The user shoots a bolt of electricity from their hand to strike a target. It was invented by Kakashi Hatake as a replacement for the Lightning Cutter, which he could no longer safely use after the loss of his Sharingan. In Kakashi Hiden, Kakashi typically uses Purple Electricity to strike targets from a distance, though he does sometimes use it through direct contact, as when he places his hand on spilled alcohol in order to transmit Purple Electricity throughout the surrounding area. He can modulate the intensity of the Purple Electricity, creating a blast strong enough to remove a target's explosive vest but without setting off the explosive or otherwise affecting the target. Conversely, he is later shown using all his chakra to perform a Purple Electricity powerful enough to induce the rain clouds he's falling through to start producing rain.

The anime has sometimes shown Purple Electricity being used in ways reminiscent of the Lightning Cutter, with Kakashi gathering lightning to his hand and quickly striking targets with it. He can even use it similarly to the Chidori Current, sending bolts of purple lightning all around his body in a omni-directional attack.[2]


  • The term "shiden" is part of the idiom "shiden'issen" (紫電一閃, literally meaning: violet electricity flash), which refers to a sword flash or a quick brandishing of a sword akin to lightning.
  • In the manga, Boruto is listed as being able to use this jutsu himself.[1] In the anime, Boruto originally used this technique through the Shinobi Gauntlet. Boruto evidently could not use it himself at the time, as it was what tipped off Naruto Uzumaki that Boruto must be using the tool.[3]
  • While he has yet to use the technique in the anime, Mitsuki is seen using it in the second version of the opening, BAKU.

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