking up trails, or seeking out targets he doesn't know where to look for.


Kakashi Kubikiribōchō

Kakashi wielding Kubikiribōchō.

Kakashi is a highly skilled user of a wide variety of weapons such as bows and arrows, kusarigama, chains, and wire strings. Since childhood, Kakashi had highly proficient skill in kenjutsu, being able to wield his father's signature tantō effectively enough to be mistaken for Sakumo. Due to his background in the Anbu, Kakashi's swordsmanship was especially enhanced and he became very adaptable, being able to effectively utilise the Kubikiribōchō,[66] a uniquely shaped blade with noticeable size and weight, and being able to defeat kenjutsu experts such as the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.[67] He can also enhance his physical tools, channelling lightning-nature chakra through them, gaining enough power to pierce and pass through large rocks.[68][69] He also has considerable skill in shurikenjutsu, being able to lash out at an opponent with a swift flurry of kunai and even effectively throw kunai with a well-placed kick.[70] Likewise in close range battles, he has great skill in this area, using weapons in his hands simultaneously. Against skilled melee combatants such as Zabuza and Hidan armed with their respective unique weapons, Kakashi can defend himself with a single kunai.

Nature Transformation[]

Lightning Cutter

Kakashi's signature technique, the Lightning Cutter.

Kakashi can use all five basic nature transformations, as well as the Yin Release and Yang Release.[5] He can use Water Release without a nearby water source,[71] and is able to produce massive offensive, and defensive structures. With Earth Release, he can move underground for sneak attacks or produce multiple intricate walls to defend himself or large areas from attack.[72] Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi learned to convert his Earth Release techniques into quartz. Improving the quality of his techniques in this way negates its weakness to lightning-based nature attacks by absorbing and dissipating opposing techniques.[53] He is shown using Fire Release to launch a massive fireball.[73]

Lightning Release Purple Electricity

Kakashi using Lightning Release: Purple Electricity.

Kakashi's natural affinity is Lightning Release,[74] which he can channel into weaponry to increase its cutting power.[75] After failing to infuse the Rasengan with his lightning nature, he instead created the Chidori,[76] a collection of lightning chakra in the hand that can pierce most targets that it is thrust into; he once famously split a bolt of lightning with his Chidori, earning the name "Lightning Cutter".[77] He is able to block two of Kakuzu's Lightning Release: False Darkness with Lightning Cutter in each hand. However, it strains his arms.[78] Other techniques of this nature include lightning hounds that he can manipulate to attack with, lightning clones that paralyses opponents on contact,[79] and lightning cords that are even capable of cutting through Tailed Beast Chakra Arms. By his tenure as the Sixth Hokage, he created a new signature technique; the Lightning Release: Purple Electricity, which allows him to release a surge of purple lightning to produce a variety of effects: attack from afar, augment his physical strikes, and release a burst from all around him.



Kakashi's Sharingan

Kakashi's Sharingan.

Kakashi received his Sharingan during the Third Shinobi World War from Obito Uchiha, a replacement for the left eye he'd lost shortly beforehand. The Sharingan became his most identifying feature in the years since then, such that he is widely known as "Kakashi of the Sharingan" (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi). With the Sharingan, Kakashi can accurately reproduce any movement he sees (his own physical skill permitting), take in a heightened amount of visual information, and perform the Sharingan's broad category of genjutsu. Because he isn't an Uchiha, he can't deactivate the Sharingan and it rapidly drains his chakra whenever he uses it, leaving him bedridden after extended use;[80] as such, he keeps the eye covered when he doesn't need it in order to prevent this. Due to these challenges, Kakashi admitted that he hasn't mastered every aspect of the Sharingan,[81] something Kabuto Yakushi reiterates compared to a true Uchiha member.[82] Despite his handicap, he is still noted to have impressive prowess wielding it, as noted by both Itachi and Obito Uchiha.[83][84] Kakashi loses his Sharingan during the Fourth Shinobi World War to Madara Uchiha.[85] When Obito died with both his Sharingan, his spirit briefly returned from the afterlife and inhabited Kakashi's body, during which, Obito channelled both his eyes' dōjutsu power into Kakashi, granting full usage of their abilities. The loss of his Sharingan during the war resulted in him no longer using his signature Lightning Cutter, as the tunnel vision was no longer countered by the Sharingan.

Mangekyō Sharingan[]

Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan

Kakashi's Mangekyō Sharingan.

Kakashi gained a Mangekyō Sharingan when Rin Nohara died.[23] Its design appears as three triangles wrapping themselves around the pupil, similar to a pinwheel. He was able to maintain it for over a decade, though he was steadily suffering its side-effects with each usage, such as bleeding eyes and deteriorating vision. With his left Mangekyō, Kakashi can use the long-range variant of Kamui: remotely forming a barrier around whatever he looks at to warp the target to Kamui's dimension; eventually, he learns how to send himself to the dimension and to a new location from it.[86] Kakashi initially had trouble to aim Kamui properly and hit his targets.[87] He improved to the point that he can use Kamui on fast-moving projectiles.[88] When he first starts using Kamui, it requires some amount of preparation and has a huge drain on his chakra each time it is performed. He also becomes able to perform it faster, enough that opponents may not even notice he used it at all.[89] However by around the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi admitted that he can only accurately use Kamui if close to the opponent due to his deteriorating eyesight from Mangekyō Sharingan overage.[90]

Kakashi's Susanoo

Kakashi's Complete Body — Susanoo.

After Kakashi loses his Sharingan, his body is temporarily inhabited by Obito's spirit, allowing him to use both of Obito's Mangekyō. In addition to the long-range Kamui he'd originally had, he becomes able to use its short-range variant, allowing him to make his body intangible so that attacks phase through him.[91] By combining this ability with his Lightning Cutter, Kakashi can bypass all defences and eliminate the possibility of being countered while attacking. Having a dual Mangekyō, Kakashi can manifest Susanoo, which has been honed into its "Complete Body" form. It can be used for flight, defend others with its large size, and even have the intangibility of Kamui extended to it. It can manifest either swords or shuriken to aid him in battle, the latter of which can produce Kamui Shuriken in order to warp away whatever they cut. In addition, Kakashi received some of the Six Paths Chakra, allowing him to use the Mangekyō Sharingan and its abilities for repeated and extended use with no effect on his health or eyesight.


Part of Kakashi's usual approach to combat is to rely on the Body Replacement Technique and clone techniques, thereby keeping himself out of harm's way while he observes an opponent and their abilities.[92] Even when he doesn't use this system of misdirection and decoys, he remains alert to any unexplained or unexpected occurrences, coming up with theories for their causes when they arise and exploiting them if they prove true, which they usually do.[93] Once he identifies an opponent's weakness, Kakashi can quickly formulate a plan to take advantage of it, efficiently utilising each of his allies' unique skills to that purpose. Such plans, while often elaborate and unorthodox, are typically highly successful and very low-risk, making Kakashi invaluable as a leader. He has also proven himself a very talented teacher, able to push his students' development by months, if not years, in just weeks through various innovative methods.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 5 4 4 4.5 3.5 4 3 5 33
Second 5 4.5 4 5 3.5 4.5 3 5 34.5
Third 5 4.5 4 5 3.5 4.5 3 5 34.5

Part I[]

Prologue — Land of Waves[]

Main article: Prologue — Land of Waves

Team Kakashi

The official photo for Team 7.

Kakashi is assigned as the leader of Team 7, comprised of Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. The Third Hokage explains that he is selected for the team in order to keep an eye on Naruto, the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki and, in the anime, to help Sasuke cope with life after the Uchiha Clan Downfall. During his first meeting with Team 7, Kakashi is unimpressed by them, finding them all to be too self-interested. He nevertheless gives them a bell test as he has for all the previous teams he's been assigned to and tells them to take one of the two bells on his person. Naruto launches a first attack before the test officially begins; Kakashi stops him easily, but is nevertheless amused.

Kakashi reads Icha Icha Paradise during the test, convinced he won't need his full attention or both of his hands. Naruto and his shadow clones fail to take a bell and Sakura, who focuses on looking for Sasuke, is defeated by one of Kakashi's genjutsu. Kakashi then goes to find Sasuke, expecting the same outcome as Naruto and Sakura, but finds Sasuke was waiting for him. Kakashi is forced to go on the defence and, when Sasuke uses the Great Fireball Technique, he must close his copy of Icha Icha, but he still manages to defeat Sasuke. Kakashi gathers them together afterwards and tells them they've failed, explaining that, had they worked together rather than individually, they might have succeeded in acquiring a bell. They convince him to give them another chance after lunch, but Kakashi demands that Naruto not be fed. He secretly watches them as they eat and sees Sasuke and Sakura give Naruto food against his instructions, needing Naruto in top form if they're to get a bell. Kakashi pretends anger when he approaches them, but tells them that they pass the test for placing the team's well-being above the mission parameters.

Team 7 completes a number of D-rank missions, which Naruto believes they are over-qualified for. He complains to the Third Hokage about this and is able to secure a C-rank mission: escorting Tazuna to the Land of Waves. Shortly after leaving Konoha, Kakashi notices they're being pursued by the Demon Brothers. He pretends to be killed by one of the Demon Brothers' attacks so that he can observe them, stepping in to neutralise them once Team 7 can't hold them off anymore. After restraining them, Kakashi confronts Tazuna on why the Demon Brothers were trying to kill him. Tazuna confesses that assassins have been hired to kill him so that he can't build a bridge that will free the Land of Waves from the tyranny of Gatō. Although this is an A-rank assignment that Team 7, being only genin, are unqualified for, they decide to help Tazuna anyway because Tazuna confessed his country is too poor to afford an A-rank assignment.

Kakashi And Zabuza Battling

Kakashi vs. Zabuza.

When they arrive in the Land of Waves they are met by Zabuza Momochi, a former Kiri-nin. Recognising how formidable Zabuza is, Kakashi uncovers his Sharingan and engages him, leaving his students in charge of protecting Tazuna. Kakashi initially does well against Zabuza, defeating Zabuza's water clones with his own. When Zabuza succeeds in trapping him in a Water Prison, Kakashi instructs Team 7 to leave him behind and escape with Tazuna. Naruto ignores him and with help from Sasuke is able to release him. Kakashi thanks them and resumes his fight with Zabuza, copying his ninjutsu and using them against him. Just as he is about to finish off Zabuza, Zabuza is seemingly killed by a young hunter-nin and his body is taken away. Team 7 continues on to Tazuna's home, but Kakashi must be carried, having exhausted himself due to overuse of the Sharingan.

While recuperating, Kakashi starts to find Zabuza's death suspicious and worries he may still be alive. In case this is true, he shows Team 7 the Tree Climbing Practice in order to improve their chakra control, which will be useful if Zabuza does indeed return. After a week of rest Kakashi has recovered and all of Team 7 has mastered the exercise; Naruto is tired from the training and is allowed to keep sleeping as they resume their bodyguarding of Tazuna. When they arrive at the bridge Tazuna is working on, they find Zabuza and Haku (the hunter-nin from before) waiting for them. Haku traps Sasuke in his Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which Zabuza blocks Kakashi from helping him escape from. Once Naruto arrives to lend Sasuke assistance, Kakashi engages Zabuza in combat.

Kakashi Impales Haku

Kakashi kills Haku.

Having learned from his previous encounter, Zabuza coats the area in a thick mist so that Kakashi can't use his Sharingan. Because of this, Kakashi sticks close to Tazuna, knowing Zabuza will come for him eventually. Zabuza does indeed attack, and Kakashi is badly injured by Zabuza's Kubikiribōchō while defending Tazuna. While reeling from his wound, Kakashi senses Naruto using the Nine-Tails' chakra. Fearing that the seal containing the beast is weakening, Kakashi decides to finish the battle quickly: he summons his ninken and has them track down his blood which is still on Zabuza's Kubikiribōchō. Once they locate him, they pin him down while Kakashi attacks with his Lightning Cutter. Just before he hits Zabuza, Haku steps in front of him and takes the attack instead.

As his last act, Haku grabs Kakashi so he can't get away, allowing Zabuza, freed from the ninken, to try to slice through him in order to get to Kakashi. Kakashi pulls away, sets down Haku's body, and, angered by what's happened, proceeds to debilitate both of Zabuza's arms. Gatō then arrives to kill them all, Zabuza included, with a horde of mercenaries. Zabuza kills Gatō first and Kakashi scares off the horde with his "Multiple Shadow Clone Technique" (which is implied to just be the normal Clone Technique). Zabuza, dying from his injuries, asks Kakashi to place him next to Haku. Kakashi complies and, after he passes, buries them both. Their mission complete, Team 7 returns to Konoha, travelling by way of the Great Naruto Bridge that Tazuna finished building.

Chūnin Exams[]

Main article: Chūnin Exams Team 7 resumes its series of uninteresting missions, but Kakashi is nevertheless pleased by their development. Despite their only recent graduation from the Academy, he recommends that they enter the Chūnin Exams. He neglects to tell them that they must enter as a team, not wanting any of them, especially Sakura, to feel pressured to participate. He is therefore glad when they all independently decide to take the exams and wishes them luck.

Kakashi and Orochimaru Face-to-Face!

Kakashi faces Orochimaru.

Several days after the exams start, Kakashi arrives to watch Team 7 in the preliminary fights. There, he is informed that Sasuke was attacked by Orochimaru during the exams and branded with a Cursed Seal of Heaven. Kakashi warns Sasuke that he will be disqualified if he uses the cursed seal during his match. Sasuke avoids doing so and Kakashi takes him away afterwards, applying the Evil Sealing Method to prevent the cursed seal's use. After Sasuke passes out from the procedure, Orochimaru confronts Kakashi, explaining his plans to acquire Sasuke's Sharingan for himself. Kakashi readies his Lightning Cutter to defend Sasuke, but Orochimaru decides to leave, confident Sasuke will come to him willingly someday; Kakashi afterwards realises he would have been killed had they fought. Kakashi takes Sasuke to the hospital to rest, places him under the guard of Anbu, and returns to watch the remaining preliminary matches, having promised Sasuke that he'd tell him all about the other combatants' abilities.

After the preliminaries end, Kakashi returns to Sasuke to find all the Anbu dead, killed by Kabuto Yakushi. He tries to capture Kabuto in order to learn more about Orochimaru's plans for Sasuke, but Kabuto escapes. Kakashi is afterwards tracked down by Naruto, who asks Kakashi to help him train for the exams' final matches in a month. Having already decided to train Sasuke, Kakashi refers Naruto to Ebisu instead. In order to give Sasuke an alternative to the cursed seal's power, Kakashi spends a month teaching him the Chidori. He also helps him improve his physical speed by visualising and mimicking Rock Lee's movements. Training runs long and they end up arriving late for Sasuke's match against Gaara of Sunagakure. When Naruto tries to warn him about Gaara, Kakashi instructs him to just watch Sasuke's performance, and is amused by how quickly Naruto's concern for Sasuke becomes jealousy of his abilities.

Konoha Crush[]

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Kakashi saves Sakura from Oto-nin

Kakashi saves Sakura from Otogakure shinobi.

The Chūnin Exams are interrupted by an invasion of Konoha and most of those watching the finals are rendered unconscious by a genjutsu. Kakashi is among those who dispel it and he starts fending off invading Otogakure forces. When he notices Sasuke going off on his own to fight Gaara, Kakashi locates Sakura and sends her, Naruto, and Shikamaru Nara after him to provide assistance; he summons Pakkun to help them follow Sasuke. The fighting rages on until Kakashi and his fellow defenders eliminate all invaders in the area except for Kabuto and Baki, who opt to flee rather than continue fighting. Kakashi and the others then converge on the site where the Third Hokage fought Orochimaru, but discover that he's died in battle.

Kakashi attends the Third's funeral a few days later. He arrives late, having visited the Memorial Stone beforehand to reflect on those he's lost.

Search for Tsunade[]

Main article: Search for Tsunade Shortly after the funeral, Kakashi notices cloaked individuals travelling around Konoha. Suspicious, he follows them, but keeps up appearances that he is only meeting Sasuke for lunch. While waiting for Sasuke, he strikes up a conversation with Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yūhi, quietly alerting them to the men in cloaks. When Sasuke arrives and the cloaked men leave, Kakashi sends Asuma and Kurenai after them. However, Kakashi starts to become concerned so he cancels lunch with Sasuke - not explaining the real reason - and joins Asuma and Kurenai. He arrives in time to save Asuma and Kurenai from Kisame Hoshigaki and Itachi Uchiha, respectively.


Itachi uses Tsukuyomi on Kakashi.

Itachi advises Kisame to keep his distance from Kakashi, stating his fight with Kakashi would take too long. He also states that his own fight with Kakashi wouldn't take any time at all: he immediately attacks, which Kakashi only barely blocks with a Water Formation Wall. He then gets Kurenai away from Itachi's Clone Great Explosion, and when he looks back at Itachi catches a glimpse of his Mangekyō Sharingan. He orders Asuma and Kurenai to shut their eyes while he is attacked with Tsukuyomi, subjecting him to three days of torture in a matter of seconds. He is able to remain conscious to Kisame's surprise and, using information earlier provided to him by Jiraiya, guesses their purpose for being in Konoha: they are members of Akatsuki after the Nine-Tails within Naruto.

Itachi orders Kisame to capture Kakashi to see what else he knows and to kill Asuma and Kurenai. Kisame is stopped by Might Guy and they retreat, at which point Kakashi passes out. Guy takes Kakashi back to his home and puts him to bed, where he remains comatose until Tsunade, the new Hokage, comes to Konoha and heals the damage to his mind.

Sasuke Recovery Mission[]

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Kakashi stops Naruto and Sasuke

Kakashi stops the fight between Naruto and Sasuke.

Kakashi is not done recovering when he is given a mission assignment, a consequence of Konoha's lack of manpower following the failed invasion. Before leaving, he stops by the hospital where Sasuke has been staying after his own encounter with Itachi and finds Sasuke in the middle of combat with Naruto. As Sasuke is about to clash his Chidori with Naruto's Rasengan, Kakashi catches them both and flings them apart. Kakashi starts questioning Sasuke about his apparent intentions to kill Naruto, but Sasuke leaves rather than be lectured. Kakashi also notices Jiraiya nearby and, assuming Naruto learned the Rasengan from him, asks if that was a good idea; Jiraiya asks the same about teaching Sasuke the Chidori. Kakashi asks Jiraiya to speak with Naruto while he speaks with Sasuke. Before he goes, he assures Sakura that he'll set things right.

Kakashi and sasuke

Kakashi lecturing Sasuke.

Kakashi locates Sasuke and ties him to a tree in order to force him to listen to what he has to say. He starts by trying to discourage Sasuke from avenging the Uchiha clan, insisting that, even if he's successful, it won't bring back those who are already dead. Sasuke retorts that Kakashi doesn't understand what he's going through and offers to kill the people most precious to Kakashi, only for Kakashi to reply that those very people are already dead. Sasuke is surprised and puts up less resistance, so Kakashi tells him that taking revenge for those that he's lost is not worth also losing those he still has, namely Naruto and Sakura. To that end, he encourages Sasuke to start using Chidori for its intended purpose: protecting friends rather than attacking them. He unties Sasuke and leaves for his mission, intending for what he said to sink in.

When he returns, Tsunade informs him that Sasuke has defected to Orochimaru and that Naruto and a team of genin were sent after him. Upset with himself for not spending more time defusing Sasuke's angst, Kakashi goes after him, fearful that he and Naruto may kill each other. He summons his ninken to help him track Sasuke and Naruto, eventually finding the latter unconscious at the Valley of the End. Because it's raining he can't find Sasuke's trail, and besides Naruto needs medical attention. He takes him back to Konoha and releases him into the care of the Medic Corps.

With Sasuke gone to Orochimaru, Naruto decides to start training with Jiraiya and Sakura trains with Tsunade. Having no students to lead anymore, Kakashi resumes his prior mission schedule.

Mizuki Tracking Mission[]

Main article: Mizuki Tracking Mission In the anime, Kakashi returns from a mission in time to help round up escapees from the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility.

Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission[]

Main article: Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission In the anime, Kakashi is sent to the Land of Birds as backup for Naruto, Tenten, and Neji Hyūga as they investigate the Cursed Warrior. He takes command of the team and eventually defeats Nagare and Hokushin with relative ease.

Sunagakure Support Mission[]

Main article: Sunagakure Support Mission In the anime, Kakashi is sent to spy on the Takumi Village in order to investigate rumours of an uprising. There, he finds the entire village abandoned. He is later part of the reinforcements sent to Sunagakure to help deal with the Four Celestial Symbols Men, only to discover that Naruto's team already successfully completed the mission.


In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths[]

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Kakashi at Amegakure

Kakashi arrives at Amegakure.

In the anime, about two years after Naruto leaves Konoha to train with Jiraiya, another Chūnin Exam is held. Kakashi is sent to Amegakure to invite its ninja to participate, a mere pretext for him to investigate rumours surrounding the village.[94] He is stopped at the village's entrance, but is able to arrange a meeting with Hanzō (who is actually Konan in disguise) and delivers the invitation.[95] Although he appears to leave Ame afterwards, Kakashi sneaks back in to see what he can find out. It immediately becomes apparent to him that, although Ame's ninja don't know the identity of the intruder, they are aware that someone has infiltrated the village. Kakashi decides to go back to Konoha rather than risk causing an incident.[96]

Part II[]

Kazekage Rescue Mission[]

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Kakashi vs Sakura

Kakashi facing Sakura during the bell test.

Kakashi is the first person to greet Naruto when he returns from his two-and-a-half years of training with Jiraiya. Naruto gives him a copy of Icha Icha Tactics as a present, which Kakashi wastes no time starting to read. As Naruto goes off to see Sakura, Jiraiya warns Kakashi that Akatsuki will be making a move in the near future. After Naruto and Sakura have had a chance to catch-up, Kakashi reforms Team 7 and gives them another bell test. Unlike last time, taking the bells from him is the real objective. Kakashi also decides to take the test seriously by uncovering his Sharingan and closing his copy of Icha Icha Tactics. As with last time, Naruto launches a first attack before the test officially begins, but this time it nearly succeeds. Kakashi is impressed by this and other signs of their improvement, but by nightfall they still haven't taken a bell. Tired of this, Naruto tries spoiling the ending of Icha Icha Tactics, forcing Kakashi to cover his ears so as not to hear it and shut his eyes so as not to read Naruto's lips. This allows Naruto and Sakura to each take a bell.

Rending Piercing Fang

Kakashi fights "Itachi".

While Team 7 tries without success to find a mission to go on that Naruto won't complain about, word reaches Konoha that Akatsuki has kidnapped Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage and the jinchūriki of the One-Tail. Team 7 is sent to Sunagakure to lend assistance in rescuing Gaara. When they arrive in Suna, Kakashi is attacked by Chiyo, who mistook him for his father, but her brother Ebizō cleared up the confusion before the attack could connect, to Kakashi's great relief at the close call. Team 7 gathers what intel they can on Gaara's kidnappers and leave to go after them; Chiyo volunteers to escort them since they aren't familiar with the country around Suna. While en route to an Akatsuki lair, they are confronted by Itachi Uchiha. While they fight him, Kakashi notices something is off about Itachi, notably his lack of use of the Mangekyō Sharingan. The reason for this is discovered after Naruto seemingly kills him with a Big Ball Rasengan: they were only fighting a doppelgänger.


Kakashi using Kamui on Deidara.

Team 7 arrives at the Akatsuki lair shortly after Team Guy does, who were sent as backup by Tsunade. After Team Guy takes down the barrier over the entrance, Team 7 moves in and finds Gaara's body with his kidnappers: Deidara and Sasori. Deidara takes Gaara's body and flies off, which Naruto and Kakashi go after, leaving Sasori to Sakura and Chiyo. Naruto makes repeated failed attempts to rescue Gaara, prompting Kakashi to encourage patience while he prepares a new ability: a Mangekyō Sharingan of his own. Once he's ready, Kakashi uses Kamui on Deidara, but his aim is off and he succeeds only in removing one of Deidara's arms. This creates an opening for Naruto to take Gaara back, which Deidara responds to by creating a Suicide Bombing Clone to cover his escape; Kakashi uses Kamui again to warp the explosion away.

After they regroup with Chiyo and Sakura, Chiyo gives her life to revive Gaara. Teams 7 and Guy attend her funeral in Sunagakure before returning home. Kakashi is unable to walk due to overusing his Mangekyō Sharingan, forcing Might Guy to carry him; Guy's choice of carrying Kakashi by piggyback deeply disturbs their students.

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission[]

Main article: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission

Kakashi and Jiraiya discuss Naruto

Kakashi and Jiraiya explain the dangers of Naruto using the power of the Nine-Tails.

During her fight with Sasori, Sakura learned of an opportunity to possibly meet with Sasuke in a few days' time. Kakashi must remain in bed while he recovers and therefore cannot go. In his place, Team 7 is led by an Anbu codenamed "Yamato", who Kakashi once knew as "Tenzō". Before Team 7 sets out, Yamato, Tsunade, and Jiraiya meet with Kakashi to discuss Naruto's deteriorating control of the Nine-Tails' power, explaining that once Naruto reached all nine tails, the tailed beast would escape his body, resulting in Naruto's death.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission[]

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Kakashi's Chakra Paper

Kakashi explaining the concept of chakra affinity.

Although Team 7 was able to meet Sasuke, he was too strong for them to capture and bring back to Konoha. Once Kakashi's done recuperating he calls them before him and is introduced to Sai, who is effectively Sasuke's replacement on the team; they speak only briefly but both of approve of each other. Kakashi believes the best way to match Sasuke would be for Naruto to create a new jutsu. Before he can elaborate further, they are interrupted by the arrival of Asuma Sarutobi and the rest of Team 10. When their students leave to have dinner, Asuma lingers behind to discuss something with Kakashi, only to change his mind when Kurenai Yūhi comes looking for him.

Sad News

Kakashi and Naruto learn about Asuma's death.

To help Naruto create a new jutsu, Kakashi first establishes what his nature is: wind. With that settled, Kakashi trains Naruto in how to learn to use the wind nature. Ordinarily, such training would take months or years, but Naruto, by training alongside hundreds of shadow clones, can do the same training in a mere fraction of the time. With Kakashi's instructions and the training grounds created by Yamato, Naruto quickly masters how to use the wind nature. The next step is more difficult for him: combining that nature with the Rasengan. Because Kakashi and Minato Namikaze both failed to combine their natures with the Rasengan, Kakashi can't offer Naruto any tips and can only watch as he tries to develop something. When they receive news that Asuma died in battle with members of Akatsuki, they take a break to attend Asuma's funeral.

Kakashi & Kakuzu

Kakashi destroys one of Kakuzu's hearts.

Because he can be of no further assistance to Naruto, Kakashi leaves Yamato in charge of watching over him. Kakashi, meanwhile, volunteers to help Team 10 avenge Asuma; Shikamaru Nara, having previously come up with a plan, modifies it to take Kakashi's presence into consideration. Once they locate the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, Kakashi hides until Kakuzu is driven to use his Earth Spear, at which point Kakashi pierces him through the heart with his Lightning Cutter. Kakuzu, who has more than one heart, fends Kakashi off and uses the elemental masks of his Earth Grudge Fear to put Team 10 on the defensive. Needing to separate Hidan and Kakuzu if they're to have any chance of victory, Shikamaru takes a vial of Kakuzu's blood that Kakashi secretly collected and leads Hidan away. Shikamaru is able to trick Hidan into using the blood to curse Kakuzu, destroying a second of his hearts in time to stop him from stealing Kakashi's.

Kakuzu last momments

Kakashi talks to Kakuzu before killing him.

Angered by the loss of two hearts, Kakuzu prepares to kill Kakashi and Team 10. His attack is blocked by the combined efforts of Naruto and Yamato, who arrive with Sakura and Sai to lend assistance. Kakashi summons Pakkun to lead Sakura and Sai to Shikamaru in case he needs help while everyone else prepares to attack Kakuzu. Naruto, having finished his jutsu, volunteers to face Kakuzu alone. His new Wind Release: Rasenshuriken is temperamental, however, forcing Kakashi and Yamato to rescue him when it fails on its first use. It succeeds the second time, destroying two of Kakuzu's hearts and putting the last one on the brink of failure. Kakashi is deeply impressed by the Rasenshuriken and tells Kakuzu that the previous generation being surpassed by the next was perfectly natural. Kakashi then finished Kazuku off with a Lightning Cutter.

Three-Tails' Appearance[]

Main article: Three-Tails' Appearance

Kakashi vs Guren

Kakashi battles Guren.

In the anime, Kakashi leads Team 8 on a mission to investigate one of Orochimaru's recently-discovered bases. During their investigation they are attacked by Guren - one of Orochimaru's subordinates - who traps them in her Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique. Team 7 eventually arrives to lend assistance and helps them escape, but while going after Guren they come across the Three-Tails. Kakashi requests additional assistance from Konoha and, once it arrives, they attempt to seal the Three-Tails. Guren and her team interrupt them and the Three-Tails gets away, but Guren's team is defeated. They are then recalled to Konoha, with Anbu sent to seal the Three-Tails in their place.

Itachi Pursuit Mission[]

Main article: Itachi Pursuit Mission

Eight Man Squad

The Eight Man Squad formed to pursue Itachi and Sasuke.

News reaches Konoha that Sasuke has killed Orochimaru. Realising that this is a good opportunity to try once again to reunite with Sasuke, Kakashi combines Teams 7 and 8 into an Eight Man Squad with the mission to find either Sasuke or his assumed target, Itachi. They split up to look for leads on either Uchiha, with Kakashi providing one or more of his ninken to those without any particular tracking ability. None find anything until witnessing C0; they converge at its epicentre and can detect Sasuke's trail.

Fated Battle Between Brothers[]

Main article: Fated Battle Between Brothers As they near Sasuke's location they are intercepted by Akatsuki member Tobi. They make repeated attempts to kill or capture him, but every attack passes through him without sign of damage. Zetsu eventually appears and reports to Tobi that Itachi has died in battle with Sasuke. No longer needing to distract the Eight Man Squad, Tobi disappears; before he goes, Kakashi notices that he has a Sharingan, which deeply troubles him. Kakashi scouts the area and notices Itachi's Amaterasu in the distance. They rush there, hoping to reach Sasuke before Tobi does, but they are too late and cannot rediscover his trail.

Six-Tails Unleashed[]

Main article: Six-Tails Unleashed In the anime, Katsuyu meets them as they return to Konoha to give them a new mission: helping the Tsuchigumo clan protect its forbidden technique. Kakashi sends Yamato with Team 7 to complete the mission while he returns to the village with Team 8.

Pain's Assault[]

Main article: Pain's Assault Back in Konoha, Kakashi is informed that Jiraiya has died while investigating the Akatsuki leader, Pain. He is present when this news is shared with Naruto, who was too distraught to be of assistance and needed some time alone. Before he died, Jiraiya sent a number of things to Konoha that would help them against Pain, including an encrypted message. Shikamaru is able to properly console and get Naruto to help him decode it, who realises that the key to its decryption must be Icha Icha Tactics. Kakashi, having the only copy, is asked to read specific passages aloud, which makes him extremely uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the message is deciphered.

Kakashi vs pain

Kakashi confronts Pain.

Pain attacks Konoha soon afterwards; while some of the Six Paths of Pain draw attention to themselves, others avoid conflict and try to learn the whereabouts of Naruto, who has gone to Mount Myōboku to train. Kakashi guesses this tactic and goes searching for one of the latter group. In doing so he finds the Deva Path, and by confronting it he is able to save Iruka Umino. Kakashi tries to corner the Deva Path so that he can destroy it with his Lightning Cutter, but it repels him with Shinra Tensei. Pain, recognising that Kakashi is a dangerous opponent, sends the Asura Path to help the Deva Path. Kakashi struggles against both due to the shared vision of their Rinnegan, but their clashing jutsu at least attracts reinforcements' attention: Chōza and Chōji Akimichi cripple the Asura Path when they arrive.

Kakashi Defeated by Pain

Kakashi defeated by Pain.

From careful observation of the Deva Path's abilities, Kakashi notices a brief cool down period between its jutsu. To take advantage of this, Kakashi plants chains under it and has Chōza and Chōji attack it from opposite sides. When they are deflected by Shinra Tensei, they grab the chains and restrain him, giving Kakashi an opportunity to attack with his Lightning Cutter. Before he can land the blow, the Asura Path uses itself as a shield, giving the Deva Path time to counter. It defeats all of Kakashi's reinforcements and binds Kakashi in rubble. Anticipating that Kakashi will interfere if allowed to live, the Deva Path propels a nail at his head to kill him and leaves. Kakashi, however, only pretends death, warping away the nail at the last moment with Kamui. When Chōji wakes up, Kakashi sends him to Tsunade to tell her everything they've learned about the Deva Path's abilities. The still-functioning Asura Path fires a missile at Chōji in an attempt to stop him, forcing Kakashi to use Kamui again to warp away the missile. This depletes his chakra reserves and causes his death.

Sakumo and Kakashi speak

Kakashi talks to his father.

After dying, Kakashi finds his father, Sakumo, waiting for him. He entreats Kakashi to tell him about his life, which Kakashi complies to. He concludes his story by saying that he understands the choices Sakumo made when he was alive and that he is proud to be his son. Just then, a light envelops Kakashi, a sign of his revival; before Kakashi returns to the living plane, Sakumo thanks him for putting him at peace at long last, allowing him to continue to the afterlife. Kakashi wakes up, surprising those nearby. He is informed of what happened while he was dead, such as that Pain destroyed the village and that Naruto, upon returning, defeated Pain. As Naruto returns to Konoha, Kakashi goes to meet him and carries him back, where his victory is celebrated by all the villagers.

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha[]

Main article: Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha In the anime, a travelling musician visits Konoha as it starts rebuilding. Seeing the musician reminds Kakashi of Team 7's encounter with Hanare of the Jōmae Village.

Five Kage Summit[]

Main article: Five Kage Summit Naruto reflects on Sasuke with Kakashi and Sakura. While he does so, word reaches them that Danzō Shimura has become the new Hokage and that Danzō's first decree has been to allow Sasuke's disposal as a missing-nin, something Tsunade had never permitted. Naruto insists on trying to reason with Danzō, which Kakashi warns him will not work. When this indeed fails, Naruto decides to talk with the Fourth Raikage instead, who has made it his goal to personally kill Sasuke. Despite the travel limitations in place due to the approaching Five Kage Summit, Kakashi and Yamato agree to accompany him. Kakashi neutralises the Anbu assigned to keep an eye on Naruto and Yamato plants his Transmission Wood on Team Samui in order to follow them to the Raikage.

Kakashi and Yamato restrain Madara

Kakashi and Yamato restrain Tobi.

When they find the Raikage in the Land of Iron, Kakashi, the only one amongst them that the Raikage recognises, asks that Naruto be allowed to speak with him. The Raikage permits it, but even with his and Yamato's support, he refuses Naruto's request to forgive Sasuke's recent work with Akatsuki and leaves them. They stay at an inn nearby while deciding what to do, where Naruto is confronted by Tobi. Having expected him, Kakashi and Yamato attack and restrain him, though he points out that he can escape whenever he wants. Rather than do that, he tells them about Sasuke's motivations: to take vengeance on Konoha for forcing Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan. They doubt what he says regarding the Uchiha Clan Downfall, but Tobi is unconcerned, leaving once he's finished saying to Naruto what he wanted to. Afterwards, Kakashi encourages that three of them keep what Tobi said between them until they knew more and if what Tobi said was true.

Naruto decides that the only course of action left is to speak with Sasuke himself. His attempt to locate Sasuke is interrupted by the arrival of Sai and Sakura, the latter of whom tells Naruto she loves him. Kakashi doubts this is the real reason for coming all the way to the Land of Iron, which one of Sai's ink clones confirms after Sakura and her entourage leave: the rest of the Konoha 11 have decided that it's their responsibility, as Sasuke's former friends, to kill him before he sparks a war, a burden Sakura has taken for herself. Before they can go after her, they are met by Gaara and his bodyguards, who tell them about Sasuke's attack on the summit and Tobi's declaration of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Gaara also shares the Five Kage's requests that Kakashi represent Konoha going forward owing to Danzō's behaviour during the Kage Summit. Naruto is overwhelmed by all the developments going on and passes out.

Kakashi intercepts Sasuke

Kakashi saves Sakura from Sasuke.

Kakashi leaves Naruto with Yamato and has Sai's ink clone guide him to Sakura so that he can stop her. The clone dissolves along the way, which it explains to be because Sakura knocked out the original Sai. Kakashi catches up with her in time to stop Sasuke from killing her with Chidori. Kakashi tells Sakura that she doesn't need to take responsibility for Sasuke since he, as Sasuke's former teacher, is much more to blame for the team's growing rift and current dire situation. He asks Sasuke once more to let go of his thirst for vengeance, but Sasuke laughs in his face, having been too corrupted by Tobi to be reasoned with any longer. As he prepares for battle, Kakashi remarks that he finally understands what the Third Hokage went through with Orochimaru. Sasuke uses his Susanoo to fire an arrow at Kakashi, which he warps away with Kamui. Sasuke is enraged by this use of an Uchiha's ability and threatens to make Kakashi suffer. While he does so, Sakura approaches from behind to kill him, but ultimately cannot and Kakashi, tired from using Kamui, can't reach her in time to save her from Sasuke's retaliation.

Sakura is saved by Naruto. Kakashi tells Naruto to take Sakura away. Naruto thinks that Kakashi is going to kill Sasuke. Naruto instead restrains Kakashi and fights Sasuke himself. From the clash of their Chidori and Rasengan, as well as the following conversation, Naruto and Sasuke decide to temporarily suspend hostilities until later when they, and only they, will face each other in battle. Kakashi agrees to these terms, but insists on being allowed to eliminate Tobi with Kamui when he comes to fetch Sasuke; Tobi stops him, telling him it won't work, and leaves with Sasuke.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown[]

Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown When they get back to Konoha, Kakashi meets with the Konoha Council and tells them all that has happened, including Danzō's death at Sasuke's hand. Because Konoha now needs another Hokage, Kakashi reluctantly agrees to the appointment. He is brought before the Fire daimyō, but before anything can be made official they receive news that Tsunade has woken from her coma, therefore rendering the proceedings unnecessary. He meets with Tsunade later and thanks her for waking up before he got stuck with any real responsibility.


Main article: Power In the anime, Kakashi is part of a force sent to Hachō Village to help the rest of Team 7. Kakashi confronts Kabuto Yakushi, who gets away by distracting him with reincarnated ninja.[97] Later, Kakashi meets with the village leader, Disonasu, who Kakashi recognises as also an old partner of Orochimaru. He trails Disonasu to a meeting with Kabuto, who is trying to resurrect the Ama no Hoko. A fight breaks out when Kabuto notices them, at the conclusion of which Naruto defeats the Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone. They are afterwards able to deactivate the Ama no Hoko, though Kabuto himself escapes once again.[98]

Paradise Life on a Boat[]

Main article: Paradise Life on a Boat In the anime, as Konoha starts preparing for the looming war, Kiba Inuzuka asks Kakashi to train him. Kakashi provides his ninken to Kiba in his place, believing they would be more useful to him.[99] Later, Kakashi receives an apparent distress signal from Might Guy, who is escorting Naruto to the Island Turtle. Kakashi rushes off to lend assistance, only to be told on arrival that the SOS was sent accidentally when Guy was struggling with seasickness. Unneeded, Kakashi returns to the village.[100]

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation[]

Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Kakashi's strategy initiated

Kakashi and his division begin their strategy.

Kakashi is appointed as commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces' Third Division. In the anime, he requests that Guy be his second-in-command. The Third Division is mobilised ahead of the other divisions in order to be on hand for any eventuality. While seeking out an Akatsuki force, they notice and heads towards one of the Surprise Attack Division's distress flares. The Third Division arrives in time to save them from the reincarnated Gari, Pakura, Haku, and Zabuza Momochi. Haku and Zabuza recognise Kakashi and Sakura (who is also in the Third Division) and ask how Naruto is doing. Kabuto, their summoner, ends their conversation short by suppressing their personalities, so Haku and Zabuza they use their last moments to beg Kakashi to defeat them.

Kakashi pierces Zabuza

Kakashi impales Zabuza.

Zabuza uses the Hiding in Mist Technique to hide his and the others' movements, putting the Third Division on the defensive. Kakashi is able to analyse their attack strategy and formulate a response, but other reincarnated members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist appear on the battlefield before Kakashi has a chance to put his plan into action. Despite mounting casualties, Kakashi sticks to his original plan: he sneaks up on Zabuza and attacks with the Lightning Cutter, intending to dispel the heavy mist. Like the last time they fought, Haku shields the attack and Zabuza cuts at Kakashi through Haku with his Kubikiribōchō. Kakashi avoids injury and attacks with another Lightning Cutter, this time hitting Zabuza and also connecting Ensui Nara's shadow to his. With Zabuza immobilised and Haku damaged, both are bound by the Sealing Team. Kakashi, upset by how Zabuza and Haku were used for Akatsuki's purposes, takes up the Kubikiribōchō and promises to live up to his reputation as the copier of a thousand jutsu.

The Helmet Splitter Jinin Akebino!

Kakashi fending off Jinin.

With the mist gone, the swordsmen seemingly retreat. Kakashi takes this opportunity to allow his team to rest and recuperate. The next day, in the anime, Kakashi defeats Jinin Akebino,[101] and later teams up with Guy to keep Jinpachi Munashi and Kushimaru Kuriarare busy until they are also sealed.[102] By the time he helps Sai seal Fuguki Suikazan, only three reincarnated shinobi remain. Part of the White Zetsu Army then arrive to fight the Third Division, but they are met by one of Naruto's shadow clones, sent to lend assistance with defeating the remnants of Akatsuki's forces.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax[]

Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Geki — Konoha Kongōriki Senpū

Kakashi and Guy save Naruto.

Kakashi and Guy eventually leave the Third Division to join the original Naruto and Killer B in their fight with Tobi, arriving in time to stop Tobi from capturing Naruto. Seeing that Tobi has six reincarnated jinchūriki, Kakashi theorises that they are each possess one of the Six Paths Techniques, just as the Six Paths of Pain did. From fighting them, however, none use the any of the Six Paths Techniques, leading Kakashi to believe Tobi doesn't have the energy for it. Tobi can, at least, still use their tailed beasts' powers, so he forces the Four-Tails and Six-Tails to enter Tailed Beast Modes. Unable to do anything against such large opponents, Kakashi and Guy leave them to Naruto and B.

Kakashi vs

Kakashi attacks the Demonic Statue.

After Naruto is able to free the Four-Tails from Tobi's control, Tobi forces the other jinchūriki to enter Tailed Beast Modes as well. As five Tailed Beast Balls bear down on them, Kakashi considers trying to use Kamui. It ends up not being necessary as Naruto, by entering his own Tailed Beast Mode, deflects their attacks and subsequently frees them from Tobi. Tobi is forced to recall the tailed beasts into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, which he uses against Naruto, B, Kakashi, and Guy. Fighting continues into the night, with neither side emerging victorious. When a light descends on the reincarnated jinchūriki, a sign that the Impure World Reincarnation has been cancelled, Tobi takes drastic action and prematurely initiates the Ten-Tails' revival. When they realise what Tobi is doing, Kakashi and the others focus on destroying the Demonic Statue before it can complete its metamorphosis into the Ten-Tails.

Kakashi attacks Tobi1

Kakashi attacks Tobi.

Tobi defends the Demonic Statue from all of their attacks and, as ever, is himself seemingly impervious to damage, with everything passing through him. After an exchange of attacks, of which Kakashi blocks Tobi's with Kamui, Kakashi notices some slight damage to Tobi's mask. Having a theory about this, he has Guy and Naruto help him test it and is ultimately able to confirm: attacks warped away with Kamui at the same moment that Tobi is impervious will damage Tobi, thereby suggesting a link between their abilities. Kakashi asks where Tobi acquired his Sharingan, to which he replies it was on the same mission to the Kannabi Bridge that Kakashi got his own. Kakashi is troubled by what this might mean, but doesn't overlook the important fact that they now have a way of fighting Tobi. Kakashi secretly uses Kamui on one of Naruto's shadow clones to send it to Kamui's dimension which, when Tobi retreats there to escape the real Naruto's attack, attacks Tobi and destroys his mask. When they see his face, Guy and Kakashi recognise Tobi as Obito Uchiha.

Guy and Kakashi see Obito

Kakashi and Guy are shocked to see Obito alive.

Kakashi is devastated to discover that the friend whose death he's mourned for over a decade is actually alive. Kakashi asks Obito why he never returned to Konoha, to which Obito replies that it's because Kakashi allowed Rin Nohara to die. Obito assures Kakashi that he doesn't blame him for the world's flaws before attacking him with Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance. Obito is soon joined by a reincarnated Madara Uchiha, who decides to take Naruto's Nine-Tails and Killer B's Eight-Tails before the Ten-Tails is revived. Kakashi, meanwhile, tries to question Obito more, who ignores him and instead uses his own Kamui on Kakashi. Kakashi figures out how to use Kamui to return, prompting Obito to try to kill him. Naruto blocks the attack and vows not to let his teammates die.

Kakashi VS Obito

Kakashi battling Obito.

Naruto's words remind Kakashi of the Obito he used to know, inspiring him to join the offensive again. After the Nine-Tails replenishes his chakra, Kakashi lets Obito send him to Kamui's dimension, where he attacks Obito's body parts whenever they transport there to avoid Naruto's attacks. He then uses Kamui to return, only to witness the Ten-Tails complete its revival. Obito and Madara attach themselves to the Ten-Tails, focusing it destructive power against Kakashi and the others. Just as they are about to be killed, the combined Allied Shinobi Forces arrive to help, deflecting the Ten-Tails' Tailed Beast Ball. Sakura heals Kakashi and they then join the Allies' coordinated effort to restrain the Ten-Tails, but it breaks free by transforming. Many die in the Ten-Tails' counterattack, but another coordinated assault successfully removes the Ten-Tails from Madara and Obito's control.

Kakashi Vs Obito

Kakashi and Obito pierce each other.

Now free to act on its own, the Ten-Tails prepares to use Tenpenchii. Kakashi attempts to stop it with Kamui, but Obito intercepts him and takes him to Kamui's dimension. When they get there, Kakashi lunges at Obito with a Lightning Cutter, but stops short of actually killing him with it. When Obito accuses him of having a guilty conscience, Kakashi tries to explain the circumstances of Rin's death, but Obito is already aware that she chose to die. That fact alone convinces Obito that the world as it is isn't worth protecting. Accepting that Obito's mind can't be changed, Kakashi attack in order to protect the world that the Obito he used to know cared about. After a prolonged exchange, Kakashi pierces Obito's heart with a lightning-infused kunai. Obito escapes and Kakashi, similarly badly damaged, collapses.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki[]

Main article: Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

Minato stops Kakashi

Minato stops Kakashi from killing Obito.

As Kakashi treats his wounds, he catches brief glimpses of what Obito sees due to their common Sharingan: his fight with Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi ponders Obito's persistence in trying to convince Naruto that his actions are justified and concludes that Obito himself is not actually convinced that they are. He returns to the battle just after Obito's defeat, prepared to personally finish him off, but he is stopped by a reincarnated Minato Namikaze. Having sensed the same misgivings in Obito that Kakashi did, Minato convinces Kakashi to try yet again to speak with him. Kakashi acknowledges that Rin's death is proof of a flawed system that it may not be possible to fix, but he believes that Naruto should at least be given a chance to try since he still has his friends to empower him.

Black Zetsu controling Obito

Kakashi and Minato confront Black Zetsu.

Obito decides to put the same faith in Naruto that Kakashi has and, in order to make up for all that he's done, prepares to use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive everyone that has died. Because this will cost Obito his life, Kakashi tries to convince him to find another way to make amends, but Obito replies that he doesn't deserve such an easy solution. As he is performing the technique, however, Obito's body is taken over by Black Zetsu. Kakashi and Minato are confused by what's happened, so Obito explains that he's been forced to revive Madara instead. Black Zetsu then attempts to take Obito's Rinnegan, but the presence of Kakashi and Minato prevents it from safely doing so. It decides instead to fully take control of Obito's body so that they can't attack it without damaging Obito too.

As they wait, the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is summoned by Madara from Obito's body; Kakashi tries to use Kamui on it, but succeeds only in removing its right arm. Obito briefly regains control for long enough to implore Kakashi to destroy his Rinnegan so that Madara can't acquire that too. Just as Kakashi and Minato psych themselves up to do so, they are met by Gaara and Sakura, who are working to keep Naruto alive after Madara removed the Nine-Tails from his body. Gaara asks Minato to seal his half of the Nine-Tails chakra into Naruto in order to save his life. Black Zetsu intercepts this transfer and takes the Nine-Tails for itself. Madara, now the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, soon arrives to see what's taking Black Zetsu so long. Black Zetsu attempts to go to him, but Obito reasserts control over his body and forces it to stay.

Kakashi Teleporting Obito

Kakashi using Kamui on Obito.

Obito decides that he will help save Naruto. He first steals fragments of Madara's chakra and then instructs Kakashi to send Naruto and Sakura to Kamui's dimension. He plans to go there to join Naruto, but his own Kamui is slow enough for Madara to stop him. Kakashi, by using Kamui on Obito at the same time that he uses it on himself, is able to accelerate the teleportation and allow him to get away; the attack that misses Obito nearly kills Kakashi, but he is saved by Guy. Aware of how few options they have, Guy decides to use the Eight Gates Released Formation over Kakashi's protests. Because Guy's time is limited, Kakashi, Minato, Gaara, and Rock Lee combine efforts to neutralise as many of Madara's Truth-Seeking Balls as they can: Kakashi, carried by Gaara, warps away part of a defensive wall Madara erects around himself. In the end, Guy badly injures Madara before he collapses, but fails to defeat him.

Eye Restored

Naruto restores Kakashi's eye.

Madara is stopped from finishing Guy off by Naruto's return, who Obito successfully saved. Naruto and Sasuke team up against Madara, putting him on the defensive and making him desperate for the Rinnegan in Obito's possession. Having no other options, Madara takes Kakashi's Sharingan and, upon implanting it in himself, uses Kamui to go after Obito; Sakura is teleported back shortly afterwards, Obito's attempt to save her. She prepares to treat Kakashi's eye, but Naruto steps in and uses his Six Paths chakra to restore Kakashi's original eye. As they wait for Madara's inevitable return, Kakashi reminds them of their first lesson as Team 7: the importance of teamwork. Madara eventually returns, Black Zetsu using his control over Obito's body to teleport them back. Kakashi watches as his students attack Madara, but they aren't able to stop him from casting the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes[]

Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes While the world around them falls to the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Sasuke uses his own Rinnegan to shield Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi from its effects. When they emerge, they find Madara has bound the world's population with God: Nativity of a World of Trees and trapped them all within perpetual dreams. Madara confronts them and insists that he has ended all conflicts and that only Team 7, as the only remaining opposition, would seek to renew the cycle of death that plagued the world for centuries. As he's talking, Madara is stabbed from behind by Black Zetsu, who transfers to him from Obito's body to convert him into Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Black Zetsu's true master.

Kakashi saves Sakura from lava

Kakashi saves himself and Sakura from falling in the lava.

Kaguya, the origin of chakra, now has access to the chakra supplies of everyone trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. She wants Team 7's chakra as well, so she transports them to one of Kaguya's Dimensions: a sea of lava. Sasuke saves Naruto from falling in the lava; Kakashi grabs Sakura, ties himself to an unconscious Obito with a scroll, and pins Obito to a wall in order to do the same. The heat causes the scroll to burn up, but Naruto sends a shadow clone to catch them. Unable to contribute, Kakashi only watches as Naruto and Sasuke fight Kaguya, Sakura and Obito (once he wakes up) lend support, and Kaguya keeps shifting dimensions in her attempt to defeat them.

Kakashi and Obito Together

Kakashi and Obito shield Naruto and Sasuke.

Kaguya eventually moves them to a dimension with powerful gravity, limiting Naruto and Sasuke's movements while she attacks them with All-Killing Ash Bones. Prepared to give his life to lend what little assistance he can, Kakashi stands in front of Sasuke to take the attack while Obito does the same for Naruto. Although they are unified in their willingness to die, Obito decides it's too soon for Kakashi and uses Kamui on the attack bound for him, leaving Obito unable to save himself. Obito's body dissolves, but his spirit returns shortly afterwards and inhabits Kakashi. Obito feels that Kakashi will become the next Hokage and wishes to reward him by letting Kakashi use his two Mangekyō Sharingan.

Obito Departing

Kakashi and Obito's final goodbye.

With his Mangekyō, Kakashi is able to manifest Susanoo. He first uses it to save Sakura from Kaguya and then uses Kamui Shuriken to save Naruto and Sasuke. When Kaguya creates an Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball to finally kill them all, Kakashi, realising that this is their last opportunity, forms a plan of attack: Kakashi pierces through her with Kamui Lightning Cutter; Naruto uses shadow clones to exhaust some of her countermeasures and Kakashi uses Kamui on the rest; Sasuke moves closer to her in order to place a seal on her; Sakura punches her when she tries to escape. Kaguya is defeated, the tailed beasts are removed from her body, and she is trapped alongside Black Zetsu with Six Paths — Chibaku Tensei. The Sage of the Six Paths summons them all back from Kaguya's dimensions and congratulates them for their victory. As his spirit leaves Kakashi's body, Obito apologises for everything he did when he was alive, but Kakashi states that he's glad they rekindled their friendship before the end.

The Sage of Six Paths explains how Naruto and Sasuke can end the Infinite Tsukuyomi, but Sasuke has one intention before that: killing the tailed beasts and the Five Kage. Kakashi is dismayed, assuming Sasuke is still after revenge. Sasuke replies that he only wants to change the world for the better, making hard decisions like this so that the world won't get embroiled in another war. Too exhausted to do anything himself, Kakashi stays behind with Sakura while Naruto and Sasuke leave to fight; the Sage of Six Paths uses his last moments to talk with Kakashi, remarking that the centuries of hate may be on the verge of ending due to the love Naruto displays for everyone. The following day, Kakashi and Sakura locate Naruto and Sasuke at the Valley of the End where the Sage's words have proven true: Naruto has convinced Sasuke to give up his intention. Sakura heals their injuries and they proceed to end the Infinite Tsukuyomi and, in turn, the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Hokage Kakashi

Kakashi takes office as the Sixth Hokage.

Upon returning to the village, Kakashi attends the mass funeral for the casualties of the war. In the wake of the village recovering from the war, Kakashi succeeds Tsunade and becomes the Sixth Hokage, although he is dismayed with the amount of paperwork. Soon after in the anime, he offers Naruto the chance to become a jōnin, at the cost of him spending two years studying.[103]

Blank Period[]

In the anime, Kakashi and Tsunade tried to stop the Konoha Military Police Force from exposing the identities of everyone connected to Root in the aftermath of the group disbanding, in order to avoid suspicion among villagers thinking each other were former members. However, many names were still revealed, causing those people to become ostracised.[104]

Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky[]

Main article: Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky Nearly a year after the war, Kakashi has yet to officially take on the duties of being Hokage, feeling he's unqualified, leaving Tsunade to continue managing Konoha's affairs. Kakashi later leaves for a mission in the Land of Waves. There, Kakashi oversees security for the Tobishachimaru's maiden voyage. As the ship prepares to take off, Kakashi spots someone sneaking aboard, discovering it to be Might Guy, who has always wanted to fly. Kakashi finds somewhere out of the way for them to ride out the trip.

During the voyage, the Tobishachimaru is hijacked by the Ryūha Armament Alliance, who demand that Konoha release their leader, Garyō, from the Blood Prison, vowing to kill the hostages and destroy the Tobishachimaru if their demands aren't met. Kakashi summons his ninken to seek out the explosives planted around the ship and confronts the hijackers. Kahyō remotely kills two hostages with ice, forcing Kakashi to surrender to prevent more from being killed. Guy soon appears to fight the leader of the hijackers, Rahyō, keeping him busy so that Kakashi can free himself from his restraints without being noticed.

Kakashi is prevented from helping Guy by the appearance of Kahyō. Aware that the Armament Alliance was originally motivated by the death of Kahyō's innocent son, Kakashi tries to point out that the Armament Alliance's actions now threaten the innocent passengers. Kahyō is upset by Kakashi's observation and attacks with Ice Release: Earthen Consecutive Chains of Ice, creating a hole in the ship that starts sucking out Kakashi, Guy, and the passengers. Before he falls from the ship, Kakashi notices Kahyō's mask has come off, who he recognises as the woman he helped before. Kakashi, Guy, and the passengers are saved by Sai, who takes the others to safety and Kakashi back to the Tobishachimaru.

When Kakashi returns, Rahyō is threatening to allow a sick child to die, believing it is a fair trade for the death of Kahyō's son. Kakashi attempts to stop him, but is immediately bound by Chains of Ice that Kahyō planted on him earlier. Kakashi reasons with Kahyō and convinces her to let Sai take the child to a doctor. Kakashi is afterwards locked away. While breaking out, he concludes that the hijackers plan to turn the passengers into human bombs. Kakashi confronts Rahyō about this and Kahyō, unaware that this was intended, is aghast. Kahyō attacks Kakashi and removes his Chains of Ice so he can fight back, but he stops short of killing her when he realises that's what she wants out of regret for her actions.

The damaged Tobishachimaru starts rocking violently, flinging Rahyō from the ship, and then rises into the air uncontrollably, threatening to suffocate everyone aboard. Kakashi and Kahyō puncture the helium sacs keeping the ship afloat and Kahyō attempts to control its descent with her ice. When she runs out of moisture with which to make ice, Kakashi leaps from the ship into a storm cloud, using Purple Electricity to produce rain. He is saved by the Third Tsuchikage, who delivers him to the ground. Kakashi watches as the Konoha 11 recapture prisoners escaping during the Armament Alliance's breakout and feels that their generation will someday replace his own. Kakashi feels that he, as Hokage, would like to watch over things until they're ready.

Konoha's ninja search the crashed Tobishachimaru, treating the passengers and taking Kahyō into custody. Tsunade threatens to have her executed since she is the highest ranking conspirator to survive the failed jailbreak, but Kakashi requests that he be allowed to pass sentence instead, what would be his first act as Hokage: Kahyō will stay at the Blood Prison for the rest of her life, acting as warden by using her Chains of Ice on the prisoners. Both Tsunade and Kahyō agree to these terms.

With his status as Hokage and Naruto's testimony, Kakashi pardons Sasuke and releases him from prison. He and Sakura see Sasuke off as he leaves Konoha to wander the world, with Kakashi requesting him not to cause too much trouble.[105]

Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness[]

Main articles: Shikamaru Hiden (novel) and Shikamaru Hiden (anime) The Shinobi Union that emerged after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War created an unprecedented peace between the ninja villages. Two years after the end of the war, that peace is threatened by the emergence of the Land of Silence. Kakashi sent Sai and a team of Anbu to the Land of Silence to investigate, but all go missing; the last communiqué suggests the Land of Silence's leader, Gengo, may be behind it all. In order to protect the Shinobi Union's interests, Gengo must be assassinated, a task Shikamaru Nara volunteers for. Kakashi assigns two Anbu, and Soku, to assist Shikamaru on what is otherwise to be a top secret mission.

Naruto becomes concerned when Shikamaru fails to return from his mission and barges into Kakashi's office demanding an explanation. Kakashi attempts to maintain the mission's secrecy, but eventually relents due to Naruto's insistence, even allowing Naruto and other Konoha personnel to go to the Land of Silence. Shikamaru is rescued and, when he returns to Konoha, Kakashi gives him a week off.

The Last: Naruto the Movie[]

Main article: The Last: Naruto the Movie

Five Kage Summit

Kakashi attending the Kage Summit.

Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi attends a Five Kage Summit to discuss the imminent crashing of the Moon. Shortly after he returns to Konoha, Hanabi Hyūga is kidnapped by Toneri Ōtsutsuki. Kakashi sends the Hanabi Rescue Team to save her; he also give them a special clock that counts down to the Moon's collision, asking that they stop it if Toneri is in any way connected. In the following days, meteors increasingly rain down on the world and the Kage decide that the Moon must be destroyed. When Sasuke returns an injured Hiashi Hyūga to Konoha, Hiashi reports that Hanabi, and by extension her rescuers, are on the Moon. Kakashi reports this to the other Kage, who decide to delay the Moon's destruction in order to give Naruto and the others a chance to save them. Naruto ultimately succeeds, using the Nine-Tails to carve a "mission complete" message into the Moon's surface.

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze[]

Main article: Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze After separate attacks are made on Homura Mitokado and the Land of Fire's daimyō, Kakashi assigns Sai to investigate; Kakashi believes Kido Tsumiki may be somehow involved, so recommends that Sai focus on him. A few days later, Sakura returns from a visit to Sunagakure with rumours that Sasuke has been plotting against Konoha. Neither he nor Sakura believe it is really Sasuke, so he assigns Sakura and Ino Yamanaka to look into the lookalike. As the rumours start spreading, Kakashi attempts to contact Sasuke to ask if he knows anything, but his inquiries are not answered. Kakashi informs Sakura that the Raikage is contemplating a Kage Summit on the rumors and the possibility of hunting down Sasuke. Sai eventually reports that his investigation is apparently the same as Sakura's, so Kakashi combines them into the "Ino–Saku–Sai".

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding[]

Main articles: Konoha Hiden (novel) and Konoha Hiden (anime)

Iruka & Kakashi

Kakashi attending Naruto and Hinata's wedding.

Kakashi is invited to Naruto's marriage to Hinata Hyūga. He plans to go, but worries that Naruto and Hinata's friends may not be able to attend due to their mission assignments. He therefore gives everyone an assignment to bring a gift to the wedding, therefore ensuring that they will all be available. On the day of the wedding, Kakashi greets foreign guests such as Killer B and the Fifth Kazekage.

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise[]

Main articles: Sasuke Shinden (novel) and Sasuke Shinden (anime)

Kakashi with Naruto and Sakura

Kakashi informs Naruto and Sakura about the disappearances.

Kakashi informs Naruto, Sakura, and Sai that more than a hundred Kumo and Kiri shinobi have gone missing and learns from Sakura that a few Konoha shinobi are missing as well. Sai informs Kakashi that he has been in contact with Sasuke, whom Kakashi had previously asked to lead the investigation into the disappearances due to that only his ocular powers can cancel genjutsu, and Kumogakure and Kirigakure have agreed to cooperate in the investigation. Kakashi surmises that a genjutsu user kidnapped the missing shinobi and is using genjutsu on them to attack the hidden villages. The village is then attacked by intruders and Kakashi orders his former students to join with Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino to help stop the intruders, whom he later learns are some of the missing shinobi.

Once the shinobi are defeated and captured, Kakashi sends a message of the incident to Sasuke, who is travelling to the Land of Lightning and stops at a village in the Land of Hot Water. Sasuke, in turn, sends a letter about his suspicions about the Dark Thunder Group being involved. Kakashi has Yamato meet with Sasuke to exchange intel of the situation.

Later, Kakashi receives a message from Sasuke that he captured the true culprits, Chino and Nowaki, in Yugakure. After Sasuke drops them off at another village, Kakashi arrives to meet with the two, but explains he received a good word from Sasuke about them. Rather than putting them in prison, he is offering them a chance to atone by working for Kumogakure and Kirigakure, which they accept.

New Era[]

Kakashi makes Naruto Hokage

Kakashi passes the mantle of Hokage to "Naruto".

On the day of Naruto's Hokage inauguration, he fails to show up (having been knocked out earlier). With no time left to wait, Kakashi has Konohamaru Sarutobi impersonate Naruto so that the festivities can proceed as planned.[106] While retired from active duty, Kakashi continued to assist in village matters and advise his successor.

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy[]

Main article: Kakashi Retsuden NOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur during the Sasuke Retsuden Arc. When Naruto became afflicted with an unknown illness, Kakashi found information about how the Sage of Six Paths had the same illness and found a cure in the Land of Redaku. Because the Land of Fire doesn't have diplomatic relations there, Kakashi became a tutor to Prince Nanara as his cover to infiltrate the land, using the opportunity to search through their records for more information. He passed his discovery along to Shikamaru to be delivered to Sasuke who was already investigating the land.

Academy Entrance Arc[]

Main article: Academy Entrance Arc

Kakashi vs Nue

Kakashi facing Nue.

In the anime, when learning about the mysterious attacks on the village, Kakashi begins investigating the incident, and learns that it involves a Root project. Upon reporting his findings to Naruto at the Hokage Office, the two discuss the investigation with Shikimaru. Realising the culprit planned to unleash Nue on the village now that it was nearing completion, Kakashi went in search of the rogue student. Arriving at Senju Park, Kakashi immediately severed the creature's tail, resulting in the spontaneous emergence of dozens of smaller tails, which it used to steal chakra from Sai's men. After saving them, Kakashi organised the team to hold off the creature. As Naruto arrives, Kakashi stops him from fighting, explaining that the creature's intention was to gather enough chakra to produce a powerful explosion to destroy the village. As the shinobi attempt to subdue the beast, it teleports away, much to Kakashi's surprise. Kakashi deduced that while this creature was a summoning, it uniquely existed normally in a separate dimension, leaving others unable to follow it.

Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls[]

Main articles: Konoha Shinden (novel), Sarada Uchiha Arc and Konoha Shinden (anime) NOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur after the Jūgo Arc.

Mirai Joins Kakashi and Guy

Kakashi traveling with Guy and Mirai.

On the day of the Kage Summit in Konoha, Kakashi leaves for the Land of Hot Water with Guy and Mirai Sarutobi.[107] Later, the group arrived in the Land of Hot Water. There, they found annual festival/competition where a town was split between two beliefs on its origins; some believing that it was a cat spirit and others believed it to be a dog spirit. Mirai stopped the chaos by producing a Fire Release in unison with genjutsu to form a Cat-Dog spirit which told the townspeople to stop the feuding. When Guy believed the genjutsu to be a demon and attacked it, he accidentally knocked down the main wall that split the town, thereby convincing the villagers that it was a sign for them to truly come together. Afterwards, Kakashi applauded Mirai on combining the signature skills of her parents.

Kakashi Receives Call

Kakashi discussing Shin Uchiha with Naruto.

While relaxing at a bathhouse, Kakashi was contacted by Naruto with reports of a strange boy possessing the Sharingan. Kakashi believed Orochimaru may know something and had Yamato look into it.[108] During a stop at an inn, they met a young orphan named Tatsumi who, despite having no money, was determined to visit all the hot springs in the land in memory of her late mother. At Mirai's request, it wasagreed that the little girl could join them on their own trip. Later during the trip, Tatsumi and Mirai snuck off in the hopes of a nearby hot sp ring rumoured to let people talk with loved ones from the past. Kakashi and Guy soon found them, learning that the rumoured hot spring was a ruse conceived by remnants of the near-forgotten Jashin cult to restore their former glory and power. Kakashi, along with Guy and Mirai, swiftly defeated the fanatics.

Later, it was revealed that Kakashi and Guy's vacation was in fact a cover for their working with the Land of Hot Water to uncover the truth behind the missing girls. At a Land of Fire inn after the ordeal, Kakashi spoke on the phone with Naruto, reporting that they expected to return to Konoha later that same day. Naruto in turn told him about the resolution of another matter, and Kakashi was glad for the successful outcome. The topic turned to Mirai and Kakashi concluded that she had done a fine job at escorting him and Guy.

Graduation Exams Arc[]

Main article: Graduation Exams Arc

Sukea talking with Boruto

"Sukea" talking with Boruto.

Offering his services as a proctor for the upcoming graduation exams, Kakashi disguised himself as "Sukea", a freelance reporter who interviewed various students to better understand their respective nature. After classes, Kakashi met up with Boruto, who helped him meet with the students. As Boruto was amazed that his classmates all had plans for the future, some as ninja and some deciding to pursue goals outside ninja work, Kakashi noted while the world has become in less need of ninja, ninja skills can prove valuable in other fields. He also noted that regardless, one must always decide on goals if they wish to grow as individuals Later, talking to Iruka in his office, Iruka suggested that Kakashi not be too hard on the students come the final exams. Kakashi clarifies that even in peaceful times, they can't allow students with contemptuous attitudes to become shinobi, and as such will be as challenging as ever.

Kakashi Subdues Boruto

Kakashi lecturing Boruto during the Genin Exams.

During the practical test of the exams, the students were left awe-stricken that the Sixth Hokage was to be their head proctor. It was explained that while Shino Aburame, Anko Mitarashi, and Konohamaru Sarutobi would be evaluating the students' respective performances in a 24 hour field combat, ultimately only one student could pass; that student would be the one who takes the single bell from Kakashi's hip. While others were annoyed by this, Kakashi insisted that they already have enough shinobi in this era of peace. As the test began, many of the students began to scramble. Boruto soon found Kakashi and attacked hard, but the legendary ninja easily saw through his tactics. While admitting that Boruto was truly a genius well-above the rest of his generation, he still lacked a very crucial aspect to deserve being a ninja, quickly pinning the Uzumaki down.

Kakashi fighting Academy students

Kakashi facing the Academy students.

Kakashi explained that a ninja with no resolve will only doom themselves and that Boruto is solely responsible for his classmates becoming so lazy and carefree. To prove his point, he revealed himself as Sukea from earlier, showing how well he knows Boruto. As Boruto continued to struggle free from the Sixth's hold, his fellow classmates provided enough distraction for him to escape. Later, having listened to the nature of Kakashi's words but also to the encouragement of his friends, Boruto conceived a plan to save the captured classmates and pass the test, realising the true nature behind it. Boruto designed a group assault on Kakashi, but he quickly saw through the façade, easily repelling the entire class' group assault on him. However, this was a trick that drew Kakashi into a group-String Light Formation. Deeply impressed, Kakashi attempted to repel them with a lightning burst, but the students refused to let the technique be broken, even while knocked to the ground. Ultimately, time ran out before anyone could get the bell. Despite Boruto's plan failing, Kakashi passed everyone, cheerfully noting that while they actually had zero chance of taking the bell, they succeeded in the true goal of the test: team-work and loyalty.

When Kakashi noticed a complaint about Team 25 from a post office, he approached them, while disguising as "Sukea". As Hōki Taketori began getting frustrated on what to do, Sukea noted that the Sixth Hokage was not without his own failures and shames, that his greatest regret from childhood was trying to control everything to such excess that it recklessly cost him a dear friend. As he realised that he was making the same mistake, Hōki also realised from Sukea's hints that there were more bombs still in circulation. Putting aside their differences, Team 25 decided to work together, working to their personal strengths to find the remaining bombs and avert disaster. Following this, by Kakashi's recommendation, Team 25's injured jōnin-sensei was replaced by Sai Yamanaka.

Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day[]

Main articles: Naruto Shinden: Parent and Child Day and Parent and Child Day Arc NOTE: In the anime, the events of this arc occur after the Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc. When Konohagakure began a new holiday, Parent and Child Day, Kakashi discovered that the constantly-travelling Sasuke had returned to the village and was struggling to connect with his daughter. Realising that Sasuke hardly knew anything about his daughter since he had been away for most of her life, Kakashi decided to help out using ideas from his Icha Icha series. Soon realising that these ideas were better suited for a romantic couple as they only succeeded in further estranging Sasuke from his daughter and even making Sasuke more furious at Kakashi, the retired Hokage suggested asking Sakura for advice since she knows her family better.

Versus Momoshiki Arc[]

Main articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc As investigations on Kaguya continued, it was discovered that her creation of the White Zetsu Army was an extra precaution for a looming threat. Sometime after attending a village meeting with Naruto, Kakashi attends the finals for the Chūnin Exams in Konoha alongside Guy and Iruka. When the stadium is attacked by Kinshiki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Kakashi helps rescue spectators in the arena.

Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc[]

Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc In the anime, after the defeat of the attackers and Konohagakure's recovery from the attack, a Kage Summit was held. Kakashi and the other retired Kage were in attendance to discuss the still looming threat of the Ōtsutsuki. The next morning, when two chūnin gate guards were attacked by unknown assailants, the village was put on lockdown. Kakashi joined Naruto and his advisers when overseeing Ino probe one of the guard's his mind for answers, learning that Mitsuki had left willingly with the attackers.

Konohagakure Council

Kakashi and the Konoha Council discussing Mitsuki.

When Naruto revealed to the others Mitsuki was in fact Orochimaru's son, much outrage followed from learning that Naruto would permit an offspring of the man who killed the Third Hokage live in Konohagakure, let alone keep it a secret. Naruto rationalised this on the grounds that Orochimaru's conduct has changed from before and for his aid in investigating the Ōtsutsuki. Despite this, noting the unpredictable nature of Orochimaru, the meeting ended with deeming the Oto-born boy as a threat. As the council and Hokage continued to talk about how best to deal with this, Kakashi voiced his overall approval of Naruto's actions, noting that Naruto would never do anything he thought would bring danger to the village and that the elders wouldn't even consider letting the boy in the village had they known the full story to begin with.

When Shikadai contacted his father via phone, he revealed that Iwagakure was taken over as part of a plan by Ōnoki. Knowing that they couldn't act hastily, Kakashi and Tsunade were sent to meet with the other Great Villages to get their support on engaging this personal matter.

Kara Actuation Arc[]

Main article: Kara Actuation Arc

Kakashi Teaching Boruto

Kakashi demonstrating chakra natures to Boruto.

In the anime, Boruto approached him for help to learn the Big Ball Rasengan to battle Deepa. After Kakashi explained that Boruto couldn't learn that technique because his chakra reserves weren't nearly high enough to perform it, Kakashi instead helped Boruto learn to apply nature transformation to his Rasengan, deciding that Wind Release would be best. In the following days, Kakashi would explain the full nature of the Rasegan and the intricacies of combining shape and nature transformation. As Boruto continued to make serious efforts at infusing Wind Release to the Rasengan, only for it to repeatedly misfire, Kakashi gave vague pointers on how to improve. Boruto voiced his envy of Kakashi for having such experience-building missions from childhood. Kakashi, however, insisted Boruto should be glad to born into an era of relative peace because it means he was not alone. Inspired by his words, Boruto used a shadow clone to aid him in perfecting the Wind Release: Rasengan to Kakashi's impression.

Despite this accomplishment, Boruto deemed that this increase in power wasn't enough to defeat Deepa and began training to further strengthen his new Rasengan. Kakashi insisted that with Boruto's current level of chakra, he had reached the limits of how far he could push the Rasengan. However, Boruto refused to listen and continued training. Kakashi decided to watch Boruto from afar, intrigued by how the genin seemed to have found an alternate solution. The following day, Boruto approached Kakashi again, proudly claiming that he could "move mountains" now. Seeing that Boruto really pushed himself in training, Kakashi got Ibiki Morino to transfer Shojoji from prison to a police facility to face off against Boruto, viewing the bandit as a perfect test for Boruto's growth. While Ibiki was concerned by this, Kakashi promised to take full responsibility, and swore to keep his word to reduce Shojoji's sentence in the event he defeated Boruto. During the fight, Kakashi impressively watched Boruto use his new Compression Rasengan to completely overpower Shojoji and win.

Compression Rasengan Discussion

Kakashi cautioning Boruto on using his new Rasengan.

Kakashi brought Boruto back to the hospital to recover. Upon his awakening, Kakashi applauded Boruto's accomplishments, but warned him of the dangers to his new technique. Noting that the Compression Rasengan comes with great recoil that can cause great strain on his arm, Kakashi concluded it is not a technique that Boruto should use often. Later, Victor, president of the Land of Valleys' premiere medical and research company, was defeated and revealed as a member of Kara. While Kakashi voiced his horror at Victor's attempt to recreate the God Tree, it was also revealed from an investigation that Victor's laboratory had scriptures relating to Shojoji's intel, vague information of a "vessel" and secret knowledge that should only be known by the Five Kage. Realising that Kara had spies throughout the world, the question of whether or not to close the gates to the village came up. Kakashi voiced his opinion that closing off from the outside world would stunt growth.

Ao Arc[]

Main article: Ao Arc In the anime, Kakashi attended the memorial service for the fallen people of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Kawaki Arc[]

Main article: Kawaki Arc

Kakashi Vs Koji

Kakashi confronts Koji.

In the anime, following Jigen's attack on the village, the archives were broken into and data was stolen. Kakashi began his own investigation. He soon found Team 10's genin trying to find the culprit as well. Impressed by how quickly they found the culprit's hideout, he decided to work with them. Soon, they found the culprit, Koji Kashin, who made an escape. As he snuck into the crowd, Kakashi realised that he went underground in the sewer. He decided to go alone after determining the foe was too dangerous for the genin. Along the way, Shikadai informed Kakashi that the sewers have an opening at the Thunder Rail. Kakashi realised that the sewer and train were both a diversion for Koji's true objective. He arrived before Koji at another archive site, which housed physical data on a scroll not yet digitised from before the Fourth Shinobi World War. Kakashi fought Koji, who retreated. Later, Shikadai voiced his theory that the reason why Koji was able to slip past the Sensing Barrier unnoticed was because he was a former Konoha-nin. Kakashi agreed that it would also explain why he was after the scroll. Later, Kakashi aided Shikamaru's coordination efforts in preparation for Isshiki's invasion.

Kakashi switches fireworks

Kakashi switches the fireworks.

Later, Kakashi roped Boruto into helping him with shopping errands. During which, they stumbled into a feud between old town and new city residents over fireworks displays. Sabure from the new city and Yubeshi from the old town wanted the dispute resolved so they could get married with their grandfathers in attendance. Boruto was committed to help from the start, but Kakashi had to be convinced by Yubeshi's promise of her rare first edition of an Icha Icha volume, with an extended ending. They discovered the origins of the feud, and when Boruto's attempt to reconcile them over sharing a dango shortcake recipe the grandfathers came up with when they were in better terms failed, Kakashi proposed turning the fireworks display into a competition, the winner retaining the right of displaying the fireworks henceforth. However, Kakashi switched the fireworks around, taking everyone's heart out of the rivalry when they realised they were mocking their own display, allowing the two sides to make up. The next day, Boruto tended to Kakashi's hurting back while he took his time reading the first edition copy, sure that it would feature a happy ending, just like how Sabure and Yubeshi were making married.

In Other Media[]


Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow[]

Main article: Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Team 7 is sent on a mission to protect the actress, Yukie Fujikaze, as she travels to the Land of Snow. During the mission, Kakashi discovers that Yukie's real name is Koyuki Kazahana, who he saved from Dotō's Three-Man-Team when he was in the Anbu. When Dotō's men attack Team 7, Kakashi uses his Sharingan to copy some of their ice-based techniques to escape. Later, Kakashi fights Nadare Rōga, who he defeats with Front Lotus. Dotō and his men are eventually defeated and Koyuki reclaims her position as the country's daimyō. She is also to play a lead role in a new Icha-Icha movie, delighting Kakashi.

Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom[]

Main article: Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom Kakashi and his team escort Prince Michiru and his son, Hikaru Tsuki, to their home in the Land of the Moon. When they arrive in the country, they discover that the king has been overthrown by Shabadaba. With help from the royal guards, Kakashi gets the princes to safety. They are later attacked by Ishidate, who petrifies one of Kakashi's arms, thus allowing him to capture Michiru. After Sakura heals his arm, they infiltrate the castle as circus performers and Kakashi keeps the enemies occupied while Naruto and the rest of the team save the kingdom. He overuses his Sharingan during the mission, forcing him to stay in the hospital for a few days and giving his team a chance to have a vacation.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie[]

Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie Kakashi leads one of Konoha's attack forces against Mōryō's army of stone warriors, a stall tactic while Naruto and his team help Shion reseal Mōryō. Kakashi later assists Naruto and Shion in stopping Mōryō, destroying several stone warriors while they destroy Mōryō itself.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds[]

Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: Bonds When the Land of the Sky attacks Konoha, Kakashi protects the villagers and fends off the attackers. Later, Kakashi is put on a team with Shikamaru, Sai, and Shino Aburame to take down the Land of the Sky's ship fleet. After working out a plan with Shikamaru, the team is able to accomplish their mission.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire[]

Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire Kakashi and his team are sent to investigate the most recent in a series of kidnappings of people with kekkei genkai. Upon arriving at their destination, they are attacked by strange animals that injure Naruto and Sai and the trails goes cold. After they arrive back in Konoha, Hiruko projects himself to the world and claims responsibility for the kidnappings, whose kekkei genkai he has assimilated into his body with the Chimera Technique. Kakashi met Hiruko ten years earlier and was branded with a mind-controlling technique that Hiruko planned to use someday to take his Sharingan. Expecting that this will now happen soon, Kakashi asks Tsunade to place a seal on him that will activate his Mangekyō Sharingan when Hiruko tries to assimilate him. When the mind-control activates, Kakashi goes to Hiruko, but Naruto, unwilling to let him sacrifice himself, follows and defeats Hiruko with his Rasenshuriken, saving Kakashi.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower[]

Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower Twenty years in the past, Kakashi is waiting in line for the grand opening of Ramen Ichiraku when Minato invites him on a mission. They travel to Rōran, where Kakashi is assigned to plant explosive tags in the factory. He is later saved by Yamato (who is from the future), though he claims that he in fact saved Yamato. Frustrated by this and the future bullying Kakashi will give him, Yamato hits him in the head.

Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison[]

Main article: Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison When Naruto is accused of trying to assassinate the Fourth Raikage, Kakashi refuses to vouch for his alibi, causing him to be sent to the Blood Prison in Kusagakure. It is later discovered that Naruto was framed as part of a scheme to use the Nine-Tails' chakra to open Box of Ultimate Bliss, but Konoha and Kumo were already aware of that; Kakashi came up with the plan as a way to expose Kusa's plot. Kakashi nevertheless feels guilty about not telling Naruto this - he feared Naruto would at some point blow his cover had he known - so promises to buy Naruto as much ramen as he can eat. After Naruto defeats Satori, who was contained within the Box of Ultimate Bliss, Kakashi helps round up the escaped prisoners.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie[]

Main article: Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie Kakashi and the Konoha 11 fight what were thought to be the deceased members of Akatsuki, but what are actually part of the White Zetsu Army in disguise. Naruto is later sent to the Genjutsu World, where he meets a Kakashi that is quite similar to Might Guy: he is passionate, energetic, and a proponent of the "Power of Youth". This Kakashi accompanies a team including Naruto and Minato to retrieve the Red Moon Scroll, where Kakashi's zealous overuse of his Sharingan prevents him from fighting the toads that guard it. Later, after the scroll is obtained, Kakashi is assigned to defend it, but he and the other defenders are defeated by the Nine Masked Beasts.

Video Games[]

Kakashi Hatake is a playable character in the following video games:

Game nameJapanese releaseEnglish release
Jump Force14 February 201915 February 2019
Jump Super Stars8 August 2005
Jump Ultimate Stars23 November 2006
Jumputi Heroes28 March 2018
Naruto Mobile20162016
Naruto RPG 2: Chidori vs. Rasengan14 July 2005
Naruto Shippūden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 317 November 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX22 February 2007
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 229 November 2007
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 327 November 2008
Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! Special2 December 2010
Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive15 July 201022 March 2011
Naruto Shippūden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising6 October 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Naruto vs. Sasuke4 July 20086 November 2010
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Council 419 July 20072 June 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 224 April 200815 September 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Ninja Destiny 328 April 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Shinobi Rumble22 April 20108 February 2011
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja 45 April 200724 March 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja 520 December 200727 November 2009
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing14 July 201624 August 2016
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 310 December 200911 May 2010
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact20 October 201118 October 2011
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 221 October 201019 October 2010
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 318 April 20135 March 2013
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 44 February 20169 February 2016
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations23 February 201213 March 2012
Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution11 September 201416 September 2014
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker30 August 201831 August 2018
Naruto x Boruto: Ninja TribesJune 2019June 2019
Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage22 November 201722 November 2017
Naruto x Boruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections16 November 202317 November 2023
Naruto: Clash of Ninja11 April 20037 March 2006
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 24 December 200326 September 2006
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution23 October 2007
Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 221 October 2008
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 320 November 2004
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 421 November 2005
Naruto: Konoha Senki12 September 2003
Naruto: Ninja Council1 May 200322 March 2006
Naruto: Ninja Council 229 April 200410 October 2006
Naruto: Ninja Council 327 April 200622 May 2007
Naruto: Ninja Destiny14 December 200620 March 2008
Naruto: Path of the Ninja 213 July 200614 October 2008
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja30 October 2007
Naruto: Shinobi Collection2014
Naruto: Shinobi Collection Shippū Ranbu27 July 2015
Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen26 June 2003
Naruto: The Broken Bond18 November 2008
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja23 October 200326 June 2006
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In some games, Kakashi is playable in his Anbu attire and/or the clothes he wore during the Third Shinobi World War; the latter usually has its own moveset. He is also one of several Naruto characters to appear in the story mode of J-Stars Victory VS.

Also in games such as Jump Force and the prior Ultimate Ninja instalments, Kakashi was known for being one of the few Naruto characters to always have a kunai on hand as a melee-weapon shown in his idle stance, likely as a habit-based-reference to his father's sabre (whereas others would normally draw the kunai out for a single attack only to not have it shown anymore).

Kakashi is featured in the online game, Fortnite, as a playable skin.

Creation and Conception[]

Masashi Kishimoto originally intended for Kakashi to debut in the second chapter of the Naruto manga, appearing prior to the other members of Team 7. This Kakashi was designed as a laid back but very skilled ninja that ended his sentences with the polite "de gozaru" in the Japanese versions of the series. After speaking with his editor, Kishimoto pushed this debut back, allowing him to better develop Kakashi and the rest of Team 7.[109] Despite this, Kakashi retains many of his original personality traits, being easygoing, unfazed by the actions of others, and eyes appearing to be half-asleep. Kishimoto feels that this makes Kakashi a compelling leader and helps to keep the diverse members of Team 7 unified.[110] Because he acts as a link between the other main characters of the series, Kakashi is rarely featured prominently in promotional artwork, instead appearing in the background while his students are the focus of the scene.[111][112] In an interview in Shōnen Jump's, Kishimoto said that if he were to make an extra story from the manga with a different character, such character would be Kakashi.[113]

When deciding upon Kakashi's name, Kishimoto considered a number of possibilities: Kuwa (クワ, literally meaning: Hoe), Kama (カマ, literally meaning: Scythe), Botan (ボタン, literally meaning: Peony), Enoki (エノキ, literally meaning: Nettle tree), and Kakashi (カカシ, literally meaning: Scarecrow). He eventually decided upon Kakashi, and remains glad that he did to this day.[114] In keeping with the meaning of his name, scarecrows are occasionally used to represent Kakashi; Naruto, for example, uses a scarecrow that is dressed like Kakashi to help him train for a combat test between the two.[115] Likewise, scarecrows are at times added to the background of scenes in which Kakashi appears, as is the case with the cover of Naruto manga volume three.[116]


Springtime of Youth
The Springtime of Youth wiki has an article about this topic:
  • The name "Kakashi" means "scarecrow" (案山子) and his family name "Hatake" means "farmland/field" (), so his name means "scarecrow in the farmland" (畑案山子).
  • Kakashi placed in the top three of all the Naruto Character Popularity Polls.
  • In the Live Spectacle Naruto, the role of Kakashi was played by Yūki Kimisawa.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Kakashi show that he was: 124 cm when joining the Academy, 140 cm in Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower, 148 cm during Kakashi Gaiden, 168 cm during the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, and 178 cm during the 10 year flashback where he rescued Koyuki Kazehana in Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Kakashi's hobby is reading (Icha Icha series).
    • Kakashi wishes to fight Minato Namikaze.
    • Kakashi's favourite foods are salt-broiled saury and eggplant-mixed miso soup, while his least favourites are anything fried (especially tempura) or sweet.
    • Kakashi has completed 1,141 official missions in total: 197 D-rank, 190 C-rank, 414 B-rank, 298 A-rank, 42 S-rank.
    • Kakashi's favourite word is "Team-work" (チームワーク, Chīmuwāku).
  • Kakashi's nickname "…of the Sharingan" (写輪眼の…, Sharingan no…) is also held by Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.
  • According to Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower, at age 10, Kakashi's stats was shown to be: Ninjutsu: 3, Taijutsu: 3, Genjutsu: 2, Intelligence: 4, Strength: 1.5, Speed: 3.5, Stamina: 2, Hand Seals: 3.5, which is totaled to 22.5. It also showed that he completed 140 missions at that time: 48 D-rank, 21 C-rank, 63 B-rank, 8 A-rank, and 0 S-rank.
  • According to Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Chronicles, the reason why Kakashi wears a mask is to hide the blood coming out of his nose whenever he reads his Icha Icha book. This is typically a running gag, where certain perverted characters like Jiraiya (when seeing beautiful women naked or in lingerie) and Sakura (upon seeing naked men) suffer a nosebleed and fall unconscious, reminiscent of an "old wives' tale".
  • Kakashi has at least two Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls cards, one of which is limited edition and the other which is also rare.[117]


  • (To his students) "I'm Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you my likes and dislikes… My dreams for the future… Hmm… As for my hobbies… I have lots of hobbies…"[118]
  • (To his students) "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash."[119]
  • (To his students) "Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life."[120]
  • (To Yūgao, about Obito's name engraved in the Memorial Stone) "This place makes me think about the mistakes I've made in the past… and I've made so many of them."[121]
  • (To Kakuzu) "The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It's one of the never-ending cycles in life."[122]
  • (To Pain) "The people from this village are different from your average village. Even if it means dying, there's not a single one of us, who would sell out a comrade."[123]
  • (To Sakumo) "Regardless of what happened, you did the best you could. I understand that now… you broke the rules for all our sakes - I'm proud of you now…"[14]
  • (To Sasuke) "No matter how far Orochimaru fell, he still loved him… Now I know how the Third Hokage felt."[124]
  • (To Naruto) "I told you that I'll never let my friends die… that's also something that I wanted to convince myself of… There are many friends I was unable to protect so far… That's why every time I swear that I'll protect them… but then I still happen to face the truth of when I'm not able to do it… You have to take that 'wound' with you forever… That's why we're the one to endure… We are Ninja. I will never forget."[125]
  • (To Obito) "I'm just a piece of trash… but there are things I learned. The hole in your heart is something other people can fill. If you reject your friends' feelings and this world… just because something didn't go as you wished, no one will ever come to you. And so that hole won't be filled either, if you just run away without doing anything people won't do anything for you either… As long as you don't give up, you can still be saved!"[126]
  • (To Boruto as Sukea) "Walking down a path without knowing where you really want to go… Having a grace period like that isn't so bad. But if that's all you end up doing, you'll come up against barriers that you won't be able to break."[127]


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