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"Kotoamatsukami" ("別天神", "Kotoamatsukami") is chapter 550 of the original Naruto manga.


Itachi's crow flies out of Naruto's mouth. Itachi attempts to use Amaterasu on Naruto but the crow locks the eyes with Itachi causing him to stop. Itachi then uses Amaterasu on Nagato's dog summon and then turns to use it on Nagato himself and the bird summon. Itachi explains to Naruto why the crow has a Mangekyō Sharingan and how he got it. Shisui Uchiha had given his Sharingan to Itachi and wanted him to use it to protect Konoha. Kabuto overhears the conversation and states that his luck keeps getting better. Nagato uses Shinra Tensei to free himself from Itachi's flames, and Kabuto seemingly removes his personality. Nagato sneaks behind Naruto with his chameleon summon and uses Shinra Tensei once again to attack Killer B and Naruto. Nagato appears behind B and tries to attack him, but B goes into his Version 2 transformation and counters Nagato's attack with a Tailed Beast Lariat. Nagato uses the Preta Path's ability to absorb B's chakra, which leads Nagato to regain a youthful appearance. Nagato then grabs hold of Naruto and uses the Human Path technique.

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