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Chapter 417

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Team Samui

Karui (カルイ) is a kunoichi of Kumogakure and a member of Team Samui. The team is sent to Konoha by the Raikage to inform them that they would be taking care of Sasuke Uchiha and Akatsuki. In her first appearance, she and Omoi argued over the possible reasons that they could have been called by the Raikage. She assumed that he wanted them to get him more protein shakes; the argument started, however, with Omoi implicating to her being flat chested in comparison to their teammate Samui. She seems to be Kirābī's student along with the other two members of her team.

Part II

Hunt for the Eight-Tails

In his first appearance, he and Karui argued over the possible reasons that they could have been called by the Raikage. He thought he was going to be scolded for putting mayonnaise on his potatoes; the argument started, however, with Omoi suggesting that Samui's back problems stem from her big tits, something Karui doesn't need to worry about.

Post-Invasion of Pain

Later, after Naruto's victory over Nagato, Omoi and his team are seen traveling to Konoha, when he worries that once they get there, a girl will fall for him and once he has to leave, she'll commit suicide out of loneliness. After a short argument with Karui, she throws a rock at him. While he worries that she could have buried Konoha had she caused an avalanche, Karui angrily yells that he overreacts too much. After they arrive at Konoha, they are shocked to find a giant crater in its place (caused by Pain's Shinra Tensei shortly before his battle with Naruto). Omoi blames Karui for the crater being there, while Samui says they should ask someone for information on what happened.


  • "Karui" means "lightweight" in Japanese. It is the opposite of Omoi's name.

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