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Lady Kiri
伎璃 Kiri
Anime Boruto Episode #40
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Kiri (伎璃, Kiri) is the village head of Green Banks.


Growing up with her father, Kiri looked up to him in how he was both such a strong and wise leader. Upon her father passing away suddenly, Kiri succeeded him and became the village head of Green Banks. Afterwards, the village was attacked by Pale Blue Valley, with the intention of forcing Kiri to hand over the deed to village's bridge her father had built.


Before her father's demise, Kiri was a cheerful girl who idolised the man. She aspired to be like him. After he died and Kiri became the new village head, she became more stoic and independent, convinced that she needed to shoulder all the problems. After help from Team 7, she learned the importance of trusting in others.


Kiri is a young girl of average height with fair-skin and onyx hair and purple eyes. Her hair is cropped off with short bangs over her forehead and longer strands framing the sides of her face. She wears a white shirt and skirt with a green vest. She also wears bandages on her arms with wrist-warmers.

New Era

Genin Mission Arc

Three months after her father's death, Kiri let Konohagakure shinobi into her village after she requested them for a mission. Upon formally meeting Team 7, Kiri went over the details of their mission, and informed Konohamaru Sarutobi that the people from the Pale Blue Valley had hired shinobi. Their meeting is cut short when an intruding shinobi kills a villager, leading to Konohamaru asking her to be honest about the situation. After revealing to the shinobi they're after the deed to the village's bridge, Kiri ran through the village to see why the villagers were up in arms. She is stopped by Iori, who held her hostage before kidnapping her.

Later, she learns that Iori in fact poisoned her father as he was hired by the Pale Blue Valley to steal the deed. Iori was then betrayed by the shinobi he hired for help and killed. The two missing-nin then prepared for an exchange with Team 7, only to instead plan to kill them as well. Team 7's genin were able to save Kiri while Konohamaru fended off the enemies. As Kiri voiced her disapproval at giving up the deed, Boruto Uzumaki explained that the entire village made the choice to save her. Touched by the village's loyalty to her, Kiri accepted that she can't be expected to do everything on her own. She then watched in amazement as Team 7 defeated the enemies. Upon returning to the village, she apologised to everyone for keeping secrets and promised to be more open and ask for their opinion in the future, to which the village all agreed that she would eventually become an even greater leader than her father. Afterwards, Kiri renamed the village's rest area in honour of Team 7.

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