Capital destroyed

How the capital castle looks now.

The Land of Neck (首の国, Kubi no Kuni) is featured in episode 194 of the anime. Kōza Kubisaki was the daimyō of this land 50 years prior to the start of the series. In the anime, Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba are travelling close to the capital of this land, which was destroyed by an enemy army.

Kubisaki Pass

Kubisaki Pass (首崎峠, Kubisaki Tōge) is where Kōza's castle once stood. During the ending stages of a war, he summoned the Shiromari as a last resort against his enemies, but died before he could release the summon. As a result, Shiromari took on the form of the castle, replacing the fortress that has been destroyed, and devouring anyone who approaches. Princess Kayo, on her way to visit the Land of Bean Jam, took shelter here from rain, but Shiromari attacked her delegation, thus leading to Naruto's group to find her. With the help of Kōza's spirit, the three managed to destroy the summoning contract and free Shiromari, thus saving Kayo and her escort.

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