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(, Kara, literally meaning: Shell or Husk)
Manga Volume #4, Boruto Chapter #15
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Game Naruto x Boruto: Ninja Voltage
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Kara (, カラ, Viz: The Husk, literally meaning: "Shell" or "Husk") is a secret society[1] founded by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

The group is made up of "Inners" (内陣, インナー, Innā) and "Outers" (外陣, アウトー, Autō), with each of the Inners being in charge of a particular region. Each Inner appears to bear a facial tattoo of a Roman numeral and wears a black hooded cloak with coloured lining, fastened at the right shoulder with a metal pin; all Inners are regarded as completely monstrous in power.[2]

Outers are individuals who support Kara's ideology from the outside and complete missions requested by the Inners, acting as conspirators, sleeper agents, and spies. Members include politicians and merchants, some of whom actively work to undermine the rule of the Daimyō and Kage.[3] Outers are also partly responsible for the widespread development and proliferation of Scientific Ninja Tools; as the Outers include engineers and scientists from various villages, they are able to significantly develop and improve the tools before bringing them back to Kara, leading to them possessing the latest in technology and engineering.[1] Regardless of their loyalty, Outers are easily expendable for the organisation.[4]

The secret society has accumulated a great deal of wealth and political influence, makes use of Scientific Ninja Tools, and communicates over long range via genjutsu.


From left to right; Amado, Boro, Delta, Jigen, Koji Kashin, Victor, and Code.

When Isshiki Ōtsutsuki came to earth over one thousand years ago to cultivate a chakra fruit, he was betrayed by his lower-ranked comrade, Kaguya, who injured him to the point of near death. Desperately clinging to life, Isshiki parasitically invaded Jigen, who was the only available human at the time.

Using Jigen as a host body, Isshiki formed the secret society, Kara, which recruited a group of people — the Inners — to assist him in cultivating a new God Tree to collect its chakra fruit,[5] under the promise that their personal wishes would be fulfilled.[6][7] Amado, the chief scientist of the organisation, modified every member with advanced Shinobi-Ware that they had an unwitting Katasuke Tōno deliver to them.

Due to losing Kaguya, Isshiki intended to feed himself to the Ten-Tails to have it bloom into the God Tree, as there were no other Ōtsutsuki to sacrifice. However, with his body being so critically and irreparably damaged by Kaguya and his vessel of Jigen being incompatible with the Kāma, this would produce an inferior Chakra Fruit.[8] In addition, Isshiki began preparing a new vessel to continue his survival, having purchased fifteen children to carry out his experiments to ensure his next body would be suitable for a full lifetime, with Kawaki being the result. Delta noted that Isshiki's investment in preparing his vessel was enough to buy an entire country. Kawaki's development, along with the God Tree's cultivation, became factors that had Kara pressed for time in their goals.[9] Code, being one of the fourteen children to be deemed a failure and the only one of those to survive, was left with a White Kāma instead, which does not have the capacity of reviving Isshiki, and was then recruited into Kara as an Inner, and Isshiki's most loyal subordinate.

However, when Boruto Uzumaki became the vessel for Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, the time limit was greatly alleviated.[9] Kara, therefore, shifted their plans to feeding Boruto to the beast instead, as his healthier and stronger body along with being compatible with the Kāma would result in a more potent Chakra Fruit.[8] Furthermore, Boruto's contact with Kawaki had led to both of their Kāma to decompress more rapidly than expected due to their resonance, a development that Isshiki found favourable.

In the anime, the Inners Victor and Deepa plotted to use Kara's resources for their own unauthorised project in recreating a God Tree via a splinter that Victor retrieved from the Fourth Shinobi World War, as opposed to helping Isshiki plant the one that was planned, in order to cultivate a Chakra fruit of their own. Victor desired this fruit early to ensure he would not die from his waning lifespan, while Deepa wanted to simply taste it. Deepa acknowledged that neither were trusted by the rest of Kara, and that Victor only became an Inner via a huge investment made by his company. Their plan ultimately failed, as the imitation of the God Tree could not produce a fruit, and Victor plotted to take Kawaki for himself to extend his own life afterwards. Isshiki did not trust Victor, and after learning from Deepa's temporarily revived head the truth, tasked Koji Kashin to execute the traitor.

Amado, though being Isshiki's right-hand man, was also a double-agent, having joined Kara solely to assassinate him and do away with the Ōtsutsuki clan. For that, he created the clone of Jiraiya, Koji Kashin, to assist him. Both Koji and Amado defected from Kara, secretly assisting Kawaki to escape and forced Isshiki to improperly revive via Jigen's body, so that his short lifespan will expire before he could rebrand Kawaki with Kāma.

Although Isshiki ultimately died before he could reapply the mark onto Kawaki, the data that was already extracted remained within his body. Momoshiki intended to reverse the roles of Kara's revised plans, to offer Kawaki as a sacrifice to Isshiki's Ten-Tails in order to collect a chakra fruit for himself. Isshiki's spirit temporarily manifested in Code's White Kāma, giving him the final order to take over the Ōtsutsuki Will, by cultivating a God Tree and consuming the chakra fruit, so as to become an Ōtsutsuki himself.

Known Members


Inners Status
Delta Incapacitated
Koji Kashin Defected
Boro Killed by Momoshiki-possessed Boruto
Jigen Killed by Koji Kashin
Isshiki Ōtsutsuki Vessel lifespan expired
Victor Killed by Koji Kashin
Code Active
Deepa (anime only) Crushed to death by falling debris, later revived and killed again by Amado
Amado Defected


Outers Status
Garashi Tōno (anime only) Committed suicide
Iwa Doctor (anime only) Absorbed by Victor's God Tree
Victor's Secretary (anime only) Killed by Orochimaru
Ao Killed by Koji Kashin
Garō Killed by Kawaki


  • The kanji used for the two divisions of the organisation are naijin (内陣) and gejin (外陣), respectively referring to the sanctum and the nave of a Heian-style Buddhist temple. When broken into individual kanji, they can be read literally as "inner team" and "outer team".
  • While not a member, Kawaki has a Roman numeral "Ⅸ" tattoo, which is located under his left eye.
    • Additionally, while viewed by Kara as just the vessel, Kawaki apparently held some access to Kara's information, as he noted that he had read Kara's files to learn about Tailed Beasts.
  • While Katasuke Tōno was never a direct member and was placed under genjutsu by Ao, this made him act on the group's objectives which revolved around the development of scientific ninja tools and industrial espionage.
  • The Roman numeral "Ⅷ" is still unaccounted for amongst the Inners.
  • Amado is the only Inner who doesn't have a Roman Numeral tattoo on his face, a black and secondary coloured cloak, or participates in the organisation's typical long distance meetings.


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