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Kaminarimon Company (雷門カンパニー, Kaminarimon Kanpanī)
Anime Boruto Episode #1
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The Kaminarimon Company (雷門カンパニー, Kaminarimon Kanpanī) is a company that operates from its headquarters in Konohagakure. Regarded as the biggest enterprise in the land, its Ereki Kaminarimon credits his achievements as a shinobi during the Fourth Shinobi World War for his company's success. This company makes Thunder Trains.[1]

Kaminarimon first encountered with Boruto was when the young former accidentally knocked onto him while Kaminarimon was carrying many documents. It was when Boruto's casual remarks about a "big vehicle that carries human and goods" by the name of Thunder Train that inspired his career path of a shinobi to a successful business venture in logistics.[2]


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