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[[es:Técnica de Curación Remota]]
[[es:Técnica de Curación Remota]]
[[fr:Katsuyu - Immense Réseau de Guérison]]
[[fr:Katsuyu - Immense Réseau de Guérison]]
[[pt-br:Katsuyu: Imensa Rede de Cura]]

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Katsuyu: Immense Network Healing is a cooperation ninjutsu used by Katsuyu and its summoner using the link shared via the Strength of a Hundred Seal.[3]


Firstly, Katsuyu divides its body into several smaller clones, and then each attaches itself to a person. The slug's summoner then channels their medical chakra through Katsuyu, who in turn transfers it to the wounded person, healing their wounds, restoring their stamina and chakra reserves.[1]

This technique allows the user to heal a great number of persons simultaneously regardless of distance. While using this technique, the user is linked with Katsuyu, shown when Tsunade was able to communicate directly with the slug, had a sense of what Katsuyu was encountering on the battlefield, her reaction to Katsuyu finding Kakashi Hatake apparently dead,[4] and later when she told Chōji Akimichi that his father was still alive after a brief pause.[5]


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