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"Kawaki" (カワキ, Kawaki) is chapter 24 of the Boruto manga.


Jigen and Delta discuss the meal they're sharing. Delta is concerned about the Koji Kashin's retrieval of the "vessel". Jigen is confident in his skills and loyalty to the mission. Jigen considers the possibility of something having picked his interest, and Delta kicks away the table in anger, demanding to know Jigen's explanation for how long the vessel's recovery is taking. Jigen creates a new table with the rest of the meal, the one Delta broke still in pieces. Despite his confidence in Koji Kashin, Jigen allows Delta to check on the mission's progress herself, and report back to him if there are any issues. The Konoha shinobi observe the passed out boy, noting his slight injuries and the mark he shares with Boruto. Boruto feels his mark throb, and the boy stirs, feeling the same pain. The unconscious boy dreams back to when his abusive father sold him to Jigen, who told him to be at ease, as he was his father now. As Kawaki wakes up, Konohamaru senses danger, and has everyone jump back. Kawaki wakes up screaming not to touch him in a surge of energy. Konohamaru takes the surge as proof he was the one who defeated the other puppets. Kawaki angrily asks if they're pursuers from Kara. Konohamaru identifies the group as Konoha shinobi. Koji Kashin watches from afar and is joined by Delta. They talk briefly, and he asks her if she brought an Outer. She confirms having brought Garō. Kawaki asks them why Konoha shinobi are interested in him, and they explain how they came about him. Kawaki doesn't trust them when they ask him to inform about the blimp, and threatens to kill them when they want to take him in. Boruto shows him his Kāma and asks him about it. Delta is surprised by it. Kawaki takes Boruto's possession of Kāma as proof he's from Kara. They're interrupted by Delta's Outer Garō, addressing Kawaki as the vessel, who takes issue being treated like an object, and reminds Garō he ripped his jaw. Garō launches an attack, Kawaki covers the distance between them quickly, and makes his own attack, morphing his right arm into a blade. Garō blocks it with his gauntlet, and notes how weakened Kawaki is. Kawaki is unconcerned by it.

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