"Kiba Turns the Tables!! Naruto Turns the Tables?!!" (キバの逆転!!ナルトの逆転!!?, Kiba no Gyakuten!! Naruto no Gyakuten!!?, Viz: Kiba Turns the Tables… and so Does Naruto?!) is chapter 76 of the original Naruto manga.


Kiba tosses a pill to Akamaru, giving him the strength to escape the shadow clone's grasp. Kiba then turns Akamaru into a copy of himself, making them equally formidable and leaving Naruto unable to determine which is the real Kiba. They both double-team Naruto, but Naruto is unwilling to give in with everyone's eyes now upon him. Kiba taunts his hopes of victory and attacks again. Naruto turns himself into another Kiba to try and confuse Kiba and Akamaru. Kiba, with his superior sense of smell, attacks the Kiba he believes to be the fake, but the Kiba turns into Akamaru after being hit.

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