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"Kurama!!" (九喇嘛!!, Kurama!!) is chapter 570 of the original Naruto manga.


After Naruto successfully removes the chakra receiver, Tobi instantly summons the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and reseals Son Gokū, but not before it leaves Naruto with a parting gift. With a declaration that he intends to go all-out from this point on because they had something that belonged to him, Tobi forces the remaining five jinchūriki into their respective full tailed beast forms. As Kakashi and Guy watch on in shock, Kurama tells Naruto that it is willing to lend him more of its power. Somewhat taken back by this, Naruto then proceeds to thank Kurama for helping him during his brief battle with Madara Uchiha, to which the fox rebuffs. Naruto then chastises Kurama for the manner in which he took gratitude before the fox — offering him its fist — tells Naruto to meld his chakra with its own. Bumping fists with Kurama, Naruto stands and tells B and the Eight-Tails that he was ready to go again. They however tell him that they would take the front lines while Naruto acts as support since he was unable to attain the Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto however declines this manoeuvre, leading the Eight-Tails to wonder if Kurama had finally come around. As Naruto places his hand on the seal on his stomach and opens the gates that held Kurama back, he acknowledges Kurama that it was no longer the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, but a comrade from Konohagakure.