This kunai-like weapon is a blade. Kotetsu Hagane has two in his possession, which he uses in cooperate attacks with his partner Izumo Kamizuki. Its general appearance is that of a kunai, but the blade instead is curved, elongated, and single-edged, giving it a similar appearance and function to a sword. The weapon has a small hole right near its long, bandaged hilt, while at its edge, it sports a larger version of the standard ring all kunai have. While not in use, Kotetsu keeps both his blades bandaged and strapped to his back. The duo can connect their blades with a chain attached to a weight, which they can use to immobilise an opponent.

Similar Weapons

  • After the final battle between Chiyo and Sasori, blades resembling kunai blades could be seen sticking up from the ground.[1] This indicates that one or both of their puppet hordes used them. In the anime, Sasori's puppets are shown wielding sword-length kunai blades of various shapes.[2]
  • In the manga, the kunai which the Prajñā Group used in their attack on Danzō Shimura were sword-like, lacked rings on the handles, and appeared to be about a metre long.[3]
  • The standard chakra blade used by Konohagakure shinobi resembles a dagger-like, elongated kunai.


  • The shape of the kunai blades suggests that they can be combined and used to cut through opponents in a way similar to scissors.


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