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コムシ Komushi
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #319
Appears in Anime
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Part II: 150 cm
    1.5 m
    4.921 ft
    59.055 in

Komushi (コムシ, Komushi) was a young shinobi from Sunagakure.


Komushi infected by his own poison

Komushi infected by the poison in the puppet arm.

Komushi grew up during the tenure of the Third Kazekage, where he primarily worked as a messenger for Chiyo to her grandson Sasori, with whom he had a friendly relationship. During a border-patrol mission Komushi was wounded and subsequently lost an arm. This was later replaced by Sasori with that of a puppet as a prosthetic limb. Later he ingested some of Sasori's poison by mistake and died while Chiyo tried to save him. Because he knew Sasori would be blamed, Komushi's last request was that Sasori would not be blamed for his own careless mistake. Due to his mother's pleading to bring Komushi back to her, Sasori later turned him into a human puppet.


Sasori and Komushi

Komushi observing Sasori working on his puppets.

Komushi was a friendly and eager shinobi, who craved recognition and admiration as a shinobi, akin to that which Sasori received for his outstanding puppets. He showed great care for his friend and confided in him his pains and goals; in his dying moments, he pleaded Chiyo to not blame Sasori for his death. Komushi also yearned not to be treated like a child by his mother.


Komushi had chin-length brown hair, a square jaw and large green eyes. For an outfit he wore a green jacket with rolled up sleeves over a dark-grey under-shirt and dark shorts. He had a shuriken holster was strapped to his right thigh. After an accident on a mission, he had a puppet arm surgically attached in place of his lost right arm.


Komushi's puppet arm

Komushi with his new puppet arm.

While seemingly unskilled, Komushi's attached puppet arm could extend a hidden blade from the palm to be used offensively, his puppet arm was coated in Sasori's special made poison. Komushi must have been able to use chakra threads and the Puppet Technique to be able to use this puppet arm.

He also seemed knowledgeable in herbs since he could distinguish the rarity of the herbs on Sasori's poison ingredients list.


  • When written as 小虫, Komushi literally means "midge".
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