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== Makibishi ==
== Makibishi ==
*'''Name:''' Makibishi (''English TV'' "Makibishi Spikes")
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*'''Users:''' [[Kakashi Hatake]], [[Itachi Uchiha]]
*'''Debut(Anime):''' ''Naruto'' Episode 8
Makibishi are small, sharp objects that are mostly used to prevent someone from walking from one side to another, since they would hurt their feet if they tried to pass it, it's rarley used in Naruto, but Itachi once used it combined with a smoke bomb and Kakashi used them during a fight with Zabuza.
== Manriki-gusari ==
== Manriki-gusari ==

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File:Hip pouch.jpg

The ninja in Naruto are often seen using various tools or weapons to help them in battle. The following is a list of the known weapons.


  • Users: Many characters.
  • Description: During the Chūnin exams, it was confirmed that animals can be considered a ninja tool. This was brought into question immediately prior to Naruto's fight with Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru.

A ninja's jutsu may often involve use of various animals; most notably among the Leaf ninja are the Aburame clan; who form a symbiotic relationship with a beetle-like species of insect called the Kikaichū. Also, the Inuzuka clan; which favors the use of canines in battle. In this first style of animal usage, the relationship between ninja and animal extends beyond battle; as they will be in each others company for most of their lives. The ninja will develop a unique style to maximize coordination between himself and his animal partner(s).

Another form of animal usage, and far more common, comes from the Summoning Technique. An example of a Summoning Technique is that of Kakashi that calls eight nindogs including Pakkun. This method is a time/space jutsu, which calls an animal to the user during battle after drawing blood and using sufficient chakra.

Chakra Enhanced Trench Knives

Main article: Chakra Enhanced Trench Knives

Chakra Seal Tag

  • Users: Some ninja
  • Description: Using a tag similar to the exploding tag and placing it on a door, the user prevents anyone else from entering or leaving the room. By using a special hand seal, the tag disappears.

Exploding Tag

Main article: Exploding Tag

Flash Bombs

Fūma Shuriken

Main article: Fūma Shuriken

Infinite Armor

Main article: Infinite Armor The Infinite Armour (無限甲蓋, Mugen Kōgai) was a unique armoured chest plate, fashioned into the shape of a tiger's face. This armour has the abilities to take almost all the damage in a fall and draw out and, at an alarming rate, absorb the chakra of anyone or anything that comes into contact with it. When Gaara's chakra-imbued sand came into contact with it, the chakra moulded into the sand was drained and the sand fell inert. When Rock Lee tried to attack Suiko directly, the armour drained the chakra out of the kick. The armour was even able to nearly absorb all of Shukaku's chakra from Gaara in a matter of moments. The chakra drained can then be used to revitalise injuries and replenish chakra. Hōki used the chakra drained by the armour to perfectly resurrect Seimei, and further empower the other weapons in his possession. Another tool, in the user's possession, can be used to extend the reach of the armour's chakra-draining ability. This becomes evident when Suiko used the armour in conjunction with a flail-like mace that served as a conduit for the Infinite Armour to drain an opponent's chakra through.

The Infinite Armour cannot drain chakra faster than a piercing projectile can penetrate the armour itself: Suiko died when Gaara felled him with a Spear of Sand, and Seimei was defeated when Gaara used his Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack: Spear of Shukaku technique to pierce the armour and then used Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral to crush and bury both Seimei and the armour.


Main article: Jōhyō The jōhyō consists of a long rope, typically several metres long, with a handle attached to one end, and a metal dart attached to other, acting as a weight which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long range target to bind them, then either reel them in or perform an attack on them.


Main article: Kama A kama is a Japanese sickle used as a weapon. It has a short handle and a pointed beak with a sharp cutting edge that inflicts damage. There is also a variation of the kama, a kusarigama, which has a chain attached to it for increasing its attack range.


  • Users: Sasuke Uchiha, Zabuza Momochi, Kisame Hoshigaki, Raiga Kurosuki, Hanzaki Fūma, Suigetsu Hozuki, Hayate Gekkō, Orochimaru, most Konoha ANBU members, and Aoi Rokusho.
  • Description: "Katana" is the general description of any Japanese sword or bladed weapon that is longer than a dagger. They vary in size, shape, and even in material. Katana, when used, often become the central focus of the ninja's jutsu, with the sword-user developing techniques to maximize his sword's efficiency.
  • Traditional use: In tradition, a katana is a single-edged sword designed for open-field combat. The blunt end of the katana could be, technically, used as a bludgeon tool. The forging of a katana can take over half a day, and is still considered an art in today's society. Katanas are not made for precise cutting-related attacks, since it could damage the blade. Wakizashi, a name given to swords with a blade length in-between that of a katana and a dagger, complements the use of a katana. The wakizashi is used where the katana could not, including executions and seppuku, ritual suicide, as such precise actions can dull or snap the katana's blade.

Significant Katanas

Anime Only Swords

File:Ryugan and his Imperial Garian Sword.jpg
  • Imperial Garian Sword: Used by Ryugan in an anime-only filler arc in Part I; The sword has a metal wire passing through the blade. This wire controls it's movements as the blade can expand and be shot after the targeted enemy. Also, each of the swords blade has the ability to react to the carrier's chakra, amplify it and change it's form to that of a dragon.
  • Sword of the Thunder God: Tobirama Senju's legendary sword, blade is made of pure lightning and is retractable, later stolen by Aoi Rokusho, destroyed by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Lightning Fangs: Raiga Kurosuki's twin swords, can manipulate lightning and join into one double-bladed sword, currently under a river.
  • Zanbatō: Hanzaki Fūma's simple giant sword, no apparent special properties.


Main article: Kunai

Lion-Headed Kannon

Main article: Lion-Headed Kannon


Main article: Makibishi


  • Users: Kakashi Hatake, other Ninja
  • Description: A chain with weights in both ends, that can be swung at opponents or even used as an anchor. Kakashi Hatake used it as a counter against Pain's Deva path's Banshō Ten'in technique and later used a chain in attempt to restrain the Deva path's arms and leave him open to the Akimichi clan's double team attack.
  • Traditional use: Manriki-gusari or Kusarifundo was designed to strike, ensnare or trap an opponent. One tactic was to bunch the chain in a fist and fling one weighted end into the face, groin or solar plexus of an opponent, quickly and discreetly disabling or even killing them. Typical manriki-gusaris are approximately three feet long. The manriki-gusari could also be thrown before drawing another weapon, thus possibly confusing, or surprising the enemy. Many forms taught to hit directly with only one swing, so the opponent would not expect the blow.

Metal Wires

File:Orochimaru wrapped up with metal wire.jpg


Pills are commonly used to enhance a users natural ability.

Blood Increasing Pill

Main article: Blood Increasing Pill The Blood Increasing Pill (増血丸, Zōketsugan) is a pill used by shinobi to speed up the formation and increase of blood in the body. After having lost a significant amount of blood in battle, a ninja can use this pill to replenish their blood so they can continue to fight.

Military Rations Pill

Main article: Military Rations Pill Military Rations Pills (兵糧丸, Hyōrōgan) are special pills that nourish the body and can replenish one's chakra. It is made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest. At the end of the three days effect, the user is brought to the point of complete and utter exhaustion.

Mind Awakening Pill

Main article: Mind Awakening Pill The Mind Awakening Pill (醒心丸, Seishingan) is a drug created by Orochimaru to speed up the development of the Cursed Seal to increase the level of the user's Cursed Seal to level 2.

Three Colored Pills

Main article: Three Colored Pills The Three Coloured Pills are secret medicines used by the Akimichi clan. As the name suggests, there are three pills, each with a different colour. First is the green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan),[1] next is the yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), and last is the red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan).[2]


Main article: Puppet

  • Users: Kankurō, Chiyo, Sasori, Monzaemon Chikamatsu.
  • Description: All puppets are different. However, they all work on the same fundamental principle. The puppeteer is a master of Puppet Technique, and uses threads of chakra to manipulate the puppet's movements. A trend among puppeteers is to have hidden traps among their puppets, and to use poisons, smoke bombs, and other devices to incapacitate their enemy. Often, the controller of the puppet is a weak close-range fighter. The use of puppet-related jutsu is most often associated with the Hidden Sand.


  • Users: Several ninja
  • Description: Used to communicate with other ninjas over a short distance. Usually used on missions with more than one person.


Main article: Generic Sealing Technique

  • Users: Tenten, Kakashi, Naruto, Shikamaru, Sai and many other ninja
  • Description: Scrolls come in many varieties of uses. Normally, they are used as letters or messages to be sent out, but some scrolls are also suitable for combat. For example, summoning scrolls are activated by the user's blood and allow them to store or summon objects such as how Tenten uses her scrolls to summon weapons. A summoning contract with a line of creatures is also signed by blood on a scroll. Sai uses scrolls to draw on in order to use his Super Beasts Imitation Picture technique.


Main article: Senbon Senbon are metal needles with a point at both ends. They often serve a medical purpose, being used to strike acupuncture points. They have little killing power, but can be thrown with great accuracy. A user with proper medical knowledge, however, can effectively use senbon in battle to incapacitate or even kill their target should they aim for vital spots. To make these needles more effective, the user can poison the tips of the senbon. An added benefit of throwing these at the enemy is that they are smaller than a kunai or a shuriken, making them harder to see and dodge. As explained by Shikamaru Nara at the Chūnin Exams, ninja can also attach bells to the senbon to trick their opponent.


Main article: Shuriken

Smoke bombs


  • Users: Sakumo Hatake, Kakashi Hatake, Root, Sai, Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, several ninja
  • Description: Simply a small Katana. Several Chūnin have carried tantō on the rear of the waist, although it is rarely used. The version Root uses are double-edged and has no tip, meant only for cutting. They carry the tantō vertically on the back, behind the shoulder.

Triple-Bladed Scythe

Main article: Triple-Bladed Scythe The Triple-Bladed Scythe is the primary weapon of Akatsuki-member Hidan. Its main purpose is to aid him in collecting blood for his curse ritual. Because of this, it is designed not so much to kill the target, but to wound them, no matter how big or small the wound.


  • Users: Amegakure ninja
  • Description: Umbrellas are worn on the backs of the Rain shinobi for fast access. During the midst of battle, they can be hurled into the air where they spin at a rapid speed releasing a mass amount of senbon to rain upon the enemy.
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