Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy
Kakashi Retsuden
(NARUTO -ナルト- カカシ烈伝 六代目火影と落ちこぼれの少年, Kakashi Retsuden: Rokudaime Hokage to Ochikobore no Shōnen)
Book Data
Next Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust
Pages 256 (JP), 186 (EN)
Release Date
Japanese June 4, 2019 (ISBN 978-4-08-703477-6)
English July 26, 2022 (ISBN 978-1-9747-3257-9)

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy (NARUTO -ナルト- カカシ烈伝 六代目火影と落ちこぼれの少年, Kakashi Retsuden: Rokudaime Hokage to Ochikobore no Shōnen, Viz: Naruto: Kakashi’s Story—The Sixth Hokage and the Failed Prince) is an original story written by Jun Esaka and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

While the entirety of the novel is not adapted, Chapter 2 is partially adapted in the anime adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust.



Kakashi Hatake arrives in the Land of Redaku, an isolated country high in the mountains. Legend has it the country was a favourite of the Sage of Six Paths and the tailed beasts, who were drawn to its calm and peaceful ways. When he sees the capital city, however, Kakashi struggles to reconcile the legends with reality: the streets are lined with bodies, the people are perpetually unhappy and look at him with suspicion, and the air smells of death. He finds a young girl collapsed from dehydration, who he feeds Water Release to. When she revives, she asks Kakashi to also give water to an infant she's holding. Kakashi complies, unwilling to tell her that the infant is already dead.

Kakashi questions an old woman, who reports that the King died a year ago and that his daughter, Manari, is now Queen. Shortly after Manari took office, a drought struck the country, and people must now survive off whatever dwindling surface water they can find. Kakashi is surprised by this, as Redaku's monarch is supposed to be able to provide the country with rain using the Shuigu. He infiltrates the royal palace where he overhears Manari speaking to the country's Prime Minister. Manari wants to use the Shuigu to bring rain to the people, but she's afraid: the last time she tried using it, it caused a flood that swept away crops and killed livestock, thus causing the current food shortage. Although there is little record of how the Shuigu works, all previous kings were able to use it without complication, leading the Prime Minister to suggest Manari simply was not born with some prerequisite ability.

Manari suggests having her younger brother, Nanara, try using the Shuigu. The Prime Minister disagrees with this, describing Nanara as a "failure" who chose to retreat to Nagare Village rather than take on the burdens of leading the country. Having no better ideas, Manari defers to the Prime Minister's judgment. He concludes that their only option now is to take water from others. Kakashi believes this is a foolish idea and leaves the palace to think. He only came to Redaku in order to gather information about the Sage of Six Paths, but he can't ignore the hardships the country is now facing. He ponders trying to get in contact with Manari, but assumes the Prime Minister's influence within the palace would make that too time consuming. He decides that Nanara is his best option and sets out for Nagare Village.

In Nagare Village, Nanara has a mock-battle with his friend, Sumure: Sumure plays the part of Zabuza Momochi and Nanara takes the role of the Sixth Hokage. When Sumure fails to use Zabuza's jutsu within the proper context, Nanara reprimands him, and Sumure becomes exasperated at Nanara's obsession with the Sixth Hokage. Nanara was sent to Nagare Village shortly after his father died at the encouragement of Manari's advisors, who claimed the palace was no place for a boy Nanara's age. Although Nanara knew the advisors were manipulating Manari, he had no complaints, as it has allowed him to live out the legends of the heroic Sixth Hokage every day. The villagers were amused by Nanara's adoration for the Sixth Hokage, who they regard as nothing more than a fairy tale. Though Nanara can't explain how the Hokage makes fire or cuts lightning, he nevertheless believes every word about the Hokage, arguing that his father told him the stories and that therefore they must be true.

Nanara and Sumure's game is interrupted by Margo, Nanara's caretaker, who informs him that it's time for his studies. Nanara disputes this, reminding her that his previous tutor left the village a week ago after becoming frustrated by Nanara's pranks; this has happened with all of Nanara's tutors thus far. Margo informs him that there's a new tutor. Nanara is surprised that she could find someone else so soon, but is confident he will also drive this tutor away. He returns home, where the tutor introduces himself as Kakashi Hatake.

Chapter 1[]

Based on Kakashi's appearance, Nanara is unimpressed. He makes clear that he has no interest in studying and only wants to learn more about the legends of the Sixth Hokage. Kakashi is unfamiliar with the legends and asks Nanara to share them, but Nanara, aghast that Kakashi doesn't know about the Sixth Hokage, declines. Kakashi observes that there aren't any books in Nanara's home, which Nanara explains to be because the library is closed; the Prime Minister ordered the closure a few months ago so villagers wouldn't get books dirty while reading them. Kakashi has Nanara take him to the library. Once there, Kakashi melts the lock on the door to allow them to get inside.

Nanara urges Kakashi against going into the library, pointing out that it's against the rules. Kakashi acknowledges that rules are important, but argues having books is more important. Since they're inside anyway, Nanara locates a book about the Sixth Hokage, identifiable by the symbol on its cover. After Kakashi gathers some books for himself, they return home, but Nanara's interest in studying hasn't changed. Kakashi asks if he'll make an exception for the Sixth Hokage book, which Nanara permits. Nanara presents the book to Kakashi to read, but Kakashi insists that Nanara be the one to read it. Except that Nanara doesn't know how. Kakashi decides to teach Nanara how to read, starting by showing him to write his own name.

Nanara quickly becomes frustrated with writing. After lunch, he runs off with Sumure to ride horses through the forest and wastes no time in telling Sumure about all of Kakashi's bad points. Sumure's horse suddenly becomes agitated and starts rampaging through the trees, threatening to throw Sumure off. Nanara attempts to come to his aid, but is nearly kicked in the head, saved only by an inexplicable gust of wind. Meanwhile, the horse is calmed down by Kakashi, who claims to have been taking a walk nearby. Kakashi theorises that pollen in the area affected the horse, which Nanara doubts, believing that only happens to humans. Kakashi reports that it's something he read in a book.

Nanara decides that books might have useful information, and so takes a greater interest in learning to read the following day. He wants to start with the book about the Sixth Hokage, but Kakashi refuses, explaining that it would be too difficult for Nanara. Kakashi instead shows him a map of the world, and Nanara is astonished by how vast the world is. Studying the map more, he is disappointed to see that the Land of Redaku has no neighbouring countries. Kakashi believes it's better this way, reasoning that neighbours would raise the risk of war, something Redaku has never experienced before. Nanara asks if the Land of Fire, where the Sixth Hokage lives, has warred with its neighbours. Kakashi says that it did in the past, but that the Land of Fire's focus has since shifted from fighting with its neighbours to trading with them. Nanara becomes concerned that there are no more shinobi without war, but Kakashi assures him that shinobi continue to thrive, now being charged with keeping the peace.

Nanara sleeps restlessly that night, too overwhelmed by all the new information he's learned. He looks at the map again in the moonlight and marvels at the Land of Fire; he concludes the country's recent peace must be the doing of the Sixth Hokage, further proof of his heroism. Nanara makes steady progress with learning to read over the coming days, eventually completing a book about crops. He asks what Kakashi's favourite book is, who replies that it's Icha Icha Paradise, which he promises to share with Nanara when he's older. Nanara is grateful to Kakashi for instilling an interest in reading in him, but at the same time is bewildered that Kakashi is so ignorant about the Land of Redaku and its customs. He explains the country's monarchy to Kakashi and how his sister is now Queen; although he hasn't been back to the capital in almost a year, he's confident Manari is doing a great job.

Chapter 2[]

To mark the one year anniversary of the King's death, Nanara is invited to the royal palace. Nanara does not want to go and tries to get out of it. He finally agrees once Kakashi points out that Margo will probably be punished if he doesn't, but insists that Kakashi accompany him. After they set out, Nanara confides that he does not want to see his sister, who accepted the throne after Nanara refused it; he did not want to be burdened with the same workload as his father had. Manari did not protest out of consideration for Nanara, but he fears that she has since come to hate him for what he forced her into.

On the first night of their journey, while Nanara sleeps, Kakashi reads the book about the Sixth Hokage. He assumes its contents are based on rumors shared by travelling merchants, leading to certain embellishments: the Sixth Hokage is the height of heroism, with unsurpassed strength and compassion. Kakashi, the true Sixth Hokage, does not believe he is worthy of such glorification. After his father's suicide, Kakashi became committed to not repeating his father's choices, namely by valuing rules above everything else. He became difficult to be around, consumed by shame for his father. It was only after the loss of his friend, Obito Uchiha, that Kakashi realised the error he'd made and finally found appreciation for his father. Kakashi's life since then has not been driven by a selfless desire to helps others, but rather a personal compulsion to atone for his past mistakes.

When Kakashi and Nanara finally near the capital city, they are intercepted by a messenger from the palace, who takes them on a detour through the city's wealthier neighbourhoods; Kakashi notices that this deliberately avoids the parts of the city stricken with the death and starvation that he witnessed on his previous visit. Once they arrive at the palace, Manari greets Nanara happily, relieving Nanara. As they catch up, Manari gives Nanara a valuable blue gem that belonged to their father, to remember him by. Nanara vows to treasure it and, more importantly, keep it a secret from the Prime Minister. After greeting Nanara, the Prime Minister instructs him to rest in his room until it's time for dinner. Nanara first requests that a room also be prepared for Kakashi, then insists upon it when the Prime Minister tries to refuse.

Nanara is not called for dinner until after the adults have finished eating, irritating him. While eating, he hears the Prime Minister discussing the soldiers that will be sent to Nagare Village in the coming days. Confused by this, Nanara questions Manari, who informs him about the ongoing water shortage and the plans to obtain new water sources by invading and settling within other countries. The Prime Minister tries to dismiss Nanara as too young for the discussion, but Nanara persists in his questions, especially after the Prime Minister states his intentions to start by invading the Land of Fire.

The Prime Minister details how he visited the Land of Fire years ago, while searching for a way to cure the ailing King. His story comes as a surprise to many at the table, as it confirms the existence of shinobi and their ability to control elements, which are widely viewed as fictions. The Prime Minister notes the many resources the Land of Fire possesses and the technological advances it's made in the last decade, overseen by the Sixth Hokage. Because the Land of Fire is now in the midst of a prolonged peace, that would make it an easier target for an invasion force, one bolstered by an army of missing-nin hired by the Prime Minister and outfitted with weapons he acquired in his travels. Tempted by the possibility of bringing the Land of Fire's innovations to the Land of Redaku, thus emulating the Sixth Hokage, Nanara drops his protests.

Meanwhile, Kakashi waits in his dingy room in the palace's basement. When a maid brings him some tea, he knocks her out and transforms into her, giving him an opportunity to explore the palace. He chats with the other maids, who discuss how difficult it's been providing food to the fifty shinobi hired by the Prime Minister. The maids do not know the purpose of this army, prompting Kakashi to seek out the former King's office. He's able to locate a book about the Sage of Six Paths, but his search is interrupted by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister asks about his (as the maid) contact with Kakashi, noting that Kakashi is not the tutor he hired for Nanara. Kakashi reports nothing amiss, but the Prime Minister nevertheless remains suspicious, describing how ninja can change their appearance and that, a few weeks prior, the city's water reserves were mysteriously replenished. The Prime Minister eventually departs.

Once back in his room, Kakashi wakes the maid, who apologises to him for falling asleep. He shows her the book about the Sage of Six Paths and asks if she's able to read it, but she replies it's written in an ancient language now lost to time. After she leaves, Kakashi calls on a hawk waiting outside and has it take the book to Konohagakure to be analysed; he includes a note detailing what he's encountered in Redaku thus far. When he sees Nanara later, he brings up the Prime Minister's army of ninja. Nanara reveals the plan to invade the Land of Fire, which Kakashi characterises as a ploy for power and riches. Nanara asks, if the Land of Redaku is and always has been peaceful, why it would now seek war. Kakashi responds that it's no longer at peace.

Kakashi and Nanara change into plain clothes and sneak out of the palace, to the sections of the city that were avoided earlier. Nanara is horrified by the smell, the corpses, and the lengths people are going to in order to survive. He sees a young girl scrounging for food and gives his father's blue gem to her, encouraging her to sell it for water. As they return to the palace, Nanara notices the army of ninja, who are staying well-fed despite the ongoing famine. Nanara asks if the Sixth Hokage would be able to defeat fifty ninja; Kakashi says the Hokage would win without difficulty. Kakashi states that an invasion of the Land of Fire is doomed to fail and that Redaku would be better off befriending the Land of Fire.

At breakfast the next morning, Manari questions Kakashi about the city's water reserves, which were once again mysteriously replenished the night before. Kakashi claims ignorance, then adds it would be better to address the water shortage directly rather than hope this phenomenon will keep repeating. Nanara asks why Manari doesn't use the Shuigu to create rain, but Manari becomes embarrassed and storms out; the Prime Minister accuses Kakashi of encouraging Nanara's insubordination. Nanara and Kakashi decide to return to Nagare Village. While passing through the impoverished district again, they see the girl that Nanara gave the gem to, who now has several bruises on her face. As Kakashi heals her injuries and provides her with water, Nanara questions her about what happened and why she didn't use the gem to buy water. The girl becomes scared and runs off; Kakashi concludes that somebody attacked her and stole the gem before she could sell it. Nanara is overwhelmed with anger.

Chapter 3[]

As soon as they're back in Nagare Village, Nanara calls the villagers together and relays the news of the planned invasion. Most urgently, during the ten days that the invading army will be in Nagare Village, the village will be responsible for providing them food. The villagers are surprised by all of this, as they did not know of the capital city's water shortage. They question Nanara about the feasibility of invading the Land of Fire and remark that an army was never necessary during the previous King's reign. Nevertheless, the villagers are willing to gather the additional food necessary if it will help the rest of the Land of Redaku.

Nanara resumes his lessons with Kakashi but doesn't find the same enjoyment as before: the more he learns from Kakashi, the more difficult it becomes to ignore what a bad idea the invasion is. Nanara asks Kakashi what he should do, but Kakashi refuses to make his decisions for him. Nanara does not want people to die in a war, but he also cannot stand up against the Prime Minister's army of ninja. Kakashi privately understands what Nanara is going through, as he too struggled to find compromises back when he was the Hokage. Even now, Kakashi is unsure of whether he's making the right decision; he could easily solve the water crisis by providing all the water that Redaku could need, but he believes it would be better that the country find its own solution.

The Prime Minister made the argument that Nanara could be like the Sixth Hokage by supporting the invasion. Thinking it over, Nanara decides that the Sixth Hokage would actually seek an alliance instead of war, and therefore he wants to do the same thing. He wants Kakashi help travel to the Land of Fire and meet with the Sixth Hokage. Kakashi replies that there's no need for all of that, as there's a faster way of contacting the Hokage: write a letter. Nanara dismisses this idea, as the Land of Fire is too far away for his messenger hawk, Leh, to reach. Kakashi disagrees, showing Nanara correspondence with the Sixth Hokage that he found in the King's office.

Nanara does not understand most of the kanji used in the Sixth Hokage's letters, but he is nevertheless ecstatic to be holding proof of the Hokage's existence. He resists the urge to write a long, gushing fan letter, instead simply reporting the planned invasion and requesting that the Land of Fire send aid in order to prevent war. He gives the letter to Leh and instructs him to deliver it to the "Sixth Hokage". Leh flies off, only to immediately return, confusing Nanara. This repeats several times until Kakashi suggests addressing the letter to "the Hokage".

The Prime Minister's army arrives in Nagare Village earlier than scheduled. Not only that, but the fifty ninja the villagers were expecting are now joined by 250 additional soldiers, apparently enlisted from the capital. These additional forces carry cannons, which Nanara assumes will be used against the Land of Fire. Kakashi points out that the cannons would be too heavy to carry so far, and that it's more likely they're to be used against Nagare Village in case of a revolt: since the army will be taking supplies that the village would ordinarily save for the winter, it's possible the villagers will at some point rebel to prevent future starvation. Nanara is horrified by this and tries to convince the Prime Minister that fifty ninja cannot stand up against the Land of Fire. The Prime Minister is unconcerned.

The villagers try to remain optimistic, but Nanara knows that there is only enough food in and around Nagare Village to feed either the army or the villagers, not both. Kakashi informs Nanara that he will help the village in any way he can, but that he will not support the planned invasion, even fighting against it if necessary. Nanara permits this. In response, Kakashi uses Earth-Style Wall, raising the ground around the village as a protective barrier. Nanara is astonished by this and, recognising it as one of the Sixth Hokage's jutsu, finally realises that Kakashi is the Sixth Hokage; Kakashi apologises for not bringing it up sooner. The Prime Minister demands Nanara remove the wall or be labelled a traitor. Nanara permits this.

The army's cannons open fire on the earth wall. Despite the intensity of the barrage, the wall is unblemished. One of the ninja, identifying earth as being weak to lightning, strikes the wall with a lightning jutsu. Before the jutsu makes contact, Kakashi converts the targeted section into quartz, negating the lightning. The ninja is alarmed by this, as making quartz is thought to be impossibly difficult; he briefly considers the possibility that the Sixth Hokage could be capable of such a skill, but quickly dismisses the Hokage's presence in Redaku as unlikely. The villagers, meanwhile, are confused by what's happening, and encourage Nanara not to oppose the Prime Minister. Nanara explains the situation, detailing what would have happened to Nagare Village if they'd gone along with the Prime Minister's plans.

Although many of the villagers, such as Margo, do not want to fight the Prime Minister, some believe the Prime Minister is the wrongdoer. They blame the former King for appointing the Prime Minister in the first place, but Nanara unwilling to hear his father criticised. Because Kakashi corresponded with his father, he asks for Kakashi to vouch for the King's good qualities. Kakashi declines, pointing out that, if the King were as great as Nanara claims, then Nanara would logically have wanted to succeed him as King. Nanara struggles to reconcile this, insisting he wants to be like his father but that he doesn't want to be King. Kakashi continues pushing him, asking why he cares so much about Redaku if he isn't King, to which Nanara responds that it's because he's his father's son.

Hearing himself, Nanara asks what makes a person a king, and moreover how he can be like the Sixth Hokage, who led his people by choice rather than birthright. Kakashi says the answer is to take action. Leh returns as they talk, delivering a letter whose author expresses a willingness to send any needed supplies to Redaku. The letter is signed by the Seventh Hokage; Nanara wonders if this means that Kakashi is dead, but Kakashi explains he's merely retired. Nanara shares the letter with the villagers, finally convincing a majority of them that supporting the invasion is not the only way to help Redaku. Kakashi watches as they formulate a battle plan, determined to keep the earth wall in place until they're ready.

Chapter 4[]

At midnight, Nagare Village's volunteer fighters - which include Margo and Summure - gather at the Earth-Style Wall with whatever makeshift weapons they can find. They review the plan: Kakashi will deal with the fifty ninja; the villagers will overrun the artillery, dampening the cannons' phosphorus so that it can't be used; Nanara will find Manari and convince her to stop all of this. With everyone ready, Kakashi releases the Earth-Style Wall.

Kakashi first goes after the ninja on lookout duty, who are the most likely to notice the earth wall's disappearance. Most of the lookouts are not very alert or well-disciplined, so Kakashi is able to sneak up on them and knock them out without being noticed. He tries sneaking into one of the tents where the remaining ninja are resting, but he's detected and an alarm is raised. Kakashi brandishes a frying pan he brought with him and goes on the offensive, knocking out all the ninja in the tent. Kakashi conceals himself by the time additional ninja arrive. They examine the defeated ninja, noting that none of them have been killed; this refusal to kill is unique to the Land of Fire, suggesting that's where their attacker originates from.

Kakashi continues attacking the ninja, making steady progress through their ranks with his frying pan. Some are able to catch glimpses of him, but are knocked out before they can identify him. Some of the ninja manage to join forces and muster a counter-offensive, briefly clashing swords with Kakashi's frying pan. Kakashi dulls their senses with a special smoke bomb that makes them more susceptible to his genjutsu; one of these men finally recognises Kakashi, but the genjutsu lulls him to sleep before he can tell anyone else. Another man, Hakubi Shin, also recognises Kakashi from his time as a Konoha-nin. Hakubi keeps a safe distance, waiting for an opportunity to attack and claim glory as the man who killed Kakashi Hatake.

While Kakashi is fighting off a dozen ninja, Hakubi hurls a volley of shuriken at his blindspot. Kakashi dodges the shuriken, immediately locates Hakubi in his hiding spot, and then proceeds to defeat the dozen other ninja. Exposed, Hakubi confronts Kakashi directly; he's noticed that Kakashi hasn't used any ninjutsu thus far, and assumes it's because he depleted his chakra keeping the Earth-Style Wall active. As he fights Kakashi, Hakubi berates him for continuing to cover his left eye, because Hakubi has already heard the rumors that Kakashi lost his Sharingan. Kakashi uncovers his eye, revealing a Sharingan; Hakubi concludes the rumors must have been wrong, which would also explain how Kakashi has dodged all his attacks. Kakashi soon knocks him out, after which his eye returns to normal, its appearance merely the result of another genjutsu.

Kakashi searches Hakubi's body and finds a blue gem, which he pockets. Only one of the fifty ninja now remains unaccounted for. Kakashi fears that the one ninja guessed the villagers' plan and has intercepted them; because they're ordinary people, they'd stand no chance against a ninja. In truth, the remaining ninja was hiding out of fear, and is quickly knocked out once he finds the courage to attack. The villagers, meanwhile, storm where the cannons are being kept. Some of them try to appeal to the artillerymen , who are citizens of Redaku like them. The artillerymen won't abandon their posts, explaining that their families in the capital city would suffer if they fail in their duties.

As the fighting goes on around him, Nanara searches for Manari, but cannot find her or the Prime Minister. One of the artillerymen takes him hostage, threatening to kill him if the villagers don't throw down their weapons. Nanara urges them not to comply, arguing that his life is replaceable but that the country's future is not. Despite his pleas, the villagers surrender. As the Villagers are about to be apprehended, Leh attacks Nanara's captor, freeing him; the villagers take up their weapons again and resume the fight. Nanara shouts his thanks to Leh, who he watches fly above a high cliff, where he spots the Prime Minister. Rather than waste time following the path up the cliff, Nanara begins climbing it by hand.

Chapter 5[]

Manari watches as the fighting continues in the encampment below. Some of the artillerymen manage to fire their cannons at Nagare Village, but the buildings are unoccupied; the Prime Minister, clad in armour, remarks that the noncombatants must have been evacuated already. Manari feels responsible for all of this, as it's because she couldn't control the Shuigu that the country has been driven to civil war. The Prime Minister instructs her to use the Shuigu, but she refuses, fearful of doing the same sort of damage to the village as she did to the capital city. Annoyed, the Prime Minister takes the Shuigu from her and uses it without complication. Manari is surprised.

The prime Minister notices Nanara scaling the cliff towards them, so shoots a stream of water down at him. Nanara tries to endure it, hurting his hands as he grasps the cliffside. When the Prime Minister increase the volume of water, enough that it would finally pry Nanara free, the water is blocked by a fiery bird, which Nanara recognises as another of the Sixth Hokage's jutsu. Kakashi appears at his side, confirms he is uninjured, and then quickly carries him up to the top of the cliff. Identifying Kakashi as a ninja, the Prime Minister creates another torrent of water, which Kakashi again blocks with a fiery bird.

Kakashi asks why the Prime Minister is able to use the Shuigu, speculating that he's signed a contract with it. The Prime Minister confirms; he kept this simple prerequisite from Manari, which is why she couldn't control it. As the Prime Minister clashes the Shuigu's water with Kakashi's fire, he rants about his decades of devoted service to the previous King. Yet when the King died, it was not the Prime Minister who replaced him, but rather one of the King's children, neither of whom is suited to rule. In order to demonstrate how unjust this was, the Prime Minister sabotaged Manari's leadership, proof that skill and ability was more important than the privilege of birth.

As his chakra starts to dwindle, Kakashi asks if the Prime Minister truly expected fifty shinobi to be enough to conquer the Land of Fire. The Prime Minister confesses that the ninja, the cannons, and even the Shuigu are no match against the Land of Fire, but that the reinforcements he's expecting from the Astronomy Research Institute should be enough. Nanara berates the Prime Minister for being so unconcerned about the turmoil he's brought to the Land of Redaku. The Prime Minister responds there was no other choice; Redaku has nobody to trade goods with and thus has no hopes of ever gaining the sort of luxuries enjoyed by the Land of Fire.

Because of how long Kakashi has been able to go up against the Shuigu's power, the Prime Minister finally identifies him as the same Kakashi he heard stories about when he travelled the Land of Fire years ago. Though shaken by Kakashi's reputation, the Prime Minister remains confident in his victory. Kakashi doubts this, drawing attention to all the vapour above them created by the mixing fire and water: thunderclouds have now formed, whose lightning strikes hit the Prime Minister in his armour. When the lightning strikes finally stop and the Prime Minister collapses, Kakashi immediately begins performing CPR. Nanara watches him, noticing the signs of fatigue that Kakashi is trying to hide, further elevating Kakashi in Nanara's esteem. The Prime Minister soon starts breathing again.

Nanara picks up the Shuigu, which was undamaged by the lightning. He notices a secret compartment in its handle, which contains a contract written in blood with the names of the Prime Minister and the previous kings. Kakashi confirms that signing it is necessary to use the Shuigu. Manari encourages Nanara to sign it, as the Prime Minister's ease in manipulating her demonstrates that she's unworthy of its power. Nanara, confident he could now be a good leader just like the Sixth Hokage, writes his own name. He takes up the Shuigu and effortlessly produces rain, which gently falls across the country. Kakashi watches happily: he's never had a good sense of whether he sufficiently atoned for his past and proven himself worthy of Obitio Uchiha's sacrifice. But from seeing what Nanara has become by following Kakashi's example, he now knows that he has.

The Prime Minister is taken back to the capital to stand trial and the ninja he hired are sent to their villages of origin. The Shuigu's rains, in addition to returning prosperity to Redaku, also ruined the cannons' phosphorus. Although there were a number of injuries in the clash between the villagers and the artillerymen, there were no casualties, as nobody was willing to kill their own countrymen. Before departing for the capital to formally take on the duties of King, Nanara addresses the people of Nagare Village. He fumbles for words, unaccustomed to speaking in front of a crowd, but when he sees Kakashi watching he finds his courage. He plans to speak to Kakashi afterwards to thank him, to ask about why he came to Redaku in the first place, to confirm if he's really, truly the Sixth Hokage...

But Kakashi is gone by the time Nanara finishes his speech, and Nanara never sees him again. The only trace of Kakashi is the blue gem, a memento of Nanara's father.


Six months after Kakashi's departure, the Land of Redaku finds itself locked in a snowy winter. Yet because of the rains Nanara brought to the country, the scattered settlements have enough wheat in storage to last until spring. Manari, who now assists Nanara's in rebuilding the country, reports that Leh has returned with a package from the Seventh Hokage. When Nanara opens it, he finds that it's a copy of Icha Icha Paradise; printed on the cover is a "recommended by the Sixth Hokage" advertisement, next to which is a picture of Kakashi. Nanara cries.

Kakashi reaches Konoha fifteen days after leaving Redaku, a quicker journey than it took him to get there in the first place. He's been invited to a party at a bar in the village's new section, above the Hokage Rock; as usual, he arrives late. Kakashi chats briefly with some of them, former students all, but mostly he watches them, enjoying the knowledge that they can get drunk like this because of the Land of Fire's peace. The Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, spots Kakashi and shares his happiness that war was averted in the Land of Redaku. Although Naruto sounds the same as ever, Kakashi notices something off in his expression.

Kakashi departs as soon as he has the chance. He finds Shikamaru Nara waiting for him outside. Kakashi inquires about Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha, who Shikamaru reports have yet to return from the Astronomy Research Institute. Although Kakashi is confident they'll be back soon, Shikamaru is worried that Naruto is running out of time. They are interrupted by Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki, who are on their way to visit Iruka Umino; Sarada has been staying with Iruka while her parents are gone and has bought him some snacks as thanks. Mitsuki notes he hasn't seen Kakashi in a while and asks where he's been. The mission to Redaku is classified, and moreover Kakashi doesn't want to reveal Naruto's predicament to Boruto, so he says he's been at a hot spring. He smiles, his expression the same as ever.