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"Limbo: Border Jail…!!" (輪墓・辺獄…!!, Rinbo: Hengoku…!!) is chapter 659 of the original Naruto manga.


The taste of his own blood and the pain he feels makes Madara ecstatic, and as he begins to heal as a result of having Hashirama's power, he notes that having a living body had made him temporarily careless. Madara prepares to perform a summon, which puts Kurama on edge, recalling when it was summoned by Madara once before. Shukaku tells Kurama not to fret over one human, leading the fox to tell the tanuki never to underestimate Madara. Launching his plan, Madara summons the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path from inside Obito which Kakashi tries ripping its head off, but only manages to take out its right arm before the statue is summoned to Madara's side. Madara notices the damage, and while conceding the opposing side has someone with a good dōjutsu, concludes that it would not make much of a difference. Naruto and the tailed beasts notice the summon, and that Madara no longer has an Impure World Reincarnation body. Naruto surmises that Madara had Obito bring him back to life. Elsewhere, Black Zetsu and Obito argue over the Rinnegan while Madara jumps atop the statue and focuses his Rinnegan on them, causing the tailed beasts to be sent hurtling backwards. The legendary Uchiha then has the statue use its chains to restrain them before declaring that he will first extract Gyūki and Kurama from their jinchūriki.

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