The Land of Valleys.

The Land of Valleys (谷間の国, Tanima no Kuni) is a country that is a considerable distance from the Land of Fire. The country is home to a medical care manufacturing company founded by Victor after the Fourth Shinobi World War. Its foundation there led to various technicians from other regions to flock in that area in pursuit of better opportunities, leading to the country's progressive infrastructure and emerging development.

Later, it was discovered that the company's philanthropist goals were a façade, as it was actually running unethical and inhumane experiments in an attempt to create an artificial God Tree by using human lives as nourishment. With Konoha-nin tricking Victor into showing the Valleys Daimyō the truth behind the scenes, and the artificial God Tree failing to produce the Chakra Fruit, the building was destroyed during the efforts to subdue the tree. Mia, who lost her husband Anato due to Victor's machinations, testified against the corporation, thus bringing an end to its trust and patronage from the Land of Valleys.


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