This is the article on the manga chapter. For the character, head to Konohamaru Sarutobi.

"Konohamaru!!" (木ノ葉丸!!, Konohamaru!!) is chapter 2 of the original Naruto manga.


While preparing for his life as a ninja, Naruto Uzumaki meets the young Konohamaru in the middle of an attempt on the Third Hokage's life. When he fails, Konohamaru asks to train under Naruto, hoping that his Sexy Technique will be enough to defeat the Third and become Hokage. Planning to become Hokage himself, Naruto asks why he would want the title. Konohamaru explains that, as the Third's grandson, people only identify him as such and not by his name. He hopes that, by becoming Hokage, people will acknowledge him, not because he's the grandson of the latter.

Knowing what Konohamaru is going through, Naruto agrees to train him. Ebisu, Konohamaru's tutor, believes the "Nine-Tails boy" is a bad influence and attempts to stop their training. Konohamaru uses his perfected Sexy Technique to try and get rid of Ebisu, but it has no effect. Naruto follows up with his Harem Technique, which affected Ebisu and a proof he's also a pervert. Seeing that he still has much to learn, Konohamaru breaks off his student-teacher relationship with Naruto, as depending on Naruto's help to become Hokage would mean he is unfit for the position.

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