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カシケ Kashike
Manga Volume #15, Naruto Chapter #129
Anime Naruto Episode #75
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  • Part I: 6
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Kashike (カシケ, Kashike) is a former academy student of Sunagakure.


Kashike being saved by Yashamaru.

Kashike is a friend of Abiru, Tsuchino, and Tomari and used to play football with them around Sunagakure. After Gaara accidentally attacked them while trying to play with them,[2] Gaara brought Kashike ointment to apologise. Kashike refused his generosity and called Gaara a freak.[3] He remains scared of Gaara, and most other things to this day.[1] During his days at the academy, Kashike and his three friends chased Shira away since he couldn't enter the academy due to his lack of skills in ninjutsu and genjutsu.[4]


Kashike cares for his friends and, due to being attacked by Gaara one time, is a very frightened person.[1] In the anime, he is shown to be a bit of a bully, as shown when he threw rocks at Shira because of his lack of skill in ninja arts.[4]


Kashike has long messy dark-coloured hair which he held in a pony tail in the back and he has small black eyes. He wears a white tank-top like shirt.


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