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コヅチ Kozuchi
Anime Boruto Episode #71
Appears in Anime
Sex Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Ninja Rank

Kozuchi (コヅチ, Kozuchi) was a citizen of Iwagakure.


Kozuchi lived with his grandfather following the elderly man's retirement. Later, he died while fighting a group of missing-nin who were stealing the secrets of Iwagakure.


From what little was seen of him, Kozuchi was shown to be a very happy and energetic boy. He was noted by Ōnoki to be very smart. He was very close to his grandfather and likewise committed to his village. He dreamed of becoming Tsuchikage one day and to which, embodied Iwagakure's believe in the Will of Stone, facing all problems with unwavering resolve. However, his commitment was also accompanied by recklessness, overestimated his actual abilities, which led to his untimely demise.


Kozuchi is a young boy who bore a striking resemblance to Boruto Uzumaki, enough that a delirious Ōnoki mistook Boruto for him. He was a short boy with fair skin, black spiky hair with bangs that part around his face, and dark blue eyes. He wore a red shirt and grey vest with grey pants.


Kozuchi's death weighed heavily on Ōnoki, who believed that it was his fault Kozuchi died after telling him the ideals of a Tsuchikage to face problems head-on. This, combined with knowing of Kozuchi's desire to protect the peace made Ōnoki begin a new plan make lasting peace by cultivating artificial beings to fight in place of humans. This desire became so all-consuming that he used the remains of a White Zetsu to further his research and hid his efforts from all until he assured he would succeed.

After completing his research in the form of the Akuta and Fabrication, Ōnoki used his creations to forcibly reconstruct Iwagakure's infrastructure. However, once seeing his creations go out of control and enforce marshal law, Ōnoki was ashamed of his actions, knowing that Kozuchi would never approve of this. To which, the elderly man was determined to atone for his mistakes before seeing Kozuki in the next life, sacrificing himself to end the threat.

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