The Land of Medicines is the name commonly used for the region surrounding the "Three Wolves" mountain range, because of how many medicinal plants grow there; using just the plants that grow near the Howling Wolf Village, over three hundred different medicines can be produced. Ninja from Amegakure once tried to take control of the land in order to gain exclusive use of these plants, but they were fought off and killed by the Howling Wolf Village's blue fire powder.

The mountains and villages that are established upon them all have "wolf" in their name because of Rōen, a wolf-like monster that has terrorised the area since ancient times.


  • Howling Wolf Village
  • Awakening Wolf Village (狼起の里, Rōki no Sato)
  • Nourishing Wolf Village (狼喰の里, Rōgurai no Sato)
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