• Age: 141 (deceased)
  • Rank: Genin
  • Height: 150 cm1
  • Weight: 39 kg1
  • Birthday: July 61
  • Blood Type: O1
  • Seiyu: Akiko Koike
  • Voice actor: Stephanie Sheh
  • Unique traits: Genjutsu-casting bells (anime only)

Kin Tsuchi (キン・ツチ) is a Genin-level ninja from the Hidden Sound Village. She takes part in the Chunin exam under orders from Orochimaru to kill Sasuke Uchiha. In the process her body gets taken over by Yamanaka Ino's mind-swapping technique, and she has to be knocked out by her own teammates. She uses a combination of bells, strings, and needles to confuse her enemies. In the anime, the bells caused genjutsu through sound waves, further confusing and disorientating her opponent.

In the third stage preliminaries she is matched against Nara Shikamaru, who defeats her through his Shadow Imitation Technique by contracting his shadow and minimizing it under the string attached to a needle she threw; she didn't notice that a string at that height wouldn't be able to cast a shadow. Shikamaru used his jutsu to bring her head into the wall while he was a different distance away. In the process, Kin received a concussion.

Kin is later betrayed and murdered by Orochimaru in order to be one of the sacrifices needed to summon the First and Second Hokages from their graves with Impure World Resurrection.


  • Kin is named for the sound of metal clashing, specifically samurai swords in battle.
  • In addition Kin is Japanese for 'golden'.
  • Tsuchi means Earth. It's also the Japanese name for one of the three ear bones, hammer.
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