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クロバチ Kurobachi
Anime Naruto Episode #148
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Status Deceased

Kurobachi (クロバチ, Kurobachi) was a shinobi from Iwagakure's Kamizuru clan.


The Kamizuru clan fell from grace due to conflict with the Aburame clan of Konohagakure in the past. Like the Aburame clan, the Kamizuru focused on the utilisation of bugs in their techniques. They sought the legendary bikōchū in the hopes it would help in the revitalisation of their clan. Kurobachi's grandfather, the First Tsuchikage, then hid away his forbidden secrets so they couldn't be used against the clan.


Kurobachi, like his brother and sister, hated the Aburame clan.


Kurobachi had black eyes and black hair that connected into a beard and a moustache. He wore grey zip up pancho over a long black zip up covering that had beige-coloured outlining. He wore a pair of black baggy pants and red open-toed sandals.


He has shown to be physically strong and could also use the Hiding with Camouflage Technique, which made him highly suitable for scouting missions.

Kamizuru Clan Techniques

As a member of the Kamizuru clan, Kurobachi's fighting style resolved around the use of bees. He could create a clone out of wax and also use his bees to shoot poisonous stingers at the target.

Part I

Bikōchū Search Mission

He and his siblings went looking for the bikōchū beetle in the hopes that it will help them find their grandfather's secret scrolls. He and his brother Jibachi were killed from an attempt to kill Hinata by drowning her which failed and they got crushed by Suzumebachi's giant bee.


  • "Kurobachi" (黒蜂) means Black Bee.
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