This is the article on the technique used by Rock Lee in episode 123. For the technique used by Rock Lee in episode 22, head to Leaf Gale.

The user delivers a series of high and low kicks, each of which is fast enough that even the Sharingan can't react to them. When Rock Lee performs it against Sasuke Uchiha, he starts with a backwards high kick using his left foot, the motion of which then helps him deliver a low kick with his right. Although the first kick is damaging on its own, it's primarily intended as a distraction, forcing Sasuke to block it and thus rendering him vulnerable to the second kick.[1]

When Lee uses Leaf Whirlwind against Kimimaro, he performs it more akin to Dynamic Entry.[2]


  • Some Naruto media have confused what "Leaf Whirlwind" is. Videos games from the Naruto: Clash of Ninja series, for instance, use its name for moves that more closely resemble Leaf Strong Whirlwind. The English anime has at times also used the same translation ("Leaf Hurricane") for both Leaf Whirlwind and Leaf Gale.

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