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コレガ Korega
Movie Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
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Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
  • Captain of the Land of the Moon Military

Korega (コレガ, Korega) was the captain of the Land of the Moon's military.


Korega had a really serious, mannered, and tough attitude. He was also very obedient, given that he remained loyal to Kakeru Tsuki, the former king, and his son and grandson, Michiru and Hikaru Tsuki, respectively. Furious at Kakeru's dethronement and demise, Korega attacked Shabadaba's henchmen with his team in a rage-filled desire for revenge despite everyone's superior power.


Korega had a short crop of fuzzy black hair, thick black eyebrows and brown eyes. He wore a flak jacket with a red phoenix crest on his left chest side.


Korega was the captain of the Land of the Moon's military force, and advised Kakeru of Minister Shabadaba's danger, showing competent leadership and advisory skills.


Korega's weapon was a sabre, which he wielded with enough skill to hold off many of his former comrades when defending Michiru from Shabadaba's orders.

Plot Overview

After Shabadaba revealed that he had betrayed the king, had him killed and took the throne, he sent a high number of men to kill Michiru, Hikaru, and all the others. Shortly after, Korega appeared to help Naruto and the others from Shabadaba's henchmen and tells the ones he faces that they were all with the previous king and not the present king. After meeting Kakashi, Kakashi tells him to get Michiru and Hikaru out of the place with the coach. Meanwhile, Kakashi used Earth Release to block the way to Korega.

Taking them to a place for a reason as to why he fought, he took them to Kakeru, the dying king. After Michiru, Kakashi and his team took the king's final words, Korega shed tears to his death.

Later on an attempt to get Michiru and Hikaru to board boats to safety, the Wandering Ninja Clan intercepted them. Korega served for backup first, but after Ishidate was about to turn into stone and kill Kakashi with his Petrification Gauntlet Korega interfered with Ishidate, and explained how he wanted revenge for Kakeru's demise. Korega tried to slash Ishidate with his sword, but Ishidate dodged everything and toyed with Korega for a while. After hearing Michiru's cry for help, he shouted out loud, which left him off-guard. Ishidate placed his hand on Korega's back and turned him completely into stone. To mock Kakashi and Korega's team, Ishidate told them that what he just did was indeed a work of art. But it was not "perfect", so then he used Korega's own sword to shatter the stone body, killing him.

In the aftermath, Korega's team mourned for his death and stated that they will always remember Korega as their great and strongest captain.

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