This article is about the technique. For the chapter, see Limbo: Border Jail…!!.

Using his Rinnegan, Madara Uchiha projects a shadow of himself into Limbo (輪墓, Rinbo, literally meaning: Wheel Grave), an invisible world that coexists with the physical world but that is ordinarily impossible to detect or perceive.[2] With one Rinnegan, Madara can form only one shadow, but with two Rinnegan, he can form up to four. Each shadow has the same abilities as the real Madara, with the added advantage of being untrackable.[1] The shadows can attack targets, giving the appearance of an inexplicable force knocking them down,[3] or they can defend Madara, giving the appearance of an invisible wall around him.[4] The shadows are invulnerable to any kind of physical damage and cannot be harmed through conventional means.[2] A shadow's very formation can be used defensively, taking Madara's place mid-attack as a sort of Body Replacement Technique.[5] After a certain amount of time, a shadow will need to return to Madara's body, and he will likewise need to wait a certain amount of time before he can reform it.[6]

Against most opponents, Madara's shadows give him an insurmountable advantage. But Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, after receiving Six Paths chakra, undermine some of the shadows' usual benefits: Sasuke can see them with his own Rinnegan; Naruto can sense them while using Six Paths Sage Mode;[2] Naruto can damage them using Six Paths Senjutsu.[6] Through a combination of these skills, Naruto is able to capture a shadow, preventing it from returning to Madara.[7]



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