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カライ Karai
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #286
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Karai (カライ, Karai) is a shinobi from Kumogakure.


While returning from a covert mission in the Sugi Village having stolen their kinjutsu Karai, Nigai and the Fourth Raikage are set upon by the mercenary Nokizaru Group who had been hired to retrieve the scroll. Though they fled, an Exploding Insect was implanted into them microscopically and after they berated the Raikage, an irate Nigai attacked the group only to explode. Following the same vein, Karai attacked them but stopped before he could be killed. Later, Amai, another comrade and medical-nin attempted to heal him but to no avail. Eventually, despite his initial protest, Tsunade was sought out to heal him, and the insect was removed by Shizune while Amai helped conduct the surgery.


Karai is very loyal towards his village and A, to the point of refusing aid from anyone outside it and considering his life less worth than that of Raikage's pride. He even reprimanded Amai for referring to Tsunade with the honourific "-sama", due to her being from another village.


Karai is a dark-skinned young man, with dark eyes and blond, spiky hair which has a streak of dark orange on the left side. He is seen wearing the common uniform of Kumogakure with an upturned collar and sleeves, which are frayed at the shoulders.


Karai is capable of manipulating the Lightning Release nature transformation as shown when he used the Lightning Strike technique in an attempt to take out the Nokizaru group.


  • "Karai" (辛い) literally means "spicy".
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