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Manga Volume #36, Naruto Chapter #322 (Mentioned)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #455
Appears in Anime, Manga
Sex Gender Male.svg Male
Status Deceased

This shinobi was a missing-nin from an unknown village and a member of Akatsuki, who was partnered with Kakuzu.


Sometime after defecting from an unknown village, he joined the criminal organisation Akatsuki, becoming Kakuzu's fourth partner. In the anime, during a battle with several shinobi, he was eliminated by Kakuzu, who later, upon being chastised by his teammates, claimed he was too slow and should have simply dodged his attack.[1] Kakuzu later took his heart.[2]


In the anime, he was depicted as a tall man, even taller than Kakuzu himself, with short brown hair and a moustache, wearing a standard Akatsuki cloak. He had a broad nose, slightly wrinkled face and small black eyes.


Kakuzu's partner using his sword.

Although most of his abilities remain unknown, the fact that he was accepted into the Akatsuki proves that he was a powerful shinobi. He was also strong enough to have Kakuzu consider his heart worthy enough to take. In the anime, he was shown using a sword in battle, implying he has some skills in kenjutsu.


  • In the anime, as Kakuzu was in possession of a heart that had a fire affinity before his death, he either had a lightning, water or wind affinity.


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