"Laughing Shino" (笑うシノ, Warau Shino) is episode 186 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto and Shino were sent on a mission to Motoyoshi Village to help Fūta Kagetsu inherit his wealth before his greedy sister Tsukiko, by standing in at their father's funeral, so the man won't be tempted to laugh and lose his inheritance. On their way, they encounter an old woman who is leaving town who gives them a suspicious warning. While guarding the man and trying to prevent him from laughing, Shino eats dinner first to prevent any poison from entering their host because his insects will neutralise the poison. He ends up laughing, and the insects can't neutralise the poison. Naruto was forced to stand in for Shino. At the funeral, the other guests tried every way to make Naruto laugh, but all in vain with the help of Shino's bugs. In the end it is revealed that the old lady Shino and Naruto met earlier was the deceased father Tōbei, and he had faked his own death and the ridiculous will to make the family laugh again. Shino later threatens Naruto not to ever tell anyone that he made a joke.


  • The episode is also known as the Funeral Proxy Mission.