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Kanna (Girl)
カンナ Kanna
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #466
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Sex Gender Female Female
Status Deceased

Kanna Ōtsutsuki (大筒木カンナ, Ōtsutsuki Kanna) was a villager during the era of Ninshū, where she lived in a village that Asura Ōtsutsuki was tasked to help. She eventually grew closer to him and became his wife.


Kanna lived in a village whose people were suffering from a strange illness that her mother fell victim to. When Asura and Taizō came to the village to solve their "problem" that Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki had tasked them with solving, she believed they were bandits where she was injured in the scuffle but Asura healed her gaining her trust. Seeing his healing abilities she hoped Asura could save her ailing mother but learned that the God Tree's influence was keeping her sick. When they confronted the elder about this, he revealed because there was nothing that could be done and she was forced to show Asura away.

Later, she discovered Asura was attempting to find water for the village so they could be saved and she rallied the villagers in helping him. During the time of the year-long excavation, she learned Ninshū from Asura. In the following year, Asura and the villagers succeeded in striking uncontaminated water so she was able to save her mother. She was among the villagers who travelled back with him, having grown feelings for him. With her arrival, she learned that Asura was chosen as Ninshū's successor and bore witness to his elder brother Indra Ōtsutsuki's vengeance and lent her abilities in aiding Asura to drive Indra off.

Sometime later, Kanna and Asura married and together they had two sons and a daughter. In her lifetime, she stood by her family during Hagoromo's final moments and watched him pass away peacefully.


Kanna was a kind but strong-spirited young girl, very open with her opinion. She was a very loving person as well, determined to help her mother and village with all her will.[1] At the same time, she was very bashful when it came to her personal feelings, as she refused to initially admit to her feelings for Asura. Years later, after marrying into Asura's family, she came to view Hagoromo as a dear father-figure, referring to him as "Father" and deeply saddened when he finally passed away.[2]


Kanna was a fair-skinned and slender woman of average height. As noted by Taizō, she was very beautiful. She had grey-eyes and dark-blue hair reaching her upper-back that was tied into twin ponytails. The strands at the side of her face reached her chin to frame her head and her bangs were cropped into a hime-style. She wore grey kimono. In later years, Kanna's hair grew longer and thicker and she wore a miko-like outfit.


Kanna was taught to use Ninshū by Asura and discovered she had a talent for healing chakra and was taught the Mystical Palm Technique.


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