• The research facility.
  • Iō's prototype tools.

The Konoha Ninja Tool Research Facility: Detached Office (木ノ葉忍具研究所・分室, Konoha Ningu Kenkyūsho: Bunshitsu) is a research building facility run by with his assistant Shōseki.[1] The facility specialises in the making of new weapons, such as the Jidanda, for Konoha-nin to wield. Though the station was originally located in Konoha, it was forced to relocate to the outskirts of the village due to the random explosions which Iō claims are "challenges" during his inventing. The facility also includes a trap door in the case of an emergency. Inside the trap door, there are many defence mechanisms, and the only way to get past is by accurately striking the targets. Once past the security room, there is yet another room filled with many of Iō's prototype ninja tools, which he will not allow Konoha to use because he believes his tools need to be handled with great care and precision.


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