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カザン Kazan

  • Hundred Transformations Kazan (百変化のカザン, Hyaku Henge no Kazan)
Movie Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased


Kazan (カザン, Kazan), renowned as Hundred Transformations Kazan (百変化のカザン, Hyaku Henge no Kazan) was a Yugakure shinobi who appeared in Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison.


Kazan was a very strong-willed individual who was proud of his abilities. He does have a sense of loyalty and repaying debt, as he followed orders from Mui and his four council members to save his son, who was held captive by the five, and when Mui rescued him from the other four's betrayal, Kazan repaid his debt by protecting Mui and attempted to avenge him when Muku attacked.


Kazan was a somewhat short and bald-headed man with dark eyes and a brown goatee. He wore a long-sleeved green kimono shirt with white trimming underneath a yellow, sleeveless jacket held closed by a broad sash. He also wore a pair of black pants and soft, Chinese shoes, and what appeared to be a scarf around his neck.


Kazan was so talented with the Transformation Technique and employed it to transform into anybody to conceal his identity that he was renowned as Hundred Transformations Kazan (百変化のカザン, Hyaku Henge no Kazan). He was also skilled with a pair of kusarigama which he wielded, being able to fight A to a standstill showing impressive speed and agility.

Plot Overview

Kazan disguised himself as Naruto Uzumaki and assassinated jōnin from Iwagakure and Kumogakure, as well as attempted to kill the Fourth Raikage, framing the real Naruto of such crimes, having been hired by Mui to do so, in order for Mui to make use of Naruto. Kazan later infiltrated the Hōzuki Castle and was causing much trouble for jailers. The reason behind this was revealed to be the fact that they had captured his son. Later after being confronted by Mui and a group of masked individuals on a cliff, before Kazan was able to attack them, they paralysed him and send him plummeting to the sea below. It was later revealed that Mui had saved Kazan from the fall "on a whim" he noted, as well as Kazan's son. Kazan would later fight side by side with Mui — even assuming his identity. When the council of masked individuals tried to stop Mui from wasting the one wish granted by the Box of Ultimate Bliss, Kazan intervened and prevented them from stopping Mui who begrudgingly accepted his help. After Mui was cut down by his son Muku, Kazan rushed forward to attack the young man, but before he could attack him, Muku bisected Kazan with his bare hands.


  • When written as 火山, his name means "volcano"..
  • The English version of the movie mistakenly identifies Kazan as hailing from a "Village Hidden in Lava".
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